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Insurance Agents in California

There are 300 recommended Insurance Agents in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Insurance Agent.

Review by

I had never heard of Kanopy before today. I had already made up my mind about 8 months ago that, because my current insurance company kept raising my rates each year and I wasn't happy about that, I was going to find a new insurance company with a good character, good services and lower rates.
I went onto the internet three or four times to take advantage of the comparison shopping offered but it was usually confusing and repetitive to keep entering the same pages of information over and over again and I gave up but I was still determined to find a new insurer.

Today, I gave it another shot. The phone calls responding to my internet search were instantaneous. Literally. The first call back offered me a rate higher than what I was currently paying. No thank you.

The second call was from Kanopy. Anyone who starts their business in their mother's living room can't be all bad. The agent I worked with, over the course of an hour was really a great guy. Calm, knowledgeable, totally easy to talk to. I felt very safe and relaxed. I never got the idea something weird was going to happen.

Their rates for me are much better: I'm back where I started at least 5 years ago. That was what I wanted. But I also wanted to feel the people are real, calm, sane, reliable. Of course I hope never to need to use my insurance policy, but it's there.

Best of all, (besides the financial savings), the insurance agent I talked with -- Adam - really understands how to communicate about car insurance. He never rushed me. He took the time to be sure I really understood the terminology, and I have to say, for the first time ever, I knew what my money was buying and what the policy contained. So, this is a person who cares.

I never heard of Kanopy before but I am definitely going to tell my brothers and friends about Kanopy.
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Review by Cliff Jorgensen

I haven't known JP for a really long time but the time that I have known him really showed me the type of man and therefore the type of insurance agent he is. I actually owned and operated an insurance agency for just about 30 years so I have an idea of what a good agent needs to be. I met JP through a mutual friend and my first impression of JP was that he was a real gentleman, honest and very likeable! My first impression has proven to be correct, I see JP treating his clients and friends in the community very fairly and honestly. If JP says he will do something he does it. When a family gets JP as an insurance agent they are getting a real Pro. I think any family that choses JP as their insurance advisor can feel like they have done their best to protect themselves against the risks that we all face.See MoreRead Less

Review by Matt Springstead

I can't say that I have personally met Sally even though I hope to one day. I met Sally on Facebook and I have gotten to know her as a warm, caring, and loving person. My impression of Sally is that she is a creative, motivational and inspirational leader. From a personal standpoint, I find that greatly lacking in our society today. Not only is she a beautiful woman, but once you get to know her you realize that her beauty also lies within. I could go on and on about Sally, but let it suffice to say that she is a very intelligent, business savvy individual that is true to heart!! I give her 5 stars!!! See MoreRead Less

Review by Rona Halpern

My list of people I feel comfortable and secure referring to for professional services is short. Each person on it is The Best at what they do. Maria Poroy is the professional Insurance Broker I trust and turn to for my insurance questions and needs. Unlike so many brokers, Maria isn't "owned" by any insurance companies. Maria is an independent Insurance Broker whose goal is to meet the insurance needs of each of her clients rather than the needs of insurance companies. She can be counted on to always effectively and efficiently achieve that goal. Maria Poroy is a unique Insurance Broker. She doesn't work from the blue print of "one size/policy fits all" because she knows, as we all realistically know, that each person presents herself or himself to her with their own unique health history, insurance needs and their own economic situation.

Because of Maria Poroy's many decades of professional experiences as an Insurance Broker successfully finding exactly the right policy for each person's exact needs (and always within their economic means), Maria Poroy is THE GO TO insurance professional I refer all of my family, friends, clients, colleagues and acquaintances to. I do this because I know that they're in safe hands with Maria; their insurance needs will be solved to their satisfaction. Maria is diligent in her pursuit of the perfect policy for each individual, couple and family. She's abundantly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of every available insurance policy and about how the insurance system works. Long after you purchase your policy, Maria Poroy is and always will be there to answer your needs and, when needed, to go to bat for you. She's a consummate professional: knowledgeable, competent, attentive, hard working, patient, kind and superb at follow up and follow through. She's also smarter than smart.

And, the other good news is that when Maria Poroy works for you insuring that you have exactly and only the right policy for your needs, it doesn't cost you a dime. As an Independent Insurance Broker, she's reimbursed by your insurance company. You'll be blessed to have Maria Poroy on Your side!
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Review by Laura Johnson

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Review by

If you are looking for an agent who listens to you and offers the solution that fits you best, then contact Darlene!
She makes everything simple, is proactive, and reactive when you need help.

I have been insured by Darlene for 2 years now and she has solved all my insurance concerns or needs.
It feels good to know that i have someone i can rely on when it comes to protecting my assets.

In a nutshell: Darlene is the reason why I am with Farmers!
She is the proof that the key to a company success is its great people.
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Review by Lisa Reddam

My husband and I found Kevin about 2 years ago, and he is by far the best insurance agent I have ever had. He is very responsive and gets immediately back to us. We recently bought a new house and we needed new coverage for the loan, and Kevin explained all of our options thoroughly and did everything that needed to be done fast, including talking to our loan broker a few times about the best ways to save us money while making sure the mortgage company would be satisfied with our coverage. He also went above and beyond when my husband's car had some damage in a minor fender bender and made sure we had everything we needed. He keeps in touch with us and lets us know about what might affect us insurance-wise, and while I've never totally understood insurance, Kevin's detailed yet clear emails showing different policy options have been very helpful.See MoreRead Less

Review by Annette Soza

I highly recommend Thelma not only because she's a hardworking individual but because she is a person of integrity and always looking for what's best for a client and not just for the company!See MoreRead Less

Review by Elaine Gennawey

Barbara Hogan's expertise in the field of Medicare and drug plan insurance helps Seniors navigate what would otherwise be overhwhelming and confusing. She truly cares about each of her clients and dedicates herself to seeing that they have the best insurance plan for their unique situation. Barbara is extremely ethical and has a caring heart. Because of these prized character attributes, combined with her valued expertise, Barbara is very highly respected by those professionals who work with Seniors. I wholeheartedly recommend Barbara Hogan as a trusted, credible, and compassionate professional.See MoreRead Less

Review by Cynthia Lapporte

Donna and her team are always responsive to the needs and questions of their clients. Having worked with Donna for over a decade I would recommend her without hesitation. She has the industry experience, industry knowledge and is always a professional. I value her advice each year on coverage each to ensure that I have the protection I need for my farm and horses.See MoreRead Less