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There are 300 recommended Home Contractors on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Home Contractor.

Review by Kristin Richardson

Todd Rice and Mode Comfort & Air Quality are life savers and the nicest, most helpful people you'll ever meet. I've used Mode several times both for heating and a/c issues on our 1935 home with a very convoluted system that pieces together six different zones. The heat is a combo of gas furnace, forced air and hot water radiators. The a/c is a combo of forced air and one of those new ductless wall units in one room.

For the first time in my life, I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of by a contractor. Todd goes out of his way to troubleshoot issues with you over the phone (and even by text!) in hopes that you can resolve the issue yourself and not have to pay him to come out. What other company than Mode does that? They're always available within a reasonable amount of time even for dire emergencies. They call or text when they're on their way to give you a heads up, so you don't have to sit around your house all day long just waiting.

Mode's prices are very reasonable. They do a great job of explaining issues and the repairs needed in layman's terms. Plus they help guide you in understanding what needs to get taken care of immediately vs. what can wait until later.

I wouldn't hire anyone else in the Richmond metro area for my heating and air needs. Actually, even if I lived as far away as DC where I used to live, I'd still call Todd. Period.
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Review by Jim London

If you are reading these comments, then you must be considering Larry for your plumbing or piping or contractor needs, I can think of no better recommendation than from some of the folks like me that have known him for so long ( let's just say high school some 40 years ago). I find Larry to be a consummate professional, not to mention fair and just plain reasonable to deal with and I think you would too. Larry has my vote as the guy to get your job done!See MoreRead Less

Review by Daniel Meadows

Worked for his company 7 years ago. From first day I started there I could tell it was a first class company. They treated me like family first day I started .When I was ready to move up from a apprentice to a plumber I didn't have many tools .They started a tool account for me at no charge to me. My first child was born I came in the shop to find a basket full of baby stuff and a check. I could right a book on the positive influences and things that Gregg and the ART family have done for me as tech and as person When it come to customer service they far exceed there customers expectations and competitors by providing world class services .I have worked for several companies and none of them have put the amount of effort to satisfy their customers the way Gregg does. I mean I have been out on jobs 11pm ,1 am , 4am and started one at 8 am and finish 2 am because the customer was closing on their home the next day Gregg was present on all. I could go on and on all things Gregg has done for his customers ,his for his employees and his community. I'm so thankful to been a part of his team as a tech and a personSee MoreRead Less

Review by Karen Lehman

I have know Denny for over 30 years. He was a little older than I growing up and he always seemed to look out for me, like a little sister. He is a very sweet and caring person.
He has always been an honest and straight forward person. He will do the job and give you the best deal available. He will also tell you if he can't do it, or if someone else can do it at a better price. I would definitely recommend him for any job, and trust him to do it with the highest integrity of anyone out there.
I have not used his service personally, but only because I no longer live in the area. If I did still live there, I would definitely call him for all my Heating and Cooling services, and I even have some family in the business, but I would trust Denny to give me the better deal and better service.
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Review by Joan Brunda De Carlo

Every time I am in crises mode, Joe and his team come to my rescue and make the needed repairs with excellence. From carpentry and electrical work inside my home, to repairing my roof outside when last years storm sent a tree almost through it, ripping out huge chunks of shingles as well as ripping out my main electrical line into the house. Don't know what I would have done without him! I will always call Joe and his team for all my home repairs!See MoreRead Less

Review by Vickie Roby

Trigleth Plumbing is a great considerate and caring Plumbing Co. They replumbed our entire rental property and everything worked and works perfectly. They do all of our plumbing and by not being the Biggest Fish in the water, they price fairly and not trying to get the biggest price to say they are the best. I recomment Trigleth Plumbing 100%. Do not waste your time going to the other guys. Yellow Page and New Paper Ads are not always the best. Trigleth will do you right and get it right! Call them today!See MoreRead Less

Review by Tari Tinsley

I don't call anybody except BETTER PLUMBING for all my fix-it needs..They not only do plumbing , but everything else also..When I call, They are here, Got my problem fixed and gone before I know itTry BETTER PLUMBING next time....See MoreRead Less

Review by Rosemarie Kliegman

I have dealt With A-1 Home Improver under difficult circumstances and have to say Kevin's professionalism and complete knowledge of what needs to be done and his handling of a difficult relative was fantastically smart.

Not only is A-1 Home Improvement the best contractor I have used but the results are neat, clean and just as I wanted.

I am grateful for a process that was made easy and on time.

Cannot say enough and my experience, well, was easy and without problems.

I highly recommend A-1 to anyone who needs any work done in their home or office.

Thank you Kevin!
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Review by Suzie Kue

I am honored to speak on behalf of this great man...He has my utmost recommendation. Good luck to you, Bart. I was pleased to speak on your behalf...you are a great American. See MoreRead Less

Review by Sheila Deal

As a school administrator I am often faced with facility problems I know nothing about. The service provided by Cook heating and cooking has been quick, and efficient. He is knowledgable and trustworthy. His prices or more than fair. On a few occasions he has even advisede against a service call. He is always respectful of the learning environment. He has been able to keep old and crippled units running, as well as offer advice on the next step. Thanks to Cooks heating and cooling the kids have been warm through this terrible winter.See MoreRead Less