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Review by Bobbi Gussman Gulla

I know Mike because I am friends with his daughter. I knew his profession so it only made sense that when I needed some pest control that I should call him rather than randomly picking a stranger out of the Yellow Pages.

We had some pretty terrifying large black bugs infesting what at first was just our kitchen. We didn't have much money so I avoided dealing with problem. But when I saw one in my bedroom I had nightmares, so I had to address the problem immediately.

Mike came out to give us an estimate. I had saved one of the bugs & he identified what kind it was. He discussed his plan of action. He also reassured us that he uses products that are eco-friendly & safe to be used around pets. This is very important to us because we have a cat we love very much. Mike also advised us about what we should anticipate happening in the future...that the bugs would return when it got cold out. Mike was on target, the bugs came back last week when the weather changed.

Mike was able to give us several options for a service & payment plan.

My husband & I got 2 additional estimates. Mike's prices & flexibilty were significantly better than his competiters. Mike was also able to work around our schedule & came out at for service at times that were convenient to us.

Mike has been on time [a rare commodity these days]. His knowledge of his profession is extensive. He is also sensitive to his clients' financial concerns. A real deal maker for us was his flexibility with payment arrangements for return visits.

I also like the personal attention that you get from a smaller operation than being just a face in the crowd that occurs when you use a large company such as Humphrey's. Mike & his staff are friendly & put you at your ease. Its difficult to let strangers walk around your house. But, for me, after the 1st visit, my discomfort disappeared.

Good service is hard to find these days. Mike Hughes provides the kind of service that existed & was expected when I was a child. He is knowledgeable about identifying the problem & is able to provide options for addressing the problem. Mike is sensitive to special needs [children & pets]. He is respectful of the importance of his clients' time by being prompt. He provides information about your problem & helps you to find a plan of action that will work within your time & financial needs. Perhaps, more important than his other assets, Mike is trustworthy & honest.

I have recommended Mike to my friends. That's not something I would do lightly. But Mike has earned my trust.
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Review by Kenneth Marlow

Dakini Engineering:

Professionalism, Integrity, Trustworthy, Creativity in Engineering are among the many admirable attributes of Dan Ansell, CEO of Dakini Enginerring.

Under Dana's supervision, Dakini Engineering performed miracles on our hillside La Mesa home. Historically our lower level was prone to seepage and even flooding. Dakini Engineering excavated the front of our house with surgical precision. Waterproofing and drainage measures eliminated all water seepage problems; even during the wettest year on record!

Dakini Engineering provided creative and insightful consultation that not only resulted in creative, cost-effective means of eliminating a long-standing problem; but enhanced utility and property value as well. Through skillful efforts our front and side yards were transformed from unusable space into aesthetically attractive and functional patio and recreational spaces. In solving one problem, two areas of our yard were turned into functional and decorative spaces that provided considerable added value to our property.

All work was completed in a timely and professional manner; and at a significantly lower cost than other competitors' bids. My wife and I were more than pleased with the work performed by Dakini Engineering and look forward to using them again for subsequent home improvement projects.

We enthusiastically recommend Dan Ansell and Dakini Engineering as having the highest professional standards: integrity, trustworthiness and creativity in engineering and construction.
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Review by Kimberly Merritt

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Review by Joseph Mangi

I recently was searching for a highly qualified, experienced Home Improvement Contractor to perform renovations to my home kitchen and kitchenette! Most of the Home Improvement Contractors I consulted with were very expensive and had an estimated start to finish time frame of 3 months! Upon consulting with Gary Bruzzese, President Of Bruzze Home Improvements he was extremely warm, receptive, professional, and assured me that he could complete my project from start to finish in a months time for a fraction of the cost in comparison to previous financial quotes!

I a firm believer that, “actions speak louder than words!” Mr. Gary Bruzzese proved to be an honorable man of his word and exceptional Home Improvement Contractor! Gary was actually able to complete all of the renovations in three weeks time for a fraction of the cost! If you are searching for a highly qualified, experienced, reputable Home Improvement Contractor I highly recommend Mr. Gary Bruzzese, President Of Bruzzese Home Improvements!
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Review by Kris Petosa

My grandmother is VERY picky and demands high quality as well as value. Total Window Cleaning, Inc. has been cleaning her windows for several years now. Mr Kuehl and his team are prompt, professional and always do a wonderful job. They come out every year, and every year grandma calls to let me know how happy she is with their services.

Thank you for taking care of grandma's window cleaning needs, she is not easy to please!
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Review by Debbie Wilson

Bill built an addition on my home, put siding on the whole house and new windows, 20 years ago. That was the 1st encounter I had with him. He was very knowledgable when he came to give us the estimate. We needed 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. He knew exactly what we wanted and also added a couple things we hadn't thought of.
Bill's workers were very professional and polite. They worked hard all day long. They kept everything clean and neat. No nails, wood or other objects were left anywhere outside.
My next project Pressley Builders did for me was a kitchen renovation. I wanted new cabinets, counters, flooring, and appliances. Bill had cabinets custom made for me exactly how I wanted them. He also had ideas on how to give us more room by reducing a wall into a pantry and move the refrigerator there making room for more cabinets and counter space. He did an excellent job and to this day I can't believe how great the kitchen looks. I went from very dark brown cabinets that did not touch the ceiling, red countertops, yellow floor and dark brown panelling to light oak cabinets that reach the ceiling, butcher block counters, light panelling and white linoleum. Another job done perfectly.
About 12 years ago we had Bill put a new roof on our house. Again, everyone was professional and they kept everything clean and neat. They even walked around the house to make sure there were no nails on the ground.
As example, I had central air put in my home after I purchased it. I had another contractor do the work. He seemed to be responsible and knew what he was doing, and had been in business a long time. To start with, he put the unit in my attic and did not properly install a way for the condensation to empty. It leaked through the ceiling and into the back room closets. Mold grew and I had to have someone come in and replace all the sheetrock. Then, a few years later, I discovered they had stolen everything from the attic. All my children's baby memories, toys and books.
I never had to worry about the Pressley workers.
I highly recommend Pressley Builders. He and his workers are very trustworthy. If they work for you, you do not have to worry about them loafing around or robbing you blind. There work is impeccable and very affordable.
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Review by Susan Downs

Paul is a great friend and a successful businessman. He really cares about each one of his clients. He returns phone calls promptly, finds answers to your questions, and treats you with respect--regardless of whether or not you buy what he is selling. He is enthusiastic about his work and he is very professional. It is a pleasure doing business with him.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Sacerdote

I worked with Cheif Hull-Tarif while I was CIO at a publically traded search firm headquartered in Dallas, TX. She ran one of the division offices on the west coast. As that divisional leader, she was responsible for all PR, including newsletters, web material, etc. (in addition to running all day to day operations at all branches that were under her supervision). We had procedures and policies in place that she designed that allowed me to frankly, "not worry" about her locations - her entire division! Everything from web pages, to training, to software use were appropriately monitored and, with our monthly "check ins," it was one of the best in our organization. A self-starter, creative individual that knows how to manage, review, deligate, support and grow an organization.See MoreRead Less

Review by Patti Orenstein

Brett is one of the most conscientious individuals I have ever met. i have known him for the last 20 years. He is a man of his word. His reputation means everything to him and he values it tremendously. There is no doubt i would entrust my home repairs to him with no concerns what so ever.See MoreRead Less

Review by Stefanie Beierschmitt

I know Sean because I am a realtor and we have worked together in various facets. My first interaction with him was when we both spoke on a weekly radio installment, and his knowledge of building practices and principles, conceptually and practically, really impressed me. I eventually saw his work in person and was blown away by the craftsmanship. He is a TRUE craftsman -- no cookie cutter work here. The houses he builds are incredible -- the floorplans are well thought out, and the details are really special.

This year we had the fortune to begin working together, when a client of mine decided she wanted him to build her a custom home. Sean and his staff spent HOURS with us looking at lots and helping me and my clients to understand each piece of land's unique benefits, challenges, and the potential of that on cost and final product. I do not think most builders would do that, as it was extremely helpful from my end in advising my clients on how to purchase their lot.

He also had an extremely professional TEAM who supported my clients initially and now throughout the process. He builds trust and it is deserved -- Sean has high standards for himself and that is obvious in how he does business. I can't wait to see how my client's house turns out!

I also like that Sean is very active in his church and community -- you can feel from his interactions with others, and how he spends his time, that he strives for very balanced and heart-centered life and business.
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