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Insurance Agents in South Carolina

There are 127 recommended Insurance Agents in South Carolina. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Insurance Agent.

Review by John Cina

I know Tom since the mid 1990's as an NCO in the US Air Force! Five (5) years ago I approached Tom in the employment placement capacity of his business. Tom placed me with a company that opened the door for recognition of my skills. Tom recognized my abilities and new I'd be a good fit! He gave me an opportunity by opening a door for me! Because of his placement, I was able to be recognized by others who eventually moved on to bigger and better things and had the foresight to take me with them! If not for Tom, I would not be in the great position that I'm in today!See MoreRead Less

Review by Albert Jabs

As a global traveler, blessed with an opportunity to meet many people from various and diverse cultures, I find Don Roy, as a man of enthusiasm and as an apt communicator, who enjoys a good story, and importantly, can sustain an audience's interest. It is my hope that Don, will read my Foreword, to a blockbuster of a book, entitled "Shattered lilves, Shattered Dreams" (Cedar Fort Publishers-author Russell W. Estlack). Frankly, knowing Don's passion as a great communicator, I know that he could do justice in explaining why this historical injustice was done against German American Internees; like the Japanese Americans, which the majority of historians call the greatest Supreme Court mistake in its long history; German Americans do not want any kind of financial remuneration.

As a result of study commissions under both the Ford and Carter administrations, the commissions concluded that these actions of Executive Order 9066 were the result of anti German racism, community hysteria, and the muzzling of US Constitutional protections...yet, the majority of Americans are not even aware of this injustice, which is generally swept under the historical rug. However, as a loyal American, with a native American background I am sure... Don, would be able to explain such an important American story. For this reason alone, I am delighted to recommend Don, as a capable, communicator and professional communication colleague.

Dr. Albert Jabs
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Review by Miguel Barreto

We live in a world that has change dramatically and when I was growing up our "word" was more than sufficient to make any business transactions and even was used as a momentary "payment". In business transactions trust still the number one issue today. Mr. Theall is a Professional man that even today can be trusted when dealing with him in business.

I know Mr. Robert Theall for many years in which we have interacted in many subjects. Mr. Theall always present himself as Professional and ethical person and I will not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family members.


Rev. Miguel A. Barreto
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Review by Traci Munsey

Hi Amy...I'm Missy's mom...I may need your assistance in some supplemental insurance to medicare...I'd atleast like to check out my options :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Kevin Blackburn

I consider it a privilege to recommend Timothy. He has worked on several financial startegies for me and I have found him to be a great wealth of knowledge. As a creative problem solver, he is always looking for the ‘win-win’ scenario, which illustrates his high ethical business acumen. In doing my due diligence, I found that he is well thought of in the industry and embodies those rare qualities that all effective leaders espouse but are frequently unable to obtain, i.e. quick mind, attention to detail and meritorious. He will be a great individual to help manage your profolio.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kathleen Kovats

Pressley Stutts is a professional and a gentleman in all that he encompasses. His dedication in helping others succeed is appreciated. /> Pressley brings his success forward in all that he does! I would recommend in all that he does...

kathleen kovats
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Review by Susan Hennessy Roman Iles

David Angel is an amazing human being. He is honest, trustworthy and loyal. He is professional in what he does. On a personal level, he is a loving husband to his beautiful wife and is loved and respected by his wonderful children. I am blessed to have David and his family as my friends for many years...See MoreRead Less

Review by Karen Plaehn

In search for a NEW HEALTH CARE POLICY THAT DOES MORE than your current policy?
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you call Sonya Mink immediately. Less than a two week turnaround, Sonya found for me an excellent policy. She is thorough, extremely knowledgable and personable all at the sametime. Without question, I would recommend her to anyone seeking a better health care plan. She knows her business, has the contacts and she is quick!
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Review by Onni Lynne

Donna has always shown leadership qualities and was bound for success even as a teenager.....never stepping on anyone's toes to get there....there is not a more loyal lady out there....a great friend....an awesome Mom...and I'm sure would be there for anyone who needs her help~guidance or advice...I"ve known her for 37 years...she's the best.....you go girl! :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Nathaniel Speed

I highly recommend Mr. Breedlove, his services go above and beyond the standard of care!