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Lawyers in your Network

Whether you’re served with a lawsuit, thinking of bringing one, or just need legal advice, hiring an attorney is a smart choice. Our laws are immensely complex, and only a lawyer can provide the expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Lawyers work in a wide variety of areas: criminal law, family law, employment law, matrimonial law, real estate law, contract law, immigration law, and countless other fields. You should be sure to seek out a lawyer who specialize in the area in which you need assistance.

Legal fees vary greatly as well; some lawyers are quite affordable, while others charge fees that only large corporations can afford. Make sure the professional you choose has a rate that aligns with your budget.

Using Stik.com to read real client reviews of top lawyers in your area, you can find lawyers who have proven themselves to be ethical and trustworthy.

Review by Beth Najjar

The Margolings are the best attorneys anyone could ever hire! I was in SO MUCH TROUBLE and they got me off completely! It is so important to hire great attorneys (like the Margolins) from the very begininng because that is your best chance for getting off on a technicatliy. We argued entrapement and made a Motion to Disclose the Witness against me and they folded. They didn't want to make the disclosure and the case was dismissed before the Preliminary Hearing. (They usually don't want to disclose their confidential informants so make sure to get a great atty like A.Margolin because you may get off like I did) No jail, no probation, no house arrest, no rehab, no penalties and fines. no community service. DISMISSED COMPLETELY
These attorneys are THE BEST and have great reputations with the Judges and DA's office (which is very important). They are celbrity lawyers and it is always fun to hang out at the office on Sunset Blvd. and see what intersting people show up :) Anyway, I totally recommend them and owe them my freedom!
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Review by Manjolo Da Lenzus

a wonderfull time for U and for mine :-) see U soon under the sun & the moon - @[100002834663926:2048:Manjolo da Lenzus]

Review by Kamran Hafeez

It was a lucky turn for me to have met Elias Dsouza. What began as an attorney/client relationship transformed into a long association manly due to Elias’ sincerity of purpose in whatever he undertakes.
I had the privilege of meeting Elias about ten years ago, when a mutual friend introduced me to him with a solid recommendation.
I was, at the time going through some serious financial difficulties. Elias suggested I should file for bankruptcy. Upon hearing this, my anxiety rose to new heights, as I knew nothing about the bankruptcy process. However, Elias patiently explained the whole process to me in great detail, and from my very first meeting with him I felt calm for I could see light at the end of the tunnel.
The efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and sincerity he exhibited while navigating me through the whole process was truly very impressive. During the process he constantly advised and guided me on my financial matters, which further strengthened my faith in his professional abilities. Ever since then he has been a source of guidance for me in my financial matters.
Over the years that I have known him I have seen him successfully steer people through foreclosure defense and other civil matters. He is very compassionate about his clients’ well-being and goes to great lengths to achieve this.
I recommend him highly for any legal civil matters, as one can be assured of his most sincere and best attention.
In his office, Elias has a quotation well displayed , “ Nobody cares how much you know – until they know that you care
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Review by David Lamb

I'm proud to know Jamie both as an attorney and a friend. He is a tireless advocate for his clients and a vigorous defender of their rights in court. Jamie's background as a police officer gives him a unique perspective on the criminal justice process and some valuable insights as to how often police procedures can trample the rights of the accused. Jamie has training far above and beyond that which is required; training that makes him a formidable opponent in court. Since I first met him, Jamie has always been a proud and vocal proponent of defending the Constitutional rights of the citizen accused, rather than just giving in and taking the quick and easy deal. When you hire Jamie, you've hired a fighter who will bring 100% effort to protecting you and your rights.See MoreRead Less

Review by Vaughn Whiteman

FAIR, KNOWLEDGEABLE, DEPENDABLE...are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe Scott. A genuineally good guy who looks out for his clients and is fair and understands his way around the court system which can be complicated for us novice people. See W. SCOTT Hanken for ALL of your legal needs!See MoreRead Less

Review by Louise Todero

I met Bruce long ago in the 70's he was a friend of my brother & i never thought i would have to use his law office services. /> well in 1996 i got myself a under the influence pot ticket & i walked into bruce's office & he took my case, which was a total relief off my mind.
I recieved my 1st court date & i showed up for it & Bruce handled everything for me, I also returned to court for my 2nd hearing & Bruce took excellent care of me during the hearing. I recieved another court date & was told th@ i did not have to appear for it. Bruce told me th@ there was no reason to show up for the next court date & told me he would finish up all the other details for me.
I ended up with a fine & 10 N/A or 10 AA meeting, I felt as if I had skated through the ordeal of my life with ease, I was so worried th@ this ticket was going to send me to jail & then I would be known to society as a criminal with a record & i know th@, th@ was not a good standard to society. I am so very thankful th@ I went to Bruce's office & thankful to him for all th@ he had done for me to keep me from jail time & a record also.
I always refer family or friends or even a stranger to Bruce's office because I know th@ they will get the best defense in all & through out the Los Anegles area.
Wh@ more is there to say about the #1 ace attoney & his welcoming office staff.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joycelyn Boudreaux

Tracy Schwab is one of the most genuine men I know.. he is also one of the best assets to our community I can think of... his positive energy, optimism, and outlook on life and the future is simply contagious. My friendship with Tracy has brought many good things into my life... as good just surrounds him...See MoreRead Less

Review by William Allerton

I first met Tamara while working on the White House Staff and got to know her better while working for the State of Louisiana. Tamara is a brilliant attorney and a passionate advocate. Compassionate, but tough as nails. In any fight, you could ask for anyone better to have in your corner. Following her on Facebook over the years, I've admired how well she balances career and family. Her sterling character, high ethical standards, and dedicated professionalism shine like a beacon in the night. If you have a case you can't afford to lose, hire Tamara Jacobson. She's a winner!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jamie Balagia

I have known Mary Prevost for a dozen years after meeting her at a national DWI defense seminar. Mary immediately impressed me with her depth of knowledge, presentation skills and most importantly to me - her dedication to our mission as criminal defense attorneys. I am aware that Mary also represents persons who have had their civil rights violated by police officers and she is an absolute hammer in that area. When you talk to Mary to will immediately know that she cares about people and about doing the right thing. And if someone has done you wrong you want Mary in your corner. I have been a defendant in a courtroom before and I had an attorney like Mary - a fighter who cared about me as a person. What a difference that made to me personally and for getting the Not Guilty I deserved. Mary Prevost is my San Diego friend, warrior elite and is on the DWI Dude's Go To List in San Diego. Jamie "Dude" BalagiaSee MoreRead Less

Review by Allan Denchfield

For years I had heard of Oliver Max Gardner III as a consummate consumer defense attorney, a titan in foreclosure defense. His name is deservedly at home in a pantheon of effective activists, alongside that of other impactful contemporary visionaries Noam Chomsky, Bill Black, Chris Hedges, Lawrence Lessig, April Charney, Neil Garfield, Tom Ice and other exceptionals.

Max has become synonymous with his Max Gardner Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Boot Camp(s) which I for years have longed to attend. From his inviting home in Casar, known for its beautiful setting and ambiance and his wife Virginia's signature hospitality (generously pampering those soldiering on in one of his esteemed boot camps), he has mentored and trained lawyers and activists to take the battle, like soldiers at the frontline of battle, to banksters and corporations that defraud, flaunt or corrupt the law, while subverting the courts in order to illegally wrench homes from embattled homeowners.

Max and I became acquainted over social media where I moderate Economic Justice Activists on Facebook, am active in many social justice groups and provide a nationwide clipping service for fellow activists. Max has generously and warmly shared his insights and fielded questions I have posed to him, or gently shown me where the truth lay when I was in error, or missing crucial context. Max is one of a kind, simultaneously authentic as a vulnerable, caring human being, while effective in the real world of commerce, holding parties accountable and to the rule of law (and equity).

We discovered we had a shared connection with Asheville, NC as well each having an ancestral family member who was also a physician. I even introduced Max to my former next door neighbor in Florida whose grandfather was also a governor of North Carolina.

With a growing cadre of boot camp alumni, Max's brilliance and effectiveness in litigation (and in avoiding litigation in favor of settlement) is radiating out across the world from a most hospitable home in the very North Carolina where his grandfather governed. Max is empowering Davids to more effectively level the playing field so they can better take on the entrenched and protected Goliaths in the very fields of battle where they till now benefited from the deference courts paid to plaintiffs. This deference works in plaintiff banks' favor, as defendants, in the millions, too destitute to retain (scarce/overworked) counsel, too often were like low-lying fruit in this latest contrived land grab. This deference yields a "perfect storm," that provides parties wrongfully foreclosing, an unjust enrichment and windfall.

Max has encouraged those bankruptcy practitioners reluctant to be retained by impecunious filers, to reconsider first impressions, and look to filing (treble damage) adversarial actions, especially where the debtor owns or owned a home mortgaged to banks that skirted agreements and statutes in securitizing their loans.

Max carved out for himself a unique niche and with each boot camp graduation, turns out another wave of skilled warriors to take on the fight for economic and social justice.

For the reasons stated, I rate our incomparable Max Gardner 5 gold stars of Excellence.

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
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