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Health Care Providers in New York

There are 300 recommended Health Care Providers in New York. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Georgiana Johnson

5 Stars for Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Patients who have been non-responsive to other psychiatric care--many of us in the US nonprofit organization of Women for Women of Sierra Leone USA, witnessed RESPONDED to treatment from Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. We witnessed Dr. McCurtis' interaction with patients, in the war-torn country of Sierra Leone, who suffered from severe depression; many feeling "no need to live"; others unexplainable pain leading to sleepless nights--frequent heart racing--severe sweating in cool weather--continued loss of appetite. .. ; fear of getting up from bed; constant reminder of exactly events that happened to their predicament; severe PTSD, ALL responded within a few days, after being seen by Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Today, many PTSD patients--the illegally amputated; the former sex slaves; war-wounded victims; their families, etc. CONTINUE to sign high praises for Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Because of Dr, Henry Lloyd McCurtis they can function; because of Dr. McCurtis they want to "live;" because of Dr. McCurtis they can smile for the FIRST time after their years of "inner pain/suffering." Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis is called by many throughout Sierra Leone "Dr. Obai."See MoreRead Less

Review by Patrick Conte

Swami Tirtha is truly a remarkable and amazing person. I had the extreme pleasure and honor to attend the Ayurvedic School in New York taught by Swamiji about 15 years ago. There I learned the principles and nuances of Ayurvedic Medicine, and I am deeply appreciative of all his help and support in attaining a PhD degree in Ayurvedic Medicine. He is a teacher filled with kindness, patience, understanding and compassion. Not only does Swamiji provide spiritual guidance, he is quite knowledgeable in social issues, finances, and marketing. He is a multifaceted and multi-talented person with great insight into peoples' emotional and physical difficulties, and I have witnessed his knowledge and effectiveness in helping his clients heal themselves through his guidance. He is a holy man that really enjoys following his dharma and helping everyone along the way.See MoreRead Less

Review by Heidi Feser

Dorene is the most spiritual, energetic and driven person I know! When she says she's going to do something, she gets the job done! She is a great personal trainer with excellent results to prove that. She is honest, down to earth and just a great asset to anyone's life.See MoreRead Less

Review by Apple App

We're looking for volunteers. We are a non-profit organization aiming to create a new social network that will compete with meetup.com or facebook. To register as a member simply join http://www.allgivingtree.org/, check out the topic or project sections to support the cause. Give feedback, or suggestions would be helpful too.

You can contact us at: Emanuel4health@gmail.com.

Website: www.allgivingtree.org
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Review by Nehje Snow-valin

Evan demonstrates clarity across multiple dimensions of reality covering the deep consciousness that stretches inwards to bridge understanding to the apparent outward reality where most people today believe themselves to exist. In this, he is a living reminder of the truth and stillness within, our true nature. He is able to synthesize messages to the client's capacity of understanding so that the lesson is the most potent possible gift in the given moment. With this, his healing is thorough and enduring beyond words.See MoreRead Less

Review by Peggy Brown

I have worked with Ellen Cohen as a trainer off and on for years (on, when I get serious about my fitness!). She is an excellent trainer who really knows her stuff, is enjoyable to work with--and she pushes me out of my comfort zone! I have recommended her to many friends and continue to work with her when I need a kick in the butt! Which is often....See MoreRead Less

Review by Phil Rivera

I've never met a "complete packaged" expert in the marketing, publishing and product arenas. From my experience, all clients have been successful in numerous numerous business aspects from simple frontage adds within OKM to in depth personal life stories reflecting senior ranking martial arts practioners, their own history as they moved higher in rank. Hanshi Andrew Linick is as accommodating by reaching into business clients and colleagues alike to extract the true needs to maximize productivity, engagement and growth methodology. Hanshi Linick also addresses bits of thought and proverbs to illicit commentary from many martial artists, movie producers, actors, stunt persons and project supportive staff...all levels of experience and disciplines contribute greatly to OKM to share with all readers. The online access to OKM has been found invaluable to all audiences...at any time. My sincere thanks to Hanshi Linick for bringing his expertise to thousands of success stories and progressive motion and motivation to thousands more!
I continue to be fortunate to have met and learn from Hanshi's martial arts styles, deep knowledge of those including numerous forms of weaponry. Thank you Sir
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Review by Billie Bernard

I highly recommend Ben N Tiffany Dias as your health coach. Great people to know!

Review by Tracey "MizzParker" Parker

I've known Sakina for over 20yrs. Sakina is a wonderful, talented and gifted spirit. She is natrually warm and generous. Her W.G.Wellness business is the perfect platform for her to spread her tremendous "Love for Love" and love of one's self. She is extremely dedicated to and thorough in her work ethic as well as personal charachter. I highly recommend and eagerly support Sakina and W.G. Wellness. She has her eye on the prize of life and will lovingly show you how to get your eye on the prize as well.

Tracey "MizzParker" Parker - CEO
MizzParker Entertainment Group
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Review by Gerome Ferreira

Mardy is a beautiful person, she wear her heart on her sleeves and one thing that I admire about @[673932795:2048:Mardy Duffy] is her gentle spirit. It is hard to find in this world someone like you Mardy, you have a certain quality that has been lost lost and even frown upon. Never change but always keep growing :-) I am lucky to have met you Mardy. Thank you for being my friend.See MoreRead Less