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Health Care Providers in Eugene, Oregon

There are 16 recommended Health Care Providers in Eugene, OR. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Mark McCool

Let me try my best to summarize our experience with Richard. We consider him our Primary doctor, in that we call him for every injury, sprain, headache, chiropractic attention, even shingles. He helped me get over pnuemonia. We like very much the fact that he manipulates, not thumps. It takes him all of one look at you to tell what might be wrong.

He is calm, assuring, and confident in his approach. It is very difficult to rattle him. If what is wrong is difficult, he stays on it until he gets it fixed. He will make any attempt to help you get your body to seek center again. He also has many other treatment options with the other practitioners in the office, as well as naturalpathic and homopathic supplements.

Our family and close friends rely on him to keep the body and mind sound, as we go through the day to day work; whether that means adjustments, or dis-ease. We pay as we go, and we save money so much it is invaluable. I think everyone should see a chiropractor regularly: it would save so much money and lost time.

Mark McCool
Ma's Blind & Shade Cleaning, LLC
Arizona Gold and Copper Exploration, LLC
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Review by Michelle Emmons

Robin is a rockstar dedicated sales professional and sustainable lifestyle advocate. Ethical in both her professional and personal relationships, Robin is also extremely adept at using a wide variety of marketing channels to promote her products and her causes. Robin is an inspiration to other emerging new business owners (such as myself) and, she likes to ride bikes - so she is also doing her part to save the world from unnecessary chemical exposure in our air. As one cyclist to another, Robin... breathe deeply and keep the rubber side down!See MoreRead Less

Review by

I was recently blown away to hear Andy reveal his "solar" age as his vitality and high performance attest to the very different perception I had formed...as a fellow bodyworker I respect his dedication to advanced training and subtle mastery of techniques that can resolve pain and restriction issues effectively, and it's no surprise that he brings that same intensity to his own athletic endeavors.See MoreRead Less

Review by Luana Mauer

We meet Kawesha at one of our own "Create One Love" talks. She is a passionate and wise spirit who loves guiding people on their own journey's. She is a wealth of information and strong communicator. I would say her intuition combined with her communication skills are guides to her compassionate teaching.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandra Sauer-bernard

My husband and I traveled to meet Mary and be reintroduced to the Raindrop technique method. There were about 10 of us in the class, some new to Young Living. Mary gave a short talk on the origin of the essential oils, the oils to be used, the background of the Raindrop Technique and what to expect when applying them.
Mary is knowledgeable and patient. She shows her passion by her enthusiasm and understanding of the powerful effects to essential oils. You can't help but agree with her.
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Review by Jed Reay

I have know Loretta for many years! We have worked together as colleagues, as co-workers, and as a patient! I have found her to be a very caring, compassionate, healthcare professional. She takes time and develops a deeper understanding of her patients needs, which in turn helps her patients recovery and healing process. My hat is off to Loretta Vance!See MoreRead Less

Review by Gail Detschaschell

Tricia is someone who will do you good. She is honest and trustworthy and you will be thankful you checked her out.

Review by Gail Davis

Dr. Matt has magic fingers and a heart of gold! I heartily endorse him as a healthcare practitioner, because he has helped me overcome painful injuries with skill, care, and good humor. Thank you, Dr. Matt!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ron Carey

Peter has been a wonderful Adult to help with our Boy Scout Troop. Very talented and well spoken. Does what he is asked to do even in the midst of a busy life style.See MoreRead Less

Review by Amanda Fugate-moss

Tim wrote some amazing music that I have been blessed enough to have in my film. What an inspiration and amazing professional with a wonderful gift!See MoreRead Less