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Health Care Providers in Seattle, Washington

There are 30 recommended Health Care Providers in Seattle, WA. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Fernie Williams

Elbows Cat.. dang.. I was going to say the same thing *grin* Well.. I guess because great minds think alike huh *big cheesy smile* I truly do feel the same way and I am truly blessed to have you in my life dear Meech and I truly know that our friendship/sisterhood is going to last a life time..hmm.. I'm 50 so I hope to get at least 40 more years *laughing* love..love..love you so much. xoSee MoreRead Less

Review by Savannah Peterson

I could not recommend Dr. Justin Favreau with more zeal or confidence.

There are few things in this world that I consider myself truly snobby about. However, having been raised by two chiropractors (one horrible, one absolutely outstanding) chiropractic care is something that I am incredibly particular about. I have experienced and observed the greatest spinal recovery and general health feats when communication and intuition between doctor and patient combine through the healing process to achieve optimum health.

The moment Dr. Favreau put his hands on my neck I knew I could trust him and that he knew what he was doing. I would not go anywhere else in Seattle for my chiropractic needs.

After 3 car accidents in 18 months (none of which were my fault ;) Dr. Favreau has used his special certification and training in CBP to restore the curve in my once nearly straight cervical spine while correcting a translation I had as a result of the side impacts.

Thanks Dr. Favreau's care, combined with that of Jillian Meza, Tom Whitmore, and Beth VonBargen (the wonderful massage therpaist at Align Chiropractic) the pain in my neck has diminished drastically and my energy level is almost back to 100%.

Get the compassionate care you deserve after a car accident, sitting at a desk all day, or just for general wear and tear with Dr. Justin Favreau at Align Chiropractic :).
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Review by Katie Mccoy

Wendy is an amazing spiritual counselor and guide. She helped me to work through a very challenging time in my life and now continues to work with me to get the most out of myself and my world. Not only did we work through the things that were current and hurting, but also older, deeper wounds and pain. Wendy equips her people with tools that they can then go use in meditation and in everyday life. My work with her has helped me to grow closer to God and to love and trust myself. As a Christian, Wendy is a great choice because she is familiar with Christian ideas, texts, and beliefs and our work has validated and improved my relationship with God. I would recommend Wendy to anyone, she is kind, fun, loving, genuine, generous, and ready to meet you were your at. When I started, I struggled to meditate for more than 15 minutes at a time, now we meditate for an hour (sometimes more) and I can't believe how easy and natural it feels. She has so much to offer!See MoreRead Less

Review by Elaine Maloney

I first met Rose when she was assisting as a teacher of Shamanic training in 2000. As I came to know her and traveled with her in Peru, I realized what an incredible person she is...not only as a gifted and insightful healer but simply as a person of great depth of spirit and incredibile integrity. I have literally put my life in her hands when climbing in Peru and she held it gently but firmly until I was once again on solid ground and could stand on my own. She walks this path of life with love and beauty in all that she does. I feel honored and blessed to call her my teacher, healer, friend and sister of my soul.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ed Dowling

Kym is one of those wonderful people who is so full of love that it just spills out onto everyone that she is with. Wise and disciplined, she will guide you to achieve your goals in a firm, gentle manner. She'll be so in tune with you that you'll think you did it all by yourself!See MoreRead Less

Review by ReBecca Lavin

Look, Joe is my son and therefore you may say I am giving this review from a mother's skewed perspective. Not entirely so. I am reviewing Joe's abilities as a Licensed Massage Therapist of 12 years and (I have to say it...a proud parent) and colleague. I have received massage from Joe and taught massage with him. I can say, without a doubt, that Joe has a truly unique style and is a gifted therapist. He listens and adapts. Always has insightful tips on self-care As a teacher, he makes learning fun and students go away with the feeling they actually learned more than they thought possible. I advise you to make an appointment, whether for ultimate relaxation, injury treatment or anything in between. Joe's massages not to be missed!See MoreRead Less

Review by Trudy Wendelin

Taking a Reiki class with Eileen, changed my path of life introducing me to Energy Medicine. I went on to do her entire course, becoming a Reiki Master. Then, I went on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine & am currently practicing as an Acupuncturist. Eileen is a pivotal source to my life due to her passion, respect & focus on Reiki. Her professionalism as a Reiki Practitioner & Teacher gave me trust and confidence to explore the new world of Energy Medicine & ultimately to immerse myself into it personally & professionally. I am grateful to Eileen for being such a powerful messenger & pioneer, blazing new paths for those ready for transformation and growth. Eileen is the ideal representative for the adage: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears..."See MoreRead Less

Review by Leslie Pantuso

Barbara Murphy is knowledgeable on a variety of healing techniques. Her kind nature and ability to help others body mind soul is outstanding. I first met Barbara at the supplement store I owned over 16 years ago and we developed a friendship. She is a person of integrity and would recommend her healing work.See MoreRead Less

Review by Diana Scofield

I hired Cindy Bonilla 20 years ago as my sales service co-ordinator for the manufacturing company we worked for. Within one year she was promoted to QC manager.
Since she has received her masters degree in Occupational Therapy.
She is a dedicated worker, a caring therapist.
Cindy is extremely loyal, dedicated to any task she takes on. A very ethical person.
I would highly recommend Cindy to any future employer
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Review by Joe Massoth

My knowledge of Lori and her employment at Northwest Women's Healthcare is that she has been a hard working employee and has shown great respect for all of her co-workers. She was always in a good mood and worked hard! She always talked about her job in a positive manner and was happy to be working there.See MoreRead Less