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Health Care Providers in Kansas

There are 77 recommended Health Care Providers in Kansas. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by John Mcfarland

Angela Schaffer was among my initial CrossFit instructors who baptized me in the routines, challenges, and difficulties of CrossFit. My business schedule limited me to attendance at the earliest daily CrossFit class offered by Meshugge Crossfit, 5:30 a.m. It is impossible for me to exaggerate the positive impact that Angela had on me and all of the other students attending such a early class. No matter how tired the class attendees were, either from rising early or still attempting to recover from the previous day's class, Angela would make it her goal to lift the class's spirits and get us focused upon that class's objectives and WOD. She never failed in this regard. Angela always emphasized proper warm-up, lifting, and warm-down techniques, and she was clearly competent and skilled in doing the CrossFit exercises herself. She was not simply a "do as I say" instructor. Angela could also "crack the whip" when necessary and appropriate to keep the class oriented, but never in a manner that discouraged or alienated her students -- a true gift in an athletic coach or instructor. Were it not for Angela's positive reinforcement, excellent instruction, and continuing encouragement, I am certain I would not have progressed to the point I have in CrossFit, and would most likely have dropped it. I have rated Angela with 5 stars because I think that she is one of the best CrossFit, exercise, and athletics instructors I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of them.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kathrina Perry Bradshaw

John was recommended to me by a friend years ago after being involved in a car wreck (after which, I used to lie in bed at night crying and wondering if I would ever be without pain again). I have seen Dr. John off and on over the years for treatment since then and by the way, I eventually was pain-free again. One note to those of you who don't know, chiropractic works over time especially after some type of trauma and no chiropractor can work "instant" miracles. John does a fabulous job, is very caring, professional and personable. I truly believe that chiropractic is a great help despite what medical doctors may tell you. Look at x-rays, everything in your body is somehow connected to your spine, it just makes sense! I would highly recommend John if you need help, he will listen to your problem and take the best plan of action and he will explain anything you have questions about or may need answered.
Kat Bradshaw
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Review by Paige O'brien

Tina is an AMAZING trainer and health care professional. I am grateful to have been recommended to her a year ago. Having spent 12 years as a yogi I felt good about my health but was amazed at how pilates changed my life and how quickly I saw the results of a dedicated practice. She most recently has helped me make a change in my diet that has had numerous positive effects in my overall health. She is a joy to be around, radiates infectious positive energy and has a smile that lights up the room. It is because of Tina and her amazing staff that I now am training to be a pilates instructor.

Thank you Tina Sprinkle for all that you do, your dedication to helping others and the positive energy you share with us everyday!
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Review by Bridget Walsh

I was a chiropractic assistant at Cleveland Chiropractic College in both the Student and Outpatient Clinics. As many of the interns crossed my paths daily, Joe always had the time in his busy student life to smile, communicate new things he had found health worthy for sharing, and was genuine in all his interactions with fellow students, staff and most importantly with every patient!!! What I admired most about Dr Anderson was his desire to never stop learning. I know that "There is always more to learn mindset" is what will compassionately continue on for him as a person, but even more as the Dr of Chiropractic that he is today. I couldn't be prouder to have stood in the same clinic for all those days - Bridget IshkuntanaSee MoreRead Less

Review by Cyndi Houseman

I've know Dr Goularte all of my life. From the time she was in high school and through college, she was a dedicated, motivated and brilliant student. Upon her graduation from Medical school, I became a patient of hers. Her bedside manner is without question. I ave always felt comfortable talking to her about any and all medical issues. She maintains her professional stature, even though we've known each all our lives. She responds quickly when I call to leave a message for her and has recently moved her office to brand new, beautiful location. Dr Goularte is a caring, compassionate and very experienced OB/GYN. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone.See MoreRead Less

Review by Alexis Schrader

"Leah always does an awesome job knowing what her clients what regarding skin care needs. She is very knowledgeable about the products. Leah does not hesitate at all when she is called by one of clients or a new client in need, she jumps right to it and in today's hectic world Leah knows how to bring peace to a busy persons life. She does the best in home spa and pampering sessions. Get some friends together and call Leah today! Everyone deserves to be pampered and a Spa does the trick to help you relax after a hard week."See MoreRead Less

Review by Janice Harris Gibbs

It's been a lot of fun watching Genia Owens Tuxhorn help transform lives in such positive ways. She's one of a kind and so glad to know her. She can help you with whatever your needs may be. Definitely contact Genia!See MoreRead Less

Review by Fateh Muhammad Ghumro

Sharoon is my friend and I have seen professionalism in his work, he is very sincere with his carrier.i RECOMMEND HIM AS A GUD PERSON AND OFCOURSE A GUD NURSE TOO. THNXSee MoreRead Less

Review by Jerri Finley

We have known Barbara and John since we all started in LIMU. They are super caring "people first" members! We are so proud and so blessed to be part of their team! If YOU know them, you are a better person for it!See MoreRead Less

Review by Tara Walters-miner

I had the "pleasure" (bahaha) of working out with Eva long before she opened her gym...she had a class in the gym of our local elementary school. Even WITHOUT all of the high dollar equipment (only a few weights and an exercise ball) did I see body changing results...so much in fact that after over 5 years later her inspiration has kept me on course. She is dedicated to you AND your fitness goals...evil laugh and all! Who needs Jillian Michaels when you have Eva Shurts!See MoreRead Less