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Insurance Agents in your Network

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and disaster can strike at any moment. Having the proper insurance can mean the difference between an easy recovery and financial ruin.

There are countless types of insurance on the market, and, truth be told, many of them are expensive or impractical. However, in order to ensure your welfare and the welfare of your family, you must at minimum have three forms of insurance: life, health, and property. A great insurance professional can help you identify the policies that best suit your needs, and can provide you with peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Stik.com has authentic client reviews for top insurance professionals in your area to help you choose a great agent.

Review by

I had never heard of Kanopy before today. I had already made up my mind about 8 months ago that, because my current insurance company kept raising my rates each year and I wasn't happy about that, I was going to find a new insurance company with a good character, good services and lower rates.
I went onto the internet three or four times to take advantage of the comparison shopping offered but it was usually confusing and repetitive to keep entering the same pages of information over and over again and I gave up but I was still determined to find a new insurer.

Today, I gave it another shot. The phone calls responding to my internet search were instantaneous. Literally. The first call back offered me a rate higher than what I was currently paying. No thank you.

The second call was from Kanopy. Anyone who starts their business in their mother's living room can't be all bad. The agent I worked with, over the course of an hour was really a great guy. Calm, knowledgeable, totally easy to talk to. I felt very safe and relaxed. I never got the idea something weird was going to happen.

Their rates for me are much better: I'm back where I started at least 5 years ago. That was what I wanted. But I also wanted to feel the people are real, calm, sane, reliable. Of course I hope never to need to use my insurance policy, but it's there.

Best of all, (besides the financial savings), the insurance agent I talked with -- Adam - really understands how to communicate about car insurance. He never rushed me. He took the time to be sure I really understood the terminology, and I have to say, for the first time ever, I knew what my money was buying and what the policy contained. So, this is a person who cares.

I never heard of Kanopy before but I am definitely going to tell my brothers and friends about Kanopy.
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Review by Tische Hester

I have had auto insurance through LeRoy Redding for at least a couple years now, even though I have never seen him in person, he has fulfilled all of my auto ins. needs. I have been in multiple states, purchased a new vehicle, sold a vehicle, got a divorce, you name it, LeRoy has made everything so easy and convenient and all through the comfort of my own home. I have had other ins. through other companies in the past, ones that I have a local office to get to, that face to face is nothing in comparison to the benefits of LeRoy. He lets me know that my needs are very important to him. I was lucky to have a friend that already had insurance through LeRoy and plan to stay with him as long as possible!! Thank you LeRoy!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Nate Baldwin

I have had my auto and home insurance with Russ for the last 12 years. I have never had to worry about a thing because I know Russ is a true honest professional and looks out for the best interest of his clients and myself. I have continued to refer friends and family to Russ. Best rates, service, and most importantly person to help you with your insurance needs. Thanks Russ.See MoreRead Less

Review by Hernan Jaso

I have known Matt to be a trustworthy person with high standards and is of impeccable integrity. matt has always strived for higher goals than normal and can be a great leader in any environment. I would support anything that he does while making any business decision or representing his employers and company.
I feel that he is an asset to the company that hires him or has invested in his employment. They will be pleasantly surprised at the valuable worth of this Matt as their representative. I have known Matt for over 25 years and definitely will stand out among others because of his willingness to excel in whatever he does.. Sincerely, Hernan Jaso
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Review by Carl Burckhardt

I've worked with Rich for about 2 years now. I live in CA and own a house in CT and he was able to find me a GREAT rate on insurance for my rental property. I recently had a pipe burst and the insurance company was very responsive and great to work with.

I would absolutely recommend Rich and his team to anyone looking for a top notch insurance company.

- Carl
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Review by Tina Carlson

As first time home buyers, we didn't much knowledge of homeowner's insurance. Chad looked at different companies for us and brought us the best policy for the best price. He explained all of the particulars to us and was quick to answer any questions we had. He also worked directly with our bank to get them the information they needed for our mortgage. He was professional, courteous and helpful. We've been See MoreRead Less

Review by Kathy Jones

I have know Tim and Sherry personally and professionally since the early '80s. The test of time offers many different experiences in which to view individuals and for the content of their character to show through. These are two fine, Christian, loving, honest and supportive people that I have been honored to call friends since the early 80's..
Tim is not only highly intelligent, he brings hard work, commitment and a caring personality to forebear in his decision making process. Sherry is the picture of honesty, creativity and hard work. I have sought her opinions in.
many facets of my life over the years. Their success is earned and deserved.
They are invested in the success of their business as it is an extension of them and the kind of individuals they have always strived to be - the BEST!
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Review by Joseph Ryncavage

Keith was educated as an engineer, but he is more of an entrepreneur. He is self-motivated and driven to be successful. Keith is the patriarch of his family and a loving father.
I have known Keith and his family for over a dozen years and I respect his integrity and his initiative. He is reliable and foresighted, the kind of guy you would love to have lead your team.
He is extremely energetic and is always available to help not only his family, but friends in need, such as myself.
I'm truly proud to call Keith a friend of mine.
Joe Ryncavage
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Review by Dorian De Wilde

"Outstanding level of commitment to his customers"
I would like to take a few minutes to thank Mr. Eliam M. Marrero for his great customer service. Since I got to his agency I felt like home. He worked with me showing me what kind of insurance I was actually needing in my vehicle. What coverages I should certainly take and others that were not necessarily. I didn't feel like a customer but a friend. He explained me any question or doubt I've been carrying for a while about insurance policies. He helped me out to save money, something I really appreciated. To me this insurance agency is one to keep. If you need any kind of insurance, E. Marrero Agency is the right one to choose.

Pedro Piñero, Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Review by Cliff Jorgensen

I haven't known JP for a really long time but the time that I have known him really showed me the type of man and therefore the type of insurance agent he is. I actually owned and operated an insurance agency for just about 30 years so I have an idea of what a good agent needs to be. I met JP through a mutual friend and my first impression of JP was that he was a real gentleman, honest and very likeable! My first impression has proven to be correct, I see JP treating his clients and friends in the community very fairly and honestly. If JP says he will do something he does it. When a family gets JP as an insurance agent they are getting a real Pro. I think any family that choses JP as their insurance advisor can feel like they have done their best to protect themselves against the risks that we all face.See MoreRead Less