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Health Care Providers in Maryland

There are 117 recommended Health Care Providers in Maryland. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Melinda Butterfield

Hulya is an amazing woman and talented esthetician. I have been seeing her for 10 years now and she has always outdone herself in delivering the best in her craft. She is dedicated to her work and has been committed to helping me take excellent care of my skin. She is also a wonderfully caring friend, devoted mother and fabulous person overall! I trust Hulya implicitly and highly recommend her to everyone I know.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mary Barnard

I followed the Chiropractic treatment plan Dr Bates prepared for me to review the neck/spinal pain, migraine headaches, upper & lower back pain from an auto accident many years earlier, and for severe pain in my hip joints from falling down a flight of stairways. The treatment plan required my involvement as well. I followed her instructions for stretching exercises, ball work, & changing the way I lifted, and got into and out of the automobile.

After the original 12 week plan was over I also elected to have her work on my knees to stop the pain and constant "creaking" as I walked, especially up the stairs. To my joy, I was relieved of these above mentioned pains. I had considered and thought about Chiropractic treatment through the years but I just could not do it because I did not trust them. When I met Susanne I knew I could trust her and was impressed with her professional confidence and faith. I believe the decision for this treatment was one of the better health choices I have made.
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Review by Rachael Zeiler

Brian is a very skilled hypnotist. He has changed my life completely. I have now conquered my severe anxiety disorder, which I was suffering from for more than eleven years. I have also worked with him with his Gastric Band hypnosis program and have lost over 30 pounds. My day to day eating habits have totally changed. I also like the fact that Brian takes his time with me and that he really actually cares about my progress. I highly recommend Brian for anybody who has serious problems that they really need to fix, especially with weight and anxiety.See MoreRead Less

Review by Katy Stanley

Natalie is an honest woman who cares deeply about people's wellbeing. She is knowledgable and can help people with a variety of things with the fantastic Melaleuca products. And, what's more, if you are seeking to build a solid business selling top notch products that support people in healthful living, she is a great person to connect with! She will help you do just that...help people and make money while you are doing it!See MoreRead Less

Review by Margaret Gianvecchio

Sarah has helped me so many times. Times when my hands were chapped, she suggested NU SKIN hand lotion. Chapped cracking heels, Sarah recommended baobab body butter. For my face, mud pack which I use once a week, clears blemishes and makes me feel beautiful. People ask me all the time about my skin, it's Sarah's recommendations that I'm grateful for. Sarah knows her products and she take the time to explain how to use them and much more. I was at the dentist one time, the girl cleaning my teeth asked me what I use on my skin, I answered with, call Sarah, I gave her the phone number. One day coming out of my apartment, one of my neighbors stopped me and asked about my skin, she said it reminds me of the morning dew. Wow, what more can I say, thank you Sarah for all your help.See MoreRead Less

Review by Bishop Joel Johnson

I have known Lee for 20 years. As we first met socially, I enjoyed his gregariousness, his depth of intellect and ability to keep pace in heavy discussion. I later came to appreciate him as a spiritual person and as a churchman (there is a difference!), though not at my church, although he has been a very sacrificial contributor. He appreciates the difficulties of the poor, and has supported my hispanic work in my diocese. Faithful, generous, hard working, honest as the day is long - what more can be sought in a friend?See MoreRead Less

Review by Penny Wilson

Lori use to be my mail carrier, till you moved her to a different location. I was at the post office that she is at now ,,,and had problems with a delivery that came in .She noticed me at the window and came over to help me. She did not work the window that day but she helped me anyway........She always has a smile on her face and she makes me do the same I hop Iám no too late with the rating for Lori ,but I do not check my e-mails like I use to.See MoreRead Less

Review by Deborah Smith-hill

To Whom It May Concern;

When I met Rosalie about 5 years ago, she appeared to be a woman of great ambition, she was very dedicated in becoming a Professional Representative of her products with Nussentials, and she was very determine to bring along with her anyone that was interested in making money, by using whatever crafts you are blessed with, she took time out to explain this business that she was becoming apart o,f and she was Very Serious, about her scented candles, all things that where made of natural products. That what I remember about Rosalie, and her beginning her devotion to make passion of becoming a leader and bringing all others along with her in to this business. To this date I have appreciated all the products that I have purchased from Rosalie, her presentations are always Outstanding and drawing to the attention class with perfection.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jacqueline Anderson

I am seeking free women health services, vendors, sponsors and volunteers for the Empowering Women Empowering Voices (EWEV) National Conference on November 18-20, 2011. Feel free to visit.ewev.org for more information or email me @ jacqueline.anderson@ewev.org. Share this awesome organization information with your audience.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sherrie Hill

My very first 'boot camp' was with Eric. Of course, I was scared to death that he would hurt me... think military drills! However, it turned out to be almost true. I was sore the next day and the day after that! But in order for exercise to work you have to challenge your muscles and put them thru a set of exercises that will make them stronger! Eric was an attentive, knowledgeable leader and very professional. When I had questions he answered, when I seemed to be a slacker, he encouraged and when I did something not safe (as in risk if injury) he pulled me back and corrected me. If you are considering using Eric's services, I say do it! Do not procrastinate! (and don't miss too many visits or you will be sore all over again!) I give him A+!See MoreRead Less