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Health Care Providers in Ohio

There are 215 recommended Health Care Providers in Ohio. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Marva Cotton

We had the privilege of traveling to Pittsburgh, Pa. for our daughter's first liver transplant on June 30, 1985. Dr. Thomas Starzl had just moved from Denver, Co. to Pittsburgh.Dr. Starzl with head of the pediatric transplant at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Dr. Fung was an associate of Dr. Starzl's, but was at the adult hospital, just up the hill, Presbyterian University Hospital. My daughter was diagnosed with a B-cell lymphoma in May, 1988, just 3 yrs. after her first liver transplant.We traveled back to Pittsburgh from Knoxville, Tn., to have protocal written for her treatment. She was in clinical trials with Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. She underwent an aggressive regimen of backing off the anti-rejection drug (cyclosporine), intense chemotherapy, and 10 rounds or radiation near the end of treatment.She went into remission, but the liver was destroyed. She had to go back on the re-transplant list in Jan.1989, and we flew back, air ambulance, to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.She would wait in the hospital until Feb.9, 1989, when a second donor organ became available. After numerous complications, we finally brought her home, at the age of 11 (she had her birthday in the hospital) in April/early May 1989. This 2nd transplant brought her through two more decades and one year.She had outgrown the pediatric practice, and we changed Dr.'s to Vanderbilt Medical Ctr., Nashville, Tn., which was closer to home. My husband had also undergone a life saving liver transplant in May 1999. He and Alicia had the same Doctor/Doctors at Vanderbilt Univ.Med.Ctr. Alicia had more complications and heart surgery, which bought her another year, before going back on the transplant list at Vanderbilt for a third liver transplant. We had a clinic visit on March 8, 2010 and had just left when we got the call that the transplant team was traveling to Memphis, Tn. to retrieve the donor organ. The surgery had to be done in two steps, a day or so apart. She was, after about 9 days, moved out of the Surgical ICU to the step-down ICU. Complications would develop and it was back to the operating room. She spent two weeks and 1 day on the ventilator in critical condition. We spent 2 1/2 months in the hospital and re-hab, and finally returned home at the end of June 2010. Alicia was 85 lbs. by this time, still on a wound-Vac, and left with a bile vistula that required constant nursing. We never lost hope that year, but we started looking for Dr. Fung. We found him at Cleveland Clinic, called and made an appointment. Alicia was so thrilled to get to finally meet him, after all of the good things we had heard about him through the years. Alicia had a stent in the portal vein to the liver, but needed another stint, which radiology Dr.'s at Cleveland Clinic were able to do. We drove to Nashville, Tn. and took a flight to see Dr. Fung. Alicia was regaining new found hope. Never, had we ever met a more compassionate professional. Dr. Fung even gave Alicia his cell phone number and told her to call him if she had any questions or problems with her stay there. I believe she called him once. She had a place in her incision that simply would not heal. Dr. Fung took a surgical kit, and removed some sutures that had been left. Immediately, that area began to heal! It had been giving us such issues.Dr. Fung arranged for Alicia to meet all the medical professionals that she needed to, while we were there.Our stay lasted a month, and she was in the hospital most of this time. Thank you Dr. Fung for your expertise, exceptional medical care and most of all compassion. Dr. Fung is an amazing physician, surgeon, and just remarkable person. We could never say enough good things about the outstanding care we received. Cleveland Clinic is blessed to have Dr. John Fung, as Chairman of Digestive Diseases. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for your patients.See MoreRead Less

Review by Natalie McNosky

Jeanne Wilson is amazing! She's so caring and compassionate! I went with my mom who has had some issues with mammograms and turned to Thermography as a healthy holistic alternative. Jeanne made the experience wonderful for my mom - she also helped explain things to me when I had questions. I'm planning on only ever using Thermography when it comes to my female-health. I more than highly recommend Jeanne! Great job Jeanne - thank you so very much for my mom, and on behalf of all the women that you help!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jose Martinez

I have been in the martial arts for 40 years and have trained and known some great martial artists in my day. To this list I must add Julie Tittl, owner and operator of Gold Coast Martial Arts. Not only is Julie knowledgable, she makes the learning experience a positive one and her ability to relate to her students makes her a class "A" instructor. Men and woman of all age groups will find her a delight and the kids absolutely love her. I highly recommend that if your in the greater Lakewood Ohio area and are interested in a quality school with an instructor that cares about your growth, go see my friend Julie. She is the best at what she does and you will be the better person for it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Brendan O'connor

I love working out with Rainer Hartmann at CrossFit Cincinnati. I dedicated myself to working out in February of 2012. Under Rainer's guidance I have lost over 33 pounds and have gained a ton of muscle. Rainer makes sure that there is never a boring day at CrossFit Cincinnati. The workouts are varied and very challenging. He does a great job of modifying the workout to meet my needs and to get the greatest potential out of me. I highly recommend that anyone remotely interested in CrossFit contact Rainer and give it a try.See MoreRead Less

Review by Stacy Ocampo

It is my fortune to have finally taken the advice of my mother. I have watch her over the past few decades excel in all she does. She is a great teacher and a caring partner. I have looked past the business for far too long. Now that I am moving along with my own company, I am sorry I didn't take it seriously much earlier. I am having so much fun finding other health-minded people to work with. My children are watching how this lifestyle will change our lives too. Because this is a business anyone can do--I am teaching my children to reach deep inside themselves to look for ways that we all can introduce more and more people to this business. I am proud to be the Director of a remarkable Health, Wealth and Freedom company. We are Building Better Tomorrows one family at a time. Be well!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Emily Marshall

After graduating college and returning home for the summer I gave into the pressures from my sister and brother and decided to give CrossFit a try. After "dropping-in" for almost a month I finally bought a membership at CrossFit Akron. Everyday I chose to drive past numerous other CrossFit gyms on my way to CrossFit Akron. Looking back I do not regret the extra gas I used. The coaching and positive encouragement I received at CrossFit Akron is incomparable to any other gym I have since attended. No one has cared as much about my form and personal development as the coaches at CrossFit Akron. I now live in New York City and have attended and joined other boxes close to my new apartment. Maybe I just had high expectations after leaving CrossFit Akron but no other gym seems to measure up. My time at CrossFit Akron was short but it will always be home to me.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lalaa Palooza

Becca is hardworking, prudent, judicious, industrious and God-fearing...If there's a puritanical woman needed for any job, I'll recommend her 10 times over!See MoreRead Less

Review by Mike Volkerding

Having been a guitar player for 43 of my 58 years, I know monster when I hear it. Steve doesn't just play a good guitar - he plays a LOT of guitar. Steve's in the Hot Wax Show Band and (my opinion) the most valuable player in the show. The smokin' leads and the tasty fills round out every tune the band plays. Steve knows HOW to play and also WHEN to play. Pretty much the most versitle perfect guitar player I've ever known. Can ya tell I like his playin' just a bit?See MoreRead Less

Review by William Mitchell

She makes the training fun, entertaining, and she's very serious about making sure that you are ready for a fabulous new you! And not just for one or two seasons...these workout sessions are for lifetime of good health! There are no gimmicks here; Kimberley makes working out a fun experience, but don't let that fool you...you are going to work out every inch of your body, and when your body is in shape, the human mind takes notice! I did take a few lessons in learning Yoga, and that really helps me to relax after a stressful day on the job, and driving along the expressways on the drive home everyday! I'm just not as tense as I once was! I highly recommend Kimberley for a workout that will bring results! She's wonderful.See MoreRead Less

Review by Amy Bulger

With his artistic and technical dentistry skills gleaned over decades of practice and continuing education with masters in his field, Dr. John Heimke took me from one whose teeth did not live up to my smile, to hearing, "You have a beautiful smile," from those I meet, to those I've lived with for almost 30 years - my husband. For those looking for the best way to make-over their smile as well as their face, with long-lasting results I highly recommend Dr. John Heimke. And, to think the whole process happened in just two relatively short, definitely painless appointments!See MoreRead Less