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Review by Stefanie Beierschmitt

I know Sean because I am a realtor and we have worked together in various facets. My first interaction with him was when we both spoke on a weekly radio installment, and his knowledge of building practices and principles, conceptually and practically, really impressed me. I eventually saw his work in person and was blown away by the craftsmanship. He is a TRUE craftsman -- no cookie cutter work here. The houses he builds are incredible -- the floorplans are well thought out, and the details are really special.

This year we had the fortune to begin working together, when a client of mine decided she wanted him to build her a custom home. Sean and his staff spent HOURS with us looking at lots and helping me and my clients to understand each piece of land's unique benefits, challenges, and the potential of that on cost and final product. I do not think most builders would do that, as it was extremely helpful from my end in advising my clients on how to purchase their lot.

He also had an extremely professional TEAM who supported my clients initially and now throughout the process. He builds trust and it is deserved -- Sean has high standards for himself and that is obvious in how he does business. I can't wait to see how my client's house turns out!

I also like that Sean is very active in his church and community -- you can feel from his interactions with others, and how he spends his time, that he strives for very balanced and heart-centered life and business.
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Review by Ruby Yao

I was lucky enough to work with someone who knew Johnny and that's how I was introduced to him. When we hired Johnny, we were at a design standstill. The architect firm we hired had terrible ideas on redesigning our master bedroom and our kitchen. They had great designs in their portfolio but they just couldn't come up with good ideas for our home. We wanted to redesign the master bath which had a very awkward floor plan and it was far from what one would imagine a master bath should be. Not only did Johnny come up with a workable solution, he gave us the master bath we wanted. The traffic flow of the room was natural and made perfect sense. It was one of those designs that was a "why didn't I think of it" moment. The final solution was simple and "obvious" after Johnny drew up the design. Similarly, our kitchen was far from a gourmet kitchen. It was sadly out-dated and we really wanted an island. We were told by the architect firm that an island was impossible given the space. Well, not only Johnny give us an island but we got the gourmet kitchen we wanted. He thought of every little detail. He gave us a detailed questionaire asking us how we intended to use our kitchen and our entertaining habits even before starting on the design. He considered traffic flow, where the appliances should be placed, and even took into account the height of the counters to fit our height! He even went shopping with us to pick out furniture and appliances. He has a lot of sources and connections so we felt that we got great service whenever we went shopping. We are not good at color schemes and design in general (we're computer engineers) so we relied on Johnny to make sure that things came together from a design and architectural point of view. He did a great job. It's been over 10 years since our remodel and we're very happy with home. Johnny's very personable, engaging, has a good eye for colors and design, and is very easy to talk to. I had no qualms about asking questions, no matter how silly. He was always able to put me at ease. Our remodel happened over Christmas and even though the job wasn't quite done, he put up a tree and decorations for our family as a surprise Christmas gift! We were just going to skip Xmas decorations and he totally surprised us with his thoughtfulness. It really made the holidays special for us and the kids who were 7 and 9 at the time. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Johnny. He was invaluable to us during our remodel and was always available at any time of the day. Totally reliable and a joy to work with!See MoreRead Less

Review by Beth Presley

I don't know where to begin! Beverly has helped me so much these last 5 years. She saved my life when we were renovating our lake house. I could not have done it without her! She did everything from designing the kitchen, picking out furniture & light fixtures, and choosing the paint colors. She was wonderful! She recently helped me choose a paint color when I had to repaint my house. As usual, it was perfect! Thanks, Beverly.See MoreRead Less

Review by Trisha Storey

I met Renell many years ago thru a mutual friend. She has always been dedicated to what she believes & done what is right to the best of her ability. She is a true go-getter in striving for her accomplishments to be the best. I would say as a business owner she will make it grow cause she does beautiful work & puts her heart & soul into it. Good luck in your success!See MoreRead Less

Review by Bob 'n Sande Nuber

Dana is very personable, honest, and compassionate. She is great at helping people with decision-making, and handles any difficult situation with a smile on her face. Dana is hard-working and her "sunny" attitude has always been a real blessing to many. The ease and patience she displays while working to help people is very evident...she is a delight to work with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Peter Jenne

I have been in the building supply industy for over 30 years and have worked with Garrett for the past four years. In Garret's business, the prep work is what makes the difference. Garrett and his crew will not finish the job until the prep work is 100% and the weather conditions correct. His work is top shelf and worth every penny. Garrets pays attention to every detail and he and his crew is very professional. I would recomend them highly.
Peter Jenne..........Gilmore Home Center
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Review by Carol Rosingana

We met Matthew while he was decorating a home for the Temecula Valley Womans Club Holiday Home Tour. We thought he was great and my husband casually spoke with him about building in a wine 'lounge' in our existing Living Room/Dining Room combo. After the 1st of the year in 2012 Matthew visited and returned with sketches and from that point on it was one delightful meeting/experience after another. He started by flipping our room around and changing the idea of what this area should look like, The end result was storage for my husband's wine collection, a very inviting and comfortable seating area that we actually use versus that living room that sat empty. Matthew designed a banquet to fit around a painting we had which finished off a brand new, beautiful and comfortable dining room. Our old room was an 'ok' decorated rather nondescript room and now the area is a show stopper. Actually featured in Vintage Magazine last quarter 2012. Finally, I can't say enough how much we loved working with Matthew. He had great ideas but didn't insist if we were resistant so in the end we had pieces of ourselves with Matthews great taste everywhere. Truely a five star experience.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rosemarie Kliegman

I have dealt With A-1 Home Improver under difficult circumstances and have to say Kevin's professionalism and complete knowledge of what needs to be done and his handling of a difficult relative was fantastically smart.

Not only is A-1 Home Improvement the best contractor I have used but the results are neat, clean and just as I wanted.

I am grateful for a process that was made easy and on time.

Cannot say enough and my experience, well, was easy and without problems.

I highly recommend A-1 to anyone who needs any work done in their home or office.

Thank you Kevin!
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Review by Alicia hart

Mindy is an excellent designer and artist. She has helped with our home and with several business we have owned. You can explain to her the ambiance you want to have, any colors etc, and she will put lots of thought into coming up with what you would like. Her ideas are very unique. She also helps you work in the things you may already own into the design. Working with her is very enjoyable, it's like working with a good friend. She is the designer who goes the extra mile to find you just what you want. You will enjoy working with such an upbeat person.See MoreRead Less

Review by Theresa Robinson

We love Brittany! She came to our home in Florida, and gave us some great ideas to make our house feel like a home. She is a talented professional that will make any commercial or resendential space look great! We highly recomment BP Designs, you won't be disappointed!See MoreRead Less