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Lawyers in your Network

Whether you’re served with a lawsuit, thinking of bringing one, or just need legal advice, hiring an attorney is a smart choice. Our laws are immensely complex, and only a lawyer can provide the expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Lawyers work in a wide variety of areas: criminal law, family law, employment law, matrimonial law, real estate law, contract law, immigration law, and countless other fields. You should be sure to seek out a lawyer who specialize in the area in which you need assistance.

Legal fees vary greatly as well; some lawyers are quite affordable, while others charge fees that only large corporations can afford. Make sure the professional you choose has a rate that aligns with your budget.

Using Stik.com to read real client reviews of top lawyers in your area, you can find lawyers who have proven themselves to be ethical and trustworthy.

Review by Jim Piedimonte

Charlie is a fine lawyer and a good friend, I recommend him to everyone.

Review by Peter Ma

Craig is very professional, understands the law and ones rights and is a great mediator.

Review by Jean Mckenna

Maura is a very involved lady..Anything she put her mind to do is done to the utmost. She has a heart of gold & is willing to help all,

Review by Mark Markus

I've known Jay for almost 10 years. During that time he has provided invaluable guidance to me in managing my legal practice and has been there in good times and bad with direct advice and friendship. I know him to be a tireless advocate for his clients and spends the rest of his time assisting attorneys with how to be better attorneys for their clients.See MoreRead Less

Review by Birdie Dequay

Stephen J Gross (sjg & Associates) is one of the best attorneys for anyone involved in tech start ups. He has launched two LLCs for me and he's been very quick and affordable.See MoreRead Less