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Health Care Providers in Vancouver, Washington

There are 22 recommended Health Care Providers in Vancouver, WA. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Megan Zopf

Candia is gifted as a Medical Intuitive but a beautiful person inside and out.. I was fortunate to have a fairly long discussion with her and I still have the downloaded file saved that Candia recorded. Months after I spoke to Candia, I replayed our session and heard even more about myself. It's all true and most of it is medically documented by MD's. She could assist Dr's and spare people medical testing that often times proves nothing! We are much deeper than the needle.I do recommend Candia! I think I could use a follow up here shortly!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kelly Mcginnis

Dr. Neale has made a huge impact on the health of both my daughter and I. She is my Primary Care Practioner and my daughter's visiting Pediatrician. Since being treated by Dr. Neale my energy, digestion, metabolism, and overall immune health has drastically increased as well as my mood. Dr. Neale is everything that a healer should be. She is patient, understanding, and thorough. In taking me on as a patient Dr. Neale impressed me by completely changing my expectations of a Doctor. She didn't just look at the present symptoms and prescribe a medication or invasive treatment meant to mask any current symptoms as most Western Doctors do, but did a very comprehensive and thorough work-up on me that detailed my entire health history. She strengthened all of my systems working from and was able to find root causes instead of just treating the surface symptoms. Dr. Neale is the most thorough, dedicated, and knowledgable Doctor that I have ever seen and I highly recommend her. She treats her patients by delving into all of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their life with a strong and true realization that an inbalance in one aspect will ultimately affects the others. What I love most about Dr. Neale though, is the way that she absolutely empowers her patient to take control and responsibility for their own health. In doing this the patient becomes the master of their experience in wellness and actively chooses the road to perfect health, which is available and a reality for all of us no matter where we have been before.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michael Smith

I would highly reccomend Sherrie's customized ministry services. Sherrie has done a house blessing and a baby welcoming for my wife Angela and I. Having known Sherrie for nearly 20 years, and knowing that there is only about 5 people in my life that know me and my quirkyness, my friend Sherrie was able to build around my non beliefs in organized religion and cater to my Panthiestic views on spirituallty. Strong in Scots Irish heratage, Sherrie built servies with Gaelic blessing and overtones that means a lot to me and my wife. Thank you Sherrie, by the way, have the new house when you get back to Fort Worth.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jooby Mackai

I am a licensed medical professional and have known Julia 12 years. She was the owner of an integrative clinic and I was ecstatic to be employed by her. My very first impression has only been expanded and amplified over all these years. She struck me initially as a warm, positive, professional woman that was well educated and current in her training and views of the world. Her presence as a very gentle, loving individual is conveyed not only in conversation. You can experience the transfer of these characteristics to her hands yielding a touch and technique unparalleled. She is generous with her knowledge, yet knows when to listen and learn from a client. She has provided me with a solid sounding board professionally and supported me through difficult emotional and business challenges. Julia stands out with her breadth of knowledge, her unwavering ethics, and a wonderful blend of soft and strong traits. I suppose you could feel there are others of par to Julia, however at some point you will come to realize you are mistaken. She is, unquestionably, a solid notch above.See MoreRead Less

Review by Brett Leyden

If you are looking for a great personal trainer and nutritionist, I highly recommend Ruthless Ruth! Many of you know that I have put a team together for Hood to Coast which is the world' largest running relay race at a distance of 196 miles from Mount Hood, OR to the beach at Seaside, Oregon for over 14 years. Ruth has been behind the scenes helping me get my nutrition and core strength down on many of those years. She is Ruthless so move over Jillian Michaels! Ruth can also help you in just a better quality of life too with just the basics.... She also puts a great hiking group together and plans the whole summer full of hikes. She simply is amazing and a wonderful human being. Love her!See MoreRead Less

Review by Terri Ocheltree

Britney would come to our lodge and treat clients. Myself included it was amazing. It completely revived me for the week ahead. It was one of the best massages. We miss her terrible...See MoreRead Less

Review by Gabby Fierro Montgomery

Sandi has been such a blessing in my life, when I needed guidance the most during some heartfelt times she was there to help. Sandi has been very honest on right on about things I am so greatful to have met her :) Many blessing to her always!See MoreRead Less

Review by David Hunter

Tom will show up if he says he will. He has a heart for God and love for man. Has a strong relationship with Jesus and the Father. Also I believe he has a Pastors heart. I have known Tom for many years and his convictions to help others has become more focused on healing the broken hearted.See MoreRead Less

Review by Troy Allison

Chris is very professional. His product "The Meatrake" is excellent. I have bought three sets for me and my extended family. The manufacturing quality is superb. I have only good things to say about Chris and his company.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mariane Caywood

How do you review your sister? Well let me start by saying how much I amire her strength. She takes on any challenge that comes her way, her strength to see the beauty and good in all people, frankly amazes me and her ability to truly be all that she can be, is inspirational. She NEVER GIVES UP! She is a wonderful mom, daughter and friend. She cares for others with a smile, compassion and amazing respect and dignity.See MoreRead Less