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Health Care Providers in Missouri

There are 160 recommended Health Care Providers in Missouri. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Jason Milan

I've worked with computers professionally for 15 years, and as a hobby for many years before that. I assumed my constant headaches and neck and back pain were just a part of the territory and accepted the fact that I would live with them for the rest of my life. During my second visit with Dr. Ciaramitaro, he showed me a simple stretch to help counter the pain I was experiencing as a result of the poor posture I use while working on computers. Since I started performing the stretch he showed me (over a year ago), I have only had a few headaches at work. I still have neck and back pain once in a while (admittedly from working in a position with poor posture for so long), but the stretch almost immediately alleviates them. Dr. Ciaramitaro also suggested a few changes to my diet that helped me lose weight and have more energy from day one. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the positive changes I've experienced as a result of working with him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Saja Herndon Duncan

Kimm is my cousin and has ALWAYS had a smile and great energy. As adults I only like to be around people who bring positive energy and happiness to others. I can tell you 110% that Kimm is just that person. Definately recommend her classes, she is very inspirational.See MoreRead Less

Review by Evan Choate

Mr. Eric Plott is a very personal yet professional in everything he seems to do He is extremely knowledgeable as well with all of his products. Always happy to explain or help with any needs. Eric excels in all these areas plus many more pertaining to moringa and Plottpalmtrees.com and I would personally recommend seeking out him and his products for any of your health, mental, or nutritional needs.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lawrence Ignaczak

Kevin is the consumate professional of trust and integrity and those two distinct qualities are rarely found in todays business world in such great measure. Kevin possesses them in great abundance and anyone that does not at least listen to what Kevin has to offer is truly missing out on what his company has to offer.See MoreRead Less

Review by Katina Apel

Dr. Jim is a wonderful chiropractor with a great bed side manner. He will listen to you and then take the steps needed to make you feel better. He's been my doctor for over 3 years and I love him. I've only had positive experiences from his care and his staff. I recommend him anyone with pain issues. You can expect honest straight forward advice and care from Dr. O.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michael Vereeke

I have tried everything to get back in shape, it seemed hopeless until Ashley gave me the tools and knowledge. I enjoy working out and have found my way back to feeling good and healthy. Thank you Ashley - You did it for me!See MoreRead Less

Review by Theresa N Gamez

he is motivating and inspiring and speaks from experience he is always available to share valuable information and has the ability to laugh at himself when sharing his own story.. anyone who works with him to achieve a personal goal with wind up as a friend with Ryan!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ann Meinhardt

I have taken yoga classes with Kym for the last 6 years. I have never been much of an athlete but since I met Kym, I absolutely love, crave, need my yoga classes. Kym's gentle instruction, his patience and encouragement make class fun and I always leave feeling like I have improved. I think this the first time I have stuck with any kind of exercise and I attribute that to Kym. His knowledge of his art goes beyond the classroom. He knows the history and proper names of all the poses, he encourages us to read literature, and offers help after class for those with questions. The thing that stands out about Kym is that he genuinely cares, he genuinely loves what he does.See MoreRead Less

Review by Angela Dawn

A compassionate and practical healer and teacher, Pam's back to basics and nature approach is born of a genuine and sincere heart, brought through ancient knowledge, and guided by Soul in Truth, Love, and Light of Oneness and Wholeness for All ~.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tracie Callahan

Kathy is my Sister-in-Law and as a fitness coach goes you couldn't find a more patient, supportive, enthusiastic coach. Leaving positive comments regularly on our tracking pages to encourage us on. Realizing all along how difficult the journey to getting healthy is. Offering helpful hints in overcoming obstacles that tend to arise when your trying to stay focused and on track. Recipe ready and helpful plateauing hints. I think all qualities of an excellent coach. Tracie CallahanSee MoreRead Less