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Life Insurance Agents in Pennsylvania

There are 76 recommended Insurance Agents in Pennsylvania. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Insurance Agent.

Review by Valerie Rhyder

I had the privilege to work for Tracey recently. She is a very detail-oriented, hardworking, empathetic person who thinks outside of the box and will put your needs first.

Tracey has a very strong work ethic and is driven to answer all questions, solve problems, and follow through all tasks at hand. She has taught me to pay attention to every single detail and put myself in the other person's shoes. If the job wasn't done, you do not go home.

Tracey is down-to-earth, reliable, kind, and, to this day, a very dear friend. I highly recommend her for all of your insurance needs.

---Valerie Rhyder
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Review by Al Esposito

Mike is a talented and dedicated man who believes and lives by his morals and values. He is a friendly family man, Mike is loyal, trustworthy and kind along with his confidence, humor and valued faith, Well, Mike is like the prize at the bottom of a cracker jacks box: You never know what you are going to get, but you know you will really like it and have a blast getting there!See MoreRead Less

Review by Tom Aungst

I give my friend and one of my favorite people a great recommendation he is one who works very hard and enjoys working or helping others in all ways of life :) your one special young man to me :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Jennifer Noboa

I worked with Shaun a long time ago. I know from personal experience seeing how he handled our customers. He is a person that you can trust. He always worked hard to help no matter if he was going to get talked to about it. He will help you make a good decision. :) I would recommend him to any one!See MoreRead Less

Review by Donna Gibbs-butler

Shakeema helped our family get life insurance and ensured us that we'd have what was needed in a hard time. Thanks Keema. You should a natural concern and interest in us as a family.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dima Fanya Solomon

I was picking up my wife?s new car on a Saturday, called Yury to add new vehicle onto the policy, he was on his way somewhere. The guy turned around, went to the office and spent almost an hour handling my paperwork. Do I really need to say more?See MoreRead Less

Review by Marisin Motta

An insurance agent, that you can rely, is is very responsable and professional, this is a guy you want to call if you need when you need to get hold of your insurance agent, he will be there to help you at anytime.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ron Stiglitz

I have known Jim for about 10 years and have found him to be a very intellegent and thought provoking man. As an insurance agent he will look out for your best interests and follow up on your future needs. My past dealing with insurance agents was you sign up and then you never hear from them again. Jim proactively manages your account! Thanks for all that you do Jim.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mariah Magagnotti

I have known Tom for more than a decade. He has always been a man of integrity, inspiration, and ingenious ideas. His work ethic puts most to shame, and he's fun to be around, to top it all off. Tom's the best.See MoreRead Less

Review by Edward Shoemaker

Nathan is a fantastic young man who is mature beyond his years. He has a huge heart and is caring Christian man who lets his light shine for God. In the business world his integrity and honesty is refreshing.See MoreRead Less