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Life Insurance Agents in California

There are 300 recommended Insurance Agents in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Insurance Agent.

Review by Cliff Jorgensen

I haven't known JP for a really long time but the time that I have known him really showed me the type of man and therefore the type of insurance agent he is. I actually owned and operated an insurance agency for just about 30 years so I have an idea of what a good agent needs to be. I met JP through a mutual friend and my first impression of JP was that he was a real gentleman, honest and very likeable! My first impression has proven to be correct, I see JP treating his clients and friends in the community very fairly and honestly. If JP says he will do something he does it. When a family gets JP as an insurance agent they are getting a real Pro. I think any family that choses JP as their insurance advisor can feel like they have done their best to protect themselves against the risks that we all face.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rona Halpern

My list of people I feel comfortable and secure referring to for professional services is short. Each person on it is The Best at what they do. Maria Poroy is the professional Insurance Broker I trust and turn to for my insurance questions and needs. Unlike so many brokers, Maria isn't "owned" by any insurance companies. Maria is an independent Insurance Broker whose goal is to meet the insurance needs of each of her clients rather than the needs of insurance companies. She can be counted on to always effectively and efficiently achieve that goal. Maria Poroy is a unique Insurance Broker. She doesn't work from the blue print of "one size/policy fits all" because she knows, as we all realistically know, that each person presents herself or himself to her with their own unique health history, insurance needs and their own economic situation.

Because of Maria Poroy's many decades of professional experiences as an Insurance Broker successfully finding exactly the right policy for each person's exact needs (and always within their economic means), Maria Poroy is THE GO TO insurance professional I refer all of my family, friends, clients, colleagues and acquaintances to. I do this because I know that they're in safe hands with Maria; their insurance needs will be solved to their satisfaction. Maria is diligent in her pursuit of the perfect policy for each individual, couple and family. She's abundantly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of every available insurance policy and about how the insurance system works. Long after you purchase your policy, Maria Poroy is and always will be there to answer your needs and, when needed, to go to bat for you. She's a consummate professional: knowledgeable, competent, attentive, hard working, patient, kind and superb at follow up and follow through. She's also smarter than smart.

And, the other good news is that when Maria Poroy works for you insuring that you have exactly and only the right policy for your needs, it doesn't cost you a dime. As an Independent Insurance Broker, she's reimbursed by your insurance company. You'll be blessed to have Maria Poroy on Your side!
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Review by Annette Soza

I highly recommend Thelma not only because she's a hardworking individual but because she is a person of integrity and always looking for what's best for a client and not just for the company!See MoreRead Less

Review by Justin Mcadara

I am always looking for a professional that is committed to their customer and is committed to their community. Gilbert Lemus exemplifies both of these qualities without exception. I have worked with many insurance professionals and I cannot recommend him highly enough. You will be treated well.See MoreRead Less

Review by Monica Peña

I met Tony while working in office next to his.
Tony is a very knowledgeable agent.
His main concern is always making sure that his clients are being protected properly.
He always goes above and beyond to make sure clients receive exceptional customer service.
In a market like today, it is so refreshing to find an agent who still believes that business is about creating long lasting meaningful relationships.
It is clear that his clients value the service that Tony Stoll provides.

Monica Clemente
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Review by Suellen Iness

Jamie Clark is the best insurance agent I have ever worked with!!
Jamie and his team are caring and attentive to all of their client needs.
Jamie goes above and beyond to make sure that his clients are aware of the
all aspects of insurance coverage to give them peace of mind for their home, life and auto needs.
I refer my mortgage clients to Jamie's office because I know that they will be well cared for and get the best advice possible for their insurance needs with the best pricing available.
Should you have a claim, you can count on Jamie to be there helping with the claims process and making sure you are getting every advantage possible. He has been there for me and my family to assist in both auto and home claims. I can't say enough about Jamie's honesty, integrity and knowledge. Do yourself a favor and call Jamie today. (805) 473-3897
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Review by Brett Stenger

I met Scott through a mutual friend who used his services to find a great deal on car insurance. When I bought my car and needed it insured my friend told me about him where I asked him to work with me to find a great deal in which he worked with me to plan out savings with multiple questions that asked about how safe I was at driving and if I was ever in an accident which helped me get a great deal.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mark Bagdasarian

When our business needed insurance and we had a meeting with Patrick he came out and gave us some awesome options and fully explained the differences between them. It didnt seem like he was just trying to get a sale, he showed that he actually cared that we all were happy with what we got and went over and above anything that I expected.

I have had insurance before then and to be honest I never got the proper info and was never sure of what coverage I really had..

I would recommend to anyone that needed insurance or even if you have it already to give him a call and see if he can help you.. he sure did for all of us...
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Review by Dustin Tsu

I can't speak to State Farm as a company, but I sincerely believe that one should always find an insurance agent who, at a minimum, 1) can be trusted and 2) believes in the products he/she sells. I hope through reaching out to and discussing with Derek your situation, he will earn your respect as well as trust. And 2, through countless disagreements, I've come to learn that Derek is incredibly passionate about what he does and 100% backs the policies of State Farm. Regardless of my views on insurance, give him some time and a chance to go over some of the products State Farm has available.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kyser Villasenor

Michael Woo is amazing at what he does. He's well informed, easy to communicate with, and is always ready to answer any questions. I often do the slogan that we see on the commercials, saying " My State Farm Agent ", and Michael magically appears.See MoreRead Less