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Health Care Providers in Oregon

There are 179 recommended Health Care Providers in Oregon. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Janice Cavaliere

Carol is not only a committed and highly educated Life Coach but she is also a warm loving person who is an excellent listener and sensitive to her client's, able to 'hear' what is unspoken - She relies on spiritual insight and direction from the greatest mentor of all - she indeed acts as the Lord's hands, feet and heart. Carol's own life experiences have helped to mold and shape her into a teacher who has walked in many of our shoes. Carol helped me reach a point of breakthrough which has changed my life - giving me the freedom to continue to grow and change spiritually, emotionally and in my personal relationships. I highly recommend Carol for Life Coach, Mentor and Teacher.See MoreRead Less

Review by Aimée Long

I am privileged to write a few words in support of my dear friend, Peggy Lind. I have known Peggy long before she became a Health Coach. She gracefully integrated her strong work ethic, knowledge, and intellectual integrity with Take Shape For Life. For years, she has remained a valuable addition. I recommend Peggy with absolute confidence as a 'knowledgeable, caring individual who will guide and support you through your weight loss phase, transition and maintenance to help you achieve Optimal Health'. Create wellness in your life! Contact Peggy Lind.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jessica Wheeler

Tim is the best!!I am pregnant with my third child and had HORRIBLE back pain during the first two pregnancies, well this time I have been going to Tim and have had a back pain free pregnancy 7 1/2 months and counting !! Highly reccomend him! He has also helped my husband, who has some serious back problems including prior sugery,to finally be back pain free for the first time in 2 years!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ufuk Sepin-curtis

Keith is very dependable, hardworking, trustworthy, and wonderful to work with. I am sure that anyone who chooses to work with Keith will find him very enjoyable to work with and you can always know that he will meet his commitments. He is a great coach and a leader.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michael Taira

I highly endorse and recommend Sarah as a skilled massage therapist. As a massage therapist myself, I am selective about who I see to help me treat and resolve aches, pain, and dysfunction. Sarah always addresses my problems with her considerable intellect, skill, and heart.

I've known Sarah as a colleague for over two years and been a client for the better part of a year. I also have had the pleasure of being a student in classes for which Sarah was a TA where she helped demonstrate, facilitate, explain and refine technique for a dozen or so therapists. Sarah has melted and cajoled away pain and dysfunction in my neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms, and legs over the time that I've seen her.

Before I step into Sarah's office I know a great many things. I know that my specific problems will be addressed. I know that my areas of complaint will feel better. I know that my entire body will be more at ease and mobile. I know that my mood will have improved not just because my body feels better but because Sarah's energy and personality brings a little bit more light into my day. I know that I will not be sore for days because Sarah listens to the body and engages in a conversation with the tissue instead of yelling at it or pounding it into submission. I know that my own time and effort will be well spent.

Sarah is the best blend of professionalism and humanity. She brings a philosophy to the table (literally to the massage table) which is imbued with heart, education, skill, intention, and intuition; a philosophy that allows for a conversation between client and therapist, client and client's body, as well as client's body and therapist.

My life is better because I see Sarah SIlliman, LMT. Seriously. So many of us walk around with pain and discomfort; sometimes a small amount, sometimes a large amount. Pain is not a fact of life. Pain is not a consequence of getting older. Pain IS the result of injury and dysfunction. Sarah might just be a key element in resolving your injury and dysfunction. She has been in mine.
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Review by Robert Chappell

I first met Shelly in 2010, add event where she was the yoga instructor, I asked if I may participate she said of course then she saw the reason for my question, I was in above the knee amputee Weighing in at about 270 pounds
the class was great and I've continued Yoga sInce

Shelly has continued to be very supportive through the years, my weight now is 220 pounds and I continue to do yoga and workout at the gym her encouragement was instrumental in my continuing quest for fitness

what makes Shelly totally unique is her continuing education into what makes the body work we have spent much time on the phone through emails and in person working together

knowing Shelly has truly been a pleasure and I have gained personally and professionally with her assistance
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Review by Brooke Wilson

Laura has to be one of the best customer service people I have ever talked to. People should take lessons from her as an example in how to talk to and deal with customers. I feel like I'm talking to a friend about a cool new product instead of talking to a sales person. The love that she has for all of the natural products she makes reflect in how she interacts with customers and makes it easy to understand without feeling pressured to purchase. She stands behind her product 100 percent. She educates people on harmful chemicals in everyday products we use, and informs people about her product without bashing other companies, which to me is huge!!! Again, I wish more people would learn from the way she runs her business!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Lynn Adams

I was able to get to know Graigg and Aj as they were my health coaches while on the Simple 2 Lose program. I was so pleased with my success that I wanted to become a coach and help others reach optimal health as well. I work in the health care business as a physical therapist and wanted to offer this program to my clients and friends to help them reach their fitness goals also. What I love about Graigg and Aj is their enthusiasm and commitment for your success. They have taught and continue to teach me how to help others become their healthiest selves which has in turned helped me to continue to improve my health also. Whenever you have a question they will do everything in their power to make sure you get the answer/resources you need. They will continually check up on you and personalize the program for your needs. I had the opportunity to meet Graigg and Aj in person earlier this year and they are just as inspiring and fun in person as they are on the phone. That is another thing I love about them! You don't ever have to see them face to face to feel like you really know them and to feel like they really care. If you want anyone to be on your side while losing weight or trying to help others do the same, it would be Graigg and AJ!See MoreRead Less

Review by Aaron Beal

I was referred to Whitmire chiropractic early this year when I was in a car accident by a Patient of his who was in a auto accident and dr Whitmire was a big part of his recovery. First off I have never been to the chiropractor until I came to Whitmire chiropractic I have always been very skeptical of chiropractors dr Whitmire and his staff Took away my skepticism very quickly in the first couple visits . Dr Whitmire is Extremely knowledgeable and very Personable the whole staff from the front desk to the other Professionals working in back all make you feel welcome and know you on a first name basis, you are not just a number or a paycheck. I would recommend Whitmire chiropractic extremely highly to anybody that needs chiropractic services or was in an accident of any kind they will get you on the right track to recoverySee MoreRead Less

Review by Dena Donahue

Amy is a strong woman. She lives an inspirational life. She has overcome her own weaknesses. She is able to relate well to others no matter where they are in their journey. She makes great health choices, including food, exercise, and spiritual.See MoreRead Less