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Health Care Providers in New York, New York

There are 57 recommended Health Care Providers in New York, NY. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Georgiana Johnson

5 Stars for Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Patients who have been non-responsive to other psychiatric care--many of us in the US nonprofit organization of Women for Women of Sierra Leone USA, witnessed RESPONDED to treatment from Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. We witnessed Dr. McCurtis' interaction with patients, in the war-torn country of Sierra Leone, who suffered from severe depression; many feeling "no need to live"; others unexplainable pain leading to sleepless nights--frequent heart racing--severe sweating in cool weather--continued loss of appetite. .. ; fear of getting up from bed; constant reminder of exactly events that happened to their predicament; severe PTSD, ALL responded within a few days, after being seen by Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Today, many PTSD patients--the illegally amputated; the former sex slaves; war-wounded victims; their families, etc. CONTINUE to sign high praises for Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Because of Dr, Henry Lloyd McCurtis they can function; because of Dr. McCurtis they want to "live;" because of Dr. McCurtis they can smile for the FIRST time after their years of "inner pain/suffering." Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis is called by many throughout Sierra Leone "Dr. Obai."See MoreRead Less

Review by Nehje Snow-valin

Evan demonstrates clarity across multiple dimensions of reality covering the deep consciousness that stretches inwards to bridge understanding to the apparent outward reality where most people today believe themselves to exist. In this, he is a living reminder of the truth and stillness within, our true nature. He is able to synthesize messages to the client's capacity of understanding so that the lesson is the most potent possible gift in the given moment. With this, his healing is thorough and enduring beyond words.See MoreRead Less

Review by Greg Mihovich

Barry is the man when it comes to realistic edge weapon training. Anybody in the NYC area should consider stopping by one of his workshops and/or attending his classes -- I did and it was very informative and to the point. Thanks Barry, looking forward to training with you again!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kathleen Long

I have been a regular patient of Dr. Rubenstein for the last year and a half. At my first visit, I felt confident in his diagnosis and course of treatment. He gave me multiple options, each suited to what I would be comfortable with. I had surgery earlier this year, and he answered every question I had, whether big or small, and always made himself available. I had two procedures, both of which went very well with easy recoveries. He is always pleasant, straightforward, and makes his patients comfortable by seeing what they are comfortable with. I have recommended him to family and friends, and will continue to be a long-term patient.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dr. Robert D. Madison

Dr. Ganjian has been my dentist surgeon for many, many years (20 +). His professionalism, courtesy and his patience are a few of the compelling reasons for making him the best dentist that I have had the good fortune to consult.

He is my professional who has treated diseases of the teeth and associated tissues and made and inserted replacements for lost and damaged parts all with no pain. I feel like a part of the family when I make dental visits with Dr. Paul Ganjian at the Next Generation Dental PC. Dr. Paul stands out from all other professional dentists. He is the best, excellent!

Dr. Robert D. Madison
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Review by Rosario Suarez

I por ser una profesional con sentido de humanismo, de bondad, de simplesa, y y humidlad. Por su positiva actitud ante las adversidades que la vida presenta y su continuo persistir buscando y dando todo eso que solo ella sabe hacer y dar(AMOR, SALUD, CONFIANZA). Gracias a DIos pro conocer personas como tu, sincerament te admira, te apoya, y te recomienda,
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Review by Michael Lapenna

Laura's attention to detail and passion and compassion for people of all walks of life is among the most gratifying things to see. Not only does she know the art of placement in regard to your specific needs, but she loves and lives as boldly as any human being I know and brings her caring heart to each job she takes on. :o)See MoreRead Less

Review by Hooman Yaghoobzadeh

when I enter the room ,I saw all kinds of carpentering tools in miniature size such as hummer ,nail , drill ,drill bits ,knife , neatly laid down in a try.
Friendly voice invited me to seat down and patiently asked how my family and two grand son doing.
when he started the sound of VIZZZZZZZZZZZZ constantly was running
He share with me movie he seen it lately in detail and Chinese restaurant he liked in Roslyn near 495.
VIZZZZZZ He went thru menu carefully one by one .VIZZZZZZZZZZZZ It took half an hour VIZZZZZZZZZ,In restaurant then he asked me to wash my mouth, then confidently asked me how was it ? I answered him delicious but did not test Chinese food, He laughed .when I saw my wife in waiting room she saw me with smile she said wooov you fixed the chipped tooth also ,how much that cost ,I answered her that was on a house.
we left DR ARMAN ROKHSAR with Smile but no pain in mouth and pocket
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Review by Ulric Haynes

Dr. Vincente Calderon is the best optometrist I have ever patronized. He is patient, humorous, personable, and, above all, competent. The eye care that he provides always results in improved vision. I have known him since his days as a college student. He has my highest recommendation.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mariangela Brunetto

Marie Brancaccio is my life saver. She helps our dog rescue Cute Odyssey Inc. keeping all our dogs, healthy and Happy. She is the best at what she does, but the most important thing is that SHE CARES about the well being of your pets. If you want to get your pets healthy and happy, SPEAK TO MARIE, You will not regret it.See MoreRead Less