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Review by Frank Cuevas

I worked with Peter for many years, he was professional and dedicated in his chosen field of employment. Peter earned the respect and friendship of his fellow employes and members of his community. Peter will be a valuable asset and a true leader to any Company he is associated with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kristin Richardson

Todd Rice and Mode Comfort & Air Quality are life savers and the nicest, most helpful people you'll ever meet. I've used Mode several times both for heating and a/c issues on our 1935 home with a very convoluted system that pieces together six different zones. The heat is a combo of gas furnace, forced air and hot water radiators. The a/c is a combo of forced air and one of those new ductless wall units in one room.

For the first time in my life, I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of by a contractor. Todd goes out of his way to troubleshoot issues with you over the phone (and even by text!) in hopes that you can resolve the issue yourself and not have to pay him to come out. What other company than Mode does that? They're always available within a reasonable amount of time even for dire emergencies. They call or text when they're on their way to give you a heads up, so you don't have to sit around your house all day long just waiting.

Mode's prices are very reasonable. They do a great job of explaining issues and the repairs needed in layman's terms. Plus they help guide you in understanding what needs to get taken care of immediately vs. what can wait until later.

I wouldn't hire anyone else in the Richmond metro area for my heating and air needs. Actually, even if I lived as far away as DC where I used to live, I'd still call Todd. Period.
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Review by Jim London

If you are reading these comments, then you must be considering Larry for your plumbing or piping or contractor needs, I can think of no better recommendation than from some of the folks like me that have known him for so long ( let's just say high school some 40 years ago). I find Larry to be a consummate professional, not to mention fair and just plain reasonable to deal with and I think you would too. Larry has my vote as the guy to get your job done!See MoreRead Less

Review by Mike Tausig

I am lucky to have known Jake, and his skills, for nearly 20 years. His expertise is beyond reproach, and his ability to work with clients is top notch. These two items, paired together, make for not only a solid end-product, but a pleasant experience. Without being cliche, those two things combined are what make small businesses succeed. Not only would I never hesitate on recommending Avalos Fence for any size project, I would recommend that any potential client look around first, as he/she will discover that once discovering Avalos Fence, there is no better place to trust, for skill, work ethic, and desire to satisfy.See MoreRead Less

Review by Russell Daniels

Bill Jacques has been an outstanding president of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). For 20 years Bill has added to the growth of ASHI by recruiting new members for the society. He has been very supportive of the programs that the society rolls out for the members. Under his leadership the society has grown for the first time in the last 5 years. He has served on all levels for his local chapter, served on the National Board of Directors until he became president of the most respected association for home inspectors. I have known Bill for about 12 years and have nothing by wonderful experiences in working with him. Bill is not just the president of ASHI but the head of the ASHI family. He owns and operates a very successful home inspection business (American Inspection Services Inc.) I salute one of the greatest members of the American Society of Home Inspectors my leader and friend Bill Jacques.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ilene Gottlieb

If Popeye's Moving and Storage provides service that's anything like it's Owner, Leo Genovese, then it's managed with great heart and kindness. I have connected with only a few people like Leo through Facebook that come through the computer so full of life, passion and heart! Without experiencing the companyh itself, I would still recommend it highly since the leader of a company sets the tone for how it's run and how it is in relationship with customers, those they serve. I wish Leo continued success in all his endeavors and will always recommend his company if I know of anyone in need of his services.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ruby Yao

I was lucky enough to work with someone who knew Johnny and that's how I was introduced to him. When we hired Johnny, we were at a design standstill. The architect firm we hired had terrible ideas on redesigning our master bedroom and our kitchen. They had great designs in their portfolio but they just couldn't come up with good ideas for our home. We wanted to redesign the master bath which had a very awkward floor plan and it was far from what one would imagine a master bath should be. Not only did Johnny come up with a workable solution, he gave us the master bath we wanted. The traffic flow of the room was natural and made perfect sense. It was one of those designs that was a "why didn't I think of it" moment. The final solution was simple and "obvious" after Johnny drew up the design. Similarly, our kitchen was far from a gourmet kitchen. It was sadly out-dated and we really wanted an island. We were told by the architect firm that an island was impossible given the space. Well, not only Johnny give us an island but we got the gourmet kitchen we wanted. He thought of every little detail. He gave us a detailed questionaire asking us how we intended to use our kitchen and our entertaining habits even before starting on the design. He considered traffic flow, where the appliances should be placed, and even took into account the height of the counters to fit our height! He even went shopping with us to pick out furniture and appliances. He has a lot of sources and connections so we felt that we got great service whenever we went shopping. We are not good at color schemes and design in general (we're computer engineers) so we relied on Johnny to make sure that things came together from a design and architectural point of view. He did a great job. It's been over 10 years since our remodel and we're very happy with home. Johnny's very personable, engaging, has a good eye for colors and design, and is very easy to talk to. I had no qualms about asking questions, no matter how silly. He was always able to put me at ease. Our remodel happened over Christmas and even though the job wasn't quite done, he put up a tree and decorations for our family as a surprise Christmas gift! We were just going to skip Xmas decorations and he totally surprised us with his thoughtfulness. It really made the holidays special for us and the kids who were 7 and 9 at the time. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Johnny. He was invaluable to us during our remodel and was always available at any time of the day. Totally reliable and a joy to work with!See MoreRead Less

Review by Larry Clark

I am a attorney and I have known Bill for many years. I was introduced to him by another friend who told me Bill had some questions concerning the care of his ageing mother.
Upon meeting Bill I sensed he was seeking the best available care for his mom and that he was willing to invest his time as well as his resources to see that she was well cared for.
On a business level, my job is estate planning, Wills, Trusts, etc. From time to time I have had various real estate questions in dealing with my clients and I found I could bring almost any question to Bill and he would search out an answer for me.
On a personal level Bill is a leader in his church and deeply committed to the things he believes in, such as he took on a leadership role in forming the Long Beach Chapter of Band of Brothers. That little group of men has grown from 3 or 4 to more than 70 in just a few short months. This group meets at 6 AM every Thursday to pray for our country, our state, our city leaders and each other.
Bill leads his business life no differently than his personal life. Over the years I have met frequently will Bill on both a personal and business level and have always founding him willing to give of his time and resources to assist and help others.
Anyone who approaches Bill in a business or personal situation will quickly realize he is a man of highest integrity and ethical standards.
I would highly recommend Bill in whatever capacity you might engage him.
---Larry Clark
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Review by Mike Rodrigues

I highly recommend Samantha Stout! She is a very organized, professional. I worked/served together with Samantha on community events (National Day of Prayer) for several years. She is bright, energetic, hard working, honest, and a caring individual. She exudes optimism and demonstrates positive leadership. She is not afraid of challenges and thinks quickly, clearly, and effectively manages unforeseen difficulties. Her ability to organize groups of people into highly capable teams that accomplish tasks with precision resulted in successful events every time I served with her. Also, She is an example of humility. She is willing to do the work others are unwilling to do. She goes the extra mile to ensure every job or task is completed thoroughly and with the highest quality. I am confident that you will be pleased with the high quality of Samantha's products and services.
Dr. Mike Rodrigues,
CCSD Principal, Retired
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Review by Trisha Storey

I met Renell many years ago thru a mutual friend. She has always been dedicated to what she believes & done what is right to the best of her ability. She is a true go-getter in striving for her accomplishments to be the best. I would say as a business owner she will make it grow cause she does beautiful work & puts her heart & soul into it. Good luck in your success!See MoreRead Less