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Health Care Providers in Memphis, Tennessee

There are 14 recommended Health Care Providers in Memphis, TN. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Sandra Capps

I first met Michael on Facebook. I was intrigued by his kindness and his knowledge of the paranormal. I was amazed to learn that he took the time to explain some things that were occurring in my home ! I was a complete stranger, yet he was interested enough to take time to counsel me on these events. Who does that in this day and time ??? And free of charge ! As I got to know him, through private messages, telephone conversations, and his articles in Examiner.com I began to see the full person of, Michael Einspanjer and what a wonderful young man he is. His articles always touch my heart and soul. I have never asked for answers or requested prayer that he did not respond promptly ! I have known him to counsel as many as thirty people in one day !!! FREE ! Think of how you feel after talking with ONE grieving person ! He conducts his business, Memphis Paranormal with complete honesty and integrity. Everyone that works with him must pass a background check. This compassionate gentle soul is truly one of a kind ! I am proud to call him my friend and thrilled he consented to be my adopted grandson ! When God made Michael, He was absolutely showing off !See MoreRead Less

Review by Jimmy Mac Mcnamara

Allison is not only a friend but a reliable individual. She's punctual, personable, and extremely detailed. Her passion is dedication to whatever she commits herself to and anyone who involves themselves with Allison will be treated fairly and with respect. I don't normally make recommendations - but I can make this one with confidence! Jimmy Mac Managing Partner at Lorimac Productions, LLC ~ Las Vegas See MoreRead Less

Review by Stacie Johnson Meyers

I've known Laura since the first grade. She's so great with children. She watches my 7 year old daughter sometimes. My daughter absolutely loves her and asks to move in with her! She's an exceptional person!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kyle Worley

Rodrigo is a great trainer. I've always been intimidated by free weight exercises such as squats and deadlifts, for fear of injuring myself with improper form. Like many beginner's, I tried to load on too much weight and killed my joints from bad form.

Rodrigo was able to accurately gauge my strength, and helped me build an amazing foundation. We started out REALLY light, I was almost insulted at first. However, with slow controlled movements and PROPER form my muscles felt like they were going to fall off after each session. 5 months later, my strength has doubled, I've lost 15 pounds and went from a 33 to a 30 in pant size (I'm a small guy at 5'7).

I've seen a lot of trainers treat training time as social hour with non-stop chit chat. Rodrigo focuses on the routine and makes sure you get the best workout possible. He's constantly watching your form and you can really see the progress week by week.

For financial reasons I was only able to do 3 months worth of sessions. It was by far the best money I've spent, it has allowed me to develop a workout routine that I can see results from. I'm no longer worried about hurting myself, and i'm no longer wandering around the gym like a chicken with it's head cut off. If you can afford it, stick with him as long as you can.

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Review by Reza Emami

I've known Matt since he started his residency in anesthesia at OSU MC. All these years he always presented himself professionally to his patients and his colleagues.
Wish him the best of luck.
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Review by Charles Jones

I've personally watched Brian grow into a true leader in networking. He actually takes time out to teach his team and actually INTERACT with them. He is purely dedicated to others success .See MoreRead Less

Review by Ashlee Pratt

Ms. Nickelson is a kind person. Every interaction I have had with her has been professional as well as warm and friendly. She shows her intelligence and generosity in all she does. The time she gives is a wonderful expression of her love for all people and her work. I feel honored to know her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ted Moen

I know Tommy as a family member who is supportive and professional.

Review by Hardin Monie

Great leader and business man,

Review by Karen Fann

Great selection and customer service!