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General Contractors in Illinois

There are 16 recommended Home Contractors in Illinois. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Home Contractor.

Review by Damien Casten

"Everyone who has ever done work on their home has a contractor story," I was told, "and it's always a nightmare". I can't speak for everyone else, but boy oh boy do I have a doozy. Why it is that I ended up talking to the Assistant District Attorney and visiting the Chicago offices of the FBI is not the point here. The point is that while that was happening, and through the entire 18 month saga, Mark has been an adviser who has helped me find the best prices on the most interesting and most sustainable materials again and again. He's also guided me through situation after situation, providing invaluable guidance on how to deal with suppliers, contractors, etc. He's been a pleasure to get to know and to work with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Pam Lombardo

Chris is a great contractor! He is friendly and truly stands behind his work. I would highly recommend this company. I hope to utilize his services again in the future.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lana Kh

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Boris Zaturensky, who helped me a lot with my home improvement during a few years I know him. Sometimes, I had only a vague notion of what I needed, but he translated it into a very great and useful solution. His work is always fast, decent and productive!

Boris, I very much appreciate your assistance and help, and I am looking forward to implementing many of your suggestions. I am truly touched by your generosity, your spirit, and willingness to get out of your way to help me.

Lana Kh
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Review by Jeanne Howard

Ben is someone who truly cares about the people he works for and the job that he does for you. His attention to detail is not found in many others these days. We had the pleasure to have Ben do three separate jobs for us in the 11 years after meeting him, before we moved to Arizona. I can't say enough good things about Ben!See MoreRead Less

Review by Lynne Burke

I have known Jamie Moyer for many years as he is from my home town of Burlington, Wi. When he has
done any kind of work it has always turned out as promised. He is a very honest and reliable man and I would recommend him highly.See MoreRead Less

Review by Brian Collins

I've known John for a long time. I can attest to his work ethic and zeal for home improvement. Not only is he a hard worker but is also a great friend. I would recommend him to anyone needing home improvement.See MoreRead Less

Review by Paul Kludac

I have used Herman & McCarrin Constrution Inc. for a few projects at my house. It was time for my family to put a new roof over our heads and Jake came out to our house and gave us a estimate and informed us on everything that was gonna take place during the re-construction process. His expertise, professionalism and bid won Herman and Construction this job. The job was performed and they exceeded my expectations. I called Herman and McCarrin Construction Inc. again to remodel our kitchen. They installed a beautiful granite countertop and a backsplash. Jake has a attention to detail that can't be beat. His professionalism shows in his attitude and his love for what he does makes me want to hire him and Herman & McCarrin Construction Inc. for future projects we will have around our house.See MoreRead Less

Review by Maria Tallen

I met Gena when she was teaching at CPS. She was a teacher to two of my children. When my oldest son was in the first grade, Gena was one of his teachers. He was in a special-ed class. She worked with him alongside his other teacher. Gena worked closely with him to ensure he met his goals. She would go to seminars and workshops to learn what was new in teaching techniques for the special-ed students, so she could help her students in a better way. Gena was very creative and would make learning fun for the students. She'd have contests with the children to see who could find a state on the map, or use M&M's to help solve math problems.
Gena took a lot of pride in her teaching. I know she cared about each of her students very much, and did everything in her power to make sure one learned to the best of their ability, and if they had problems she would help them one-on-one. I feel that she is very trustworthy, and can handle anything that is tossed her way.
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Review by Gary Durish

I have known Steve for over 45 years. Steve is very honest. He is hard working. I have been a Realtor for over 29 years. Steve has worked for me doing just about everything from small jobs to total rehabs. I highly recommend Steve Simnick for any type of job. He also has been doing his trade for many years. If he can not do any specific job he know enough people in all trades to get the job done in a timely manner.See MoreRead Less

Review by Scott Musser