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Health Care Providers in Utah

There are 101 recommended Health Care Providers in Utah. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Ingeborg Reni

If you are looking for QUALITY - PROFESSIONALISM - KNOWLEDGE - combined with KINDNESS - HUMOR - DEDICATION and HONESTY...you have found the correct person in Irene. I am just stating FACTS here. No emotional advertisement. See MoreRead Less

Review by Sarah Noel

Laura was my midwife for my second birth, first homebirth. My pregnancy care was outstanding. I loved visiting with her and bringing my daughter along. Laura would involve her and welcome her each time. Our visits were a family event. My feelings were always validated and treated with care and I felt like I was heard and understood. When it came time for the birth, Laura was quickly available and reassuring. She arrived at a comfortable time and came into our home with a calm and loving presence. She was confident in my abilities to labor and birth at home and was supportive and encouraging throughout the day. As hard as we worked during labor, we had some fun moments and shared laughter which eased the pain and discomfort. I had some unexpected setbacks with some cervix issues and the position of my baby. Laura was professional and handled it so well. She was intuitive and trusted her instincts as well as mine when I needed to find new ways to get comfortable and progress. She was a good sport and ended up with an out of the ordinary birthing situation. When my son was finally born, he had a sticky shoulder and needed some quick assistance. Laura remained calm and did what she had been trained to do. The birth was empowering and beautiful. My care after birth was remarkable. I was treated so well, baby was handled with amazing love and care and I felt so comfortable. She stayed with me for quite a while and left as soon as I felt comfortable. She was back the next day to check on us and was always attentive and made us feel like a priority. Her professionalism with other people who were involved with my birth was outstanding. She was so respectful of family who was present and especially with my 2 year old daughter. My daughter is 6 now and still remembers that day and how she was one of the first people to love and snuggle her new brother. They are so close and I attribute much of that to her experience at his birth. Laura is an amazing woman and advocate for birth and strengthening women. She believes in the ability a mother has to birth her baby and spends her days empowering women who maybe don't understand their great capacity and gift. I could not possibly say enough about Laura and the gift she has been to me and my family. She is a lifelong friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joanna Parkin

Alister is an incredible healer who uses a wide variety of techniques and is vanguard in his approach and methods. With decades of experience, he has a magnificent plethora of tried and tested procedures and has helped hundreds - if not thousands - of people to enhance their lives, both mentally, physically and spiritually. Absolutely worth seeing.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lee Guthrie

I was just thinking about you! That was the best healing massage and enlightening chat. I felt totally safe and relaxed with you and your extra soothing affirmations for me were and ARE still very effective. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to come back up that way and see you again. Good to know where you are. LeeAnn JonesSee MoreRead Less

Review by Katelyn Boyer

As a Sales Associate at Massage Envy, I have only heard raving reviews of Byron. Amazingly talented, perfect composure, and a radiating vibe. Byron is a win all around. You simply must experience his energy work. What can I say, he's phenomenal!See MoreRead Less

Review by Tyler Theobald

I would consider Dr. Joe to be my "primary care" doctor, because every time something was wrong--whether it be back pain, allergies, or digestive issues-- he was the first to see. Why? Because I could consistently count on relief of the symptoms after a visit. Not only that, but he would teach my wife and I how to treat any symptoms the next time, should they come around again. He is also an extremely kind and caring person, and always remembered the names of my wife and kids, and asked how they were doing, and remembered nearly everything I had ever been treated for. Dr. Joe is what all doctors should be.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kara Leskie

I would concur that @[1618736275:2048:Gregory Ashby] is a great source of information and always willing to jump in and facilitate the discussion or offer up resources. I appreciate all he brings to the various groups that participate in.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mary Burt

I was close to Sharon when I was very young girl. We were the best of friends growing up. She was always very compasionate. I didn;t know her after her college days . She was very honest and carring growing up. I have talked to her lately on facebook. Just from reading her posts she has had some very good ideas. her group centers have sounded like a good approach to good sessions. I don;t live in her town or I would benefit from
the groups .We were very good friends growing up. She has been a very good listener since I got back in touch with her. She has that human touch that really helps . She helps to open up to her.
See MoreRead Less

Review by Kamie Mysliwiec

I have known Renee for several years both as a Health coach and as a close friend. I have always been amazed how well she could go from a personal friend to a professional and keep it that way. She is very in tune with her work and the best possible solution for my body. Renee has helped me get through some of my hardest times in my life with the end result of me being healed from the inside out! I feel that what makes Renee stand out from other professionals is her tenderness and profound insight and desire to helping out all that come in her path. Renee is the kind of person I truly wish everyone had in their lives!See MoreRead Less

Review by Emery Blanchard

One session with Jenn Jackson left my whole body feeling pain free. I spent endless months with a nagging pain in my back. I visited other practitioners MANY times, but the pain persisted. Jenn knew what the cause was and how to instantly fix it! Jenn Jackson has the expertise and anatomical knowledge to skillfully alleviate your pain and get your body moving the way it should. Your body will thank you!See MoreRead Less