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Health Care Providers in Dallas, Texas

There are 32 recommended Health Care Providers in Dallas, TX. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Shawna Yant

Seeking knowledgable, experienced and wise medical doctors is a common practice and in my opinion it is equally if not more important to find a skilled psychologist. My life greatly improved with Anne's help as her sessions gave me the right perspectives so I could live a healthier life by setting appropriate boundaries. I learned many valuable life lessons that without her knowledge it would have taken me years to learn if I learned at all. Her knowledge of the real world as a mother, grandmother, daughter, wife and manager in the corporate world coupled with her education gives her a balanced insight. I highly recommend Anne if you're looking for someone that is not judgmental and truly cares about her clients!See MoreRead Less

Review by Karen Broberg

About 6 years ago I thought my life was over, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and hurt every day and storms made life unbearable. After going through the gambit of conventional Allopathic Doctors and months and months of physical therapy to no avail, I found Dr. Spurlock and like doctors, they did extensive unconventional lab work and found that I had multiple viruses which were the underlying cause of my symptoms. These viruses were readily & easily treatable and today I live a pretty much normal life health wise. The only aches and pains I have now are age related. Also with being sick for many years I was never able to lose the weight I so readily put on and am happy to report after going on the HCG diet Dr. Spurlock prescribed I am 15 lbs. shy of my goal weight. Dr. Spurlock is just simply the best, not only does he treat your symptoms but gets to the root of them and fixes the root cause. He thinks outside the box unlike most allopathic doctors & I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from anything that traditional doctors can't seem to figure out. KarenSee MoreRead Less

Review by Cynthia Mcchristian

Rodger is a gift from God whose hands and massage techniques really should be patented and sold across the world. If you want the absolute best massage you can ever receive, then you need to go get one from Rodger. The therapeutic benefits from one of his massages are unbelievable. The last three discs in my lower back are all ruptured and there are times when this condition makes me very debilitated. Every time this happens I go to Rodger, whom through one session puts me back on my feet again with absolutely no pain and more mobility than I have had in a long time. Definitely a blessing to anyone who receives a massage from Rodger. Rodger is also an engaging conversationalist who is not only very entertaining to be around, but also a very nice, compassionate man whom anyone would be proud to call him their friend or massage therapist.See MoreRead Less

Review by James Sterett

First, he told me to get comfortable. Realizing that means different things to different people I appreciate that he lets me decide what I am comfortable with. Then, he asked me if I had any problem areas, pains or sensitivity he should be aware of. Again, he was encouraging me to tell him as much or as little as I was comfortable with. I like that. During my massage he was careful to manipulate my muscles and joints in ways that was gentle yet firm. It was relaxing and effective and lasted for a few days afterwards. I couldn't have been more pleased. Tim is also a fountain of great advice on nutrition and healthy living which makes him an overall valuable resource.See MoreRead Less

Review by Steven Hatesohl

My mother has been a massage therapist for the better part of 17 years with her own clinic in North Texas. She obviously has the knowledge and healing touch to keep her clients and run a successful buisiness. I have used many massage therapists over the years and have only found a few with the professionalism and theraputic healing techniques that have kept my mothers business thriving. Jamie is one of those select individuals. Her attention to detail and knowledge of anatomy and muscoskeletal function thrust her to the foward edge this competitive science. I would highly reccomend her to anyone who is need of deep tissue work, trigger point, or theraputic massage. Thank you Jamie for striving to stay ahead of the game in your craft.See MoreRead Less

Review by David Alexander

I was referred to Dr. Blaha several years ago by a friend. I was in so much pain that I could not even hold a pen or fork without my hands feeling like they were on fire. One doctor just put me on strong pain killers, which did nothing but numb the pain and make me tired. Plus, I'm sure they would have been addictive had I not stopped taking them. Another doctor wanted to do hand surgery for carpal tunnel, but I wanted to try alternative methods of healing before I went under the knife, the final option for me.
Dr. Blaha identified that the problem was not carpel tunnel, but actually in my neck. I had nerves pressed by discs that needed to be realigned. I committed to seeing him three times a week. It was only a couple of weeks until I was not in pain anymore. It was almost unbelievable because I had lives with it for so long. If I do not continue my treatments I feel myself get out of line and some of the pain returns. I only go about once every other week now, but I am pain free.
Dr. Blaha is an extremely caring expert with "healing hands." He cared that I was in pain, and honestly wanted to help me. He is not a Chiropractor that just spends 3 minutes with you and gives a quick pop here and there. He goes all the way up the spine to insure that I am aligned properly so that I remain free from pain - no matter how long it takes. He also gives a great message and is a licensed message therapist.
If you are in pain, and why else do we look for Chiropractic care, go see Dr. Blaha and set up a personal wellness plan. Then, be willing to do what he says to alleviate your pain. I would have done almost anything. It is worth the time and money to save yourself from a life without fulfillment because of pain. I don't think there is anyone else who can do what he does. He does miraculous work. He has the gift of healing.
Particularly impressive to me, Dr. Blaha continues to update his education and add medical certifications. He recently went back to graduate school for two years to be certified as a nurse practitioner. He is a published author on wellness and an expert beyond comprehension.

With the greatest honesty and hope that your life can be restored to health and the pain free existence you deserve.

David Alexander
Professor of Vocal Performance (Retired)
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Review by Birgit Gruettner

I heard alot of positive comments about Laura Huebners theraputic skills within my church community .My my back pain was unbearable at ths time and I knew from previous experiences that massage therapy was somewhat helpful.Laura was responsive to my needs from the get go.The wonderful calming and soothing atmosphere of her office and the variety of healing techniques and knowledge thereof made it the best and most successful experience ever!
Her skill is beyond the ordinary training and understanding.Laura has the 'magic touch'.Her ability to identify the problems areas with her hands and energy made every massage a relaxing and effective experience.
The intuition,sense and compassion she expresses and applies during her treatments are superb and unique.At any given time do I recommend Laura's skills and positive results of my individual experience.She is without doubt the best in her profession!
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Review by Kevin Cobb

As a black male, trying to find a good and thorough skin specialist was very difficult. Meeting Tama has made a dramatic difference in my skin, looks and persona. I owe my facial beauty to her expertise in facial care for a man of color. Thank you Tama Tran for your care, comfort, guidance and expertise in facial care for people of color.See MoreRead Less

Review by Victoria Shelton

Very detailed and quite assertive. The type of representative that I would recommend to anyone. Longevity is his super hero name in marketing.See MoreRead Less

Review by Erin Mugavero

James is always meets my requests for information on products with a cheerful smile. He has the most fabulous sense of humor and a wonderful laugh that is heard quite often all over the store. He is extremely knowledgable about the products at Whole Foods and is always at the ready to lend a hand to help educate consumers like me. He is a joy to be around!See MoreRead Less