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Health Care Providers in New Jersey

There are 230 recommended Health Care Providers in New Jersey. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Susan Diane Mitchell

Denika is a bright light whom I have engaged with in spiritual and energetic well being consultation, teachings, inspiration and guidance for several years. I found her originally on Blogtalk Radio some years ago and was immediately drawn to her resonating voice and the truth that she speaks in a way that is bold and loving at the same time. Her honesty, integrity, authenticity, genuine compassion, and devotion to the highest expression of Spirit is what has compelled me to seek her guidance on many issues in my life over time, including sexual well being, deep seated chakra issues, soul loss, and communication with the spirit realm. Her book, Secrets of the Yoni Gates, has changed and reaffirmed my life, and her Womb Wellness course is a profound step that all women can benefit from in re-centering and clearing the hurt, pain, toxicity, and blockages of the womb. Denika's work is a divine offering to us so that we can rise to the auspicious occasion of our birth as energetic catalysts to usher in a new paradigm on earth. She helps a person to see that the responsibility for wellness is in one's own power, which in collaboration with Spirit, will lead to wholeness. Denika reminds us of accountability, and she tells the truth. She offers no sugarcoating on the truth we seek; she delivers healing with compassion, and with a delightful sense of humor as well. Denika is a Major Voice, and a Major Player in the shift of consciousness on the planet, and as a woman of color, she represents the most ancient spiritual power of the Great Mother. I am profoundly grateful to Denika and support her every effort. It is rare to find one so genuine and generous, and we are indeed blessed to have her here with us now. The angelic realm is visible around her, and she tells the truth in a way unlike any lightworker I have thus encountered. Denika ranks at Number One on my list of lightworkers, and I highly recommend her to any who seek true guidance, wisdom, clearing, clarity and wholeness.See MoreRead Less

Review by Shalena Lopes

Dana is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Not only does she train you to your fullest but she trains herself the same way. Dana will push you to your farthest limit until you almost break and then pull you back, and in the end of your workout will be grateful. She shows you that you CAN do it and that can't is not in her vocabulary! My husband and I take her class on Saturday A.M. Called Reps2Ripped and it's awesome. Everyone should try the drug called Dana, but I warn you, you'll be hooked!
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Review by Collcoll Tollhouse

I met Angelique years before I began receiving Reiki from her. She is a trustworthy person and friend. Angelique introduced me to Reiki when I was ready and willing to undergo a change from the constant daily pain I had been living with for years. After receiving Reiki consistently from her for a few months, I began to feel relief from joint pain I had lived with my whole life and pain from herniated disks and pinched nerves I was soon to have surgery on. In about six months, I was completely free of pain in all areas. I cancelled my surgery and have never returned to the doctor's for pain (which has been almost two years now). Reiki changed my life so completely that I began to study Reiki from Angelique so that I might be able to share this amazing gift with others. I have studied with her and received Reiki I and II. The sessions are one-on-one, which I prefer so that I feel comfortable asking lots of questions. I am excited to have received this education from such a knowledgeable person with education in a wealth of areas. I look forward to continuing my journey and receiving more empowerments from Angelique. I would highly recommend Angelique as both a Reiki Master Practitioner and Instructor.See MoreRead Less

Review by Terrence Moore

Dr. David is a true professional. I have referred several friends to him and they have all been extremely satisfied. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and is very good at explaining problems in a concise, easy to understand, manor. He has treated many of my relatives and friends with only rave reviews. I consider him a terrific Doctor and a friend. He will go the extra mile to make sure everything is working out and will even research alternative treatments when needed.See MoreRead Less

Review by Johnnie Wade

While I have not been to the Port-O-Call Hotel to eat Chef David's food I know several that has and they all rave about his food. I know Chef David through the martial arts as a fellow martial arts teacher. If his martial arts is anything like his food, it will be superb. David is an excellent martial artist and teacher; he prides himself on excellence! I've seen him grow over the years as well as his students, he is a credit to the area's martial arts and quality person... GrandMaster JQ Wade, Jr President of US Freestyle Karate Federation.See MoreRead Less

Review by Earl Lambert

Derek is a FIVE Star General by anyone's standards! I've know him for more than twenty years and he has only grown in wisdom and integrity. He is an inspiration to all and always willing to lend a hand to support those who are seeking to make positive contributions to society. He is a husband, a devoted father, a brother and trusted friend. In this life, there's not much more one would want to have said about them. Oh, by the way, did I mention He's is also a BELEIVER..the footsteps of a righteous man are ordered by God! Keep walking into your purpose and destiny!See MoreRead Less

Review by Edward Ned Rae

David's commitment to his fitness program is unyielding and commendable! David is well know in the marketing world for his honesty and integrity two assets that have attributed to his success. I am honored to recommend David and his program!See MoreRead Less

Review by Phil McDermott

David Nemitz is a massage therapist par excellence! I had the great pleasure of visiting him on a monthly basis for the three years prior to his move to New Jesrsey. He is concerned, talented, knowledgable and super supportive. I never had a physical problem that he wasn't able to tackle and solve. I recommended David to a number of friends, all of whom were completely satisfied. My fondest memory of David concerns the day I was having a massage and the infamous D.C. earthquake struck. We had no idea what was going on, but David threw himself on top of me to protect me. His first instinct wasn't for his own safety, but for his customer's. I will always remember that. If I could commute to NJ to take advantage of David's wonderful skills, I would. I sorely miss the expertise that he displayed every time I had the pleasure of a massage vsit with him. If you ever get the chance to partake of David's talents, you will understand why I am so enthusiastic.See MoreRead Less

Review by Cassandra Bourque-ranken

I definitely recommend Wanda! Not only is she professional, well-informed about her products & will help you meet all your needs, she is a wonderful person with a true golden heart & the best friend anyone could have! She truly cares about people & anything that will help them achieve their goals in life. :) She wants YOU to be your BEST & she will help you get there! :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Kristin Rooney-schwarz

Jill Ryan really offers her clients a wonderful service. Not only does her technique leave you feeling quite amazing, but she is the type of person you instantly feel comfortable with. Soothing Hands also carrys some really great products like Firefly Bath & Body Indulgences and 100% Pure. Highly Reccomend!See MoreRead Less