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Review by Karen Turner

I've known Reid personally for many years, but when I found myself a single home-owning mother of two after 17 years of marriage, suddenly I discovered I needed to know more about my insurance. Reid not only took me on, he took the time to examine my former coverage thoroughly, asked lots of questions about my situation, and put together both a homeowner's package and an auto package that saved me several hundred dollars a year. What I liked most about working with Reid is his knowledge base and also his quick response to my questions (I had a lot) and his ability to explain how the numbers work. I live in another state, too, so this was all done remotely by phone and email which was super convenient for me. And, Reid's got a fantastic sense of humor, which I truly appreciate! :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Hinton Hinton

Jan Laman and her staff are not only the most knowledgable, professional and friendliest group I I have ever had the pleasure with, but they truly look out for their clients giving the best possible coverage for the best value.

I truly recommend them for all your insurance needs. They are TOP DRAWER...
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Review by Charles E. Ukperi

John Paul Getty was the first United States Billionaire and he said, ?I would rather have 1% effort from 100 people than 100% from my own effort.He understood Leverage! Residual Income is the ability to get paid multiple times for the work you did one time.See MoreRead Less

Review by Laura Johnson

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Review by Veronica Airey-wilson

On staff we have Jon Calkins, a Personal Financial Specialist, who can help you with your IRA needs or help you roll over your 401k. If you have CHANGED JOBS , RETIRED or THINKING ABOUT RETIRING it would be beneficial for you to meet with Jon.
CALL US 860 236-9996!
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Review by Sherry Salimbene

John is my wonderful stepson. He treats me like I am important to him. I was with an insurance program where I paid co-payments that I could not afford. I had to pay 20% on surgeries, and hospital stays. I am on social security, so I don't have a lot of money.I can't work, so I don't have extra income. He found a program that I have no co-pays, and rarely pay any hospital fees. I have to pay a little more on my insurance payment, but it beats what I was paying by far. I know John cares about all his clients. He got very little for the program he got me, and he doesn't get money every month like the other programs. He won't sell you a program just so he can make the money. He will take your needs into consideration.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandra Jean

My Husband ( Stephen Jean ) and I have been knowing this man for years , We find his love for the lord is the same as ours. He is a man of intellgence and honest person who love to help others. Wants he becomes your friend too you will fine him to be very loyal to you. That is very hard to find now of days. May you too be bless and have the flavor of our Lord too.See MoreRead Less

Review by Greg Prete

I've known Tim Altman since the fall of 1995. We worked as field reps for the nations leading senior healthplan. Year after year, Tim was successful in the role because he was absolutely up on the product knowledge of our offering as well as our competitors. (SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Another requirement for success was his tremendous patience with the client. You could only be as successful as Tim was by honestly caring for the individual as you would your own parents. Sure, we all had monthly goals to meet. Interesting that the most consistent producers were those that cared less about a commission and more about what was always in the persons best interest... and the referrals followed. Yep, Tim Altman is that good.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ruth Bubba

I have been buying Avon for approximately three years. She is cooperative, efficient and kind. On
one occassion, I had trouble ordering on the computer. The problem was that I didn't know how to correct the amount of of a particular item that I wanted to order. I e-mailed Magda and gave her the information. She then ordered the item for me. She is always willing to make things easier for her clients as far as deliveries go and will deliver the items to the most convienant place. In my case, it is
a cat shelter called "Patch", where we both volunteered, In addition, she always includes a small sample of a new Avon product to test. I would definately reccommend Magda to my family and friends.

Ruth Bubba
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Review by Judy Hubbard Albano

I would recommend Angel for a few reasons. First, she wants what's best for you, not her or her pocket. She wouldn't recommend any product for you that she wouldn't put her own or her family's money in as well. Her goal for you is what's best for you, period!

Secondly, she's diligent in seeing whatever situation through to completion. For our family, she spent many hours on the phone with another insurance company trying to get our money transferred. Despite the signed request from our family member to surrender the policy and issue the money, they were defiant and kept making excuses for why it couldn't be done and had to be delayed. Angel was persistent until it was finally completed.

Lastly, Angel is honest and will always tell you the truth. Her professionalism is second to none. She will bring her knowledge, expertise, and sincere concern for you to every interaction you have with her.
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