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Health Care Providers in Illinois

There are 266 recommended Health Care Providers in Illinois. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Brian Snapp

If you are looking to make positive changes in your life- then I encourage you to seek out the health wellness and nutritional counseling services that Mia provides. Mia and I have been colleagues for the past 3 years-She is BRILLIANT!
Her enduring persistance to guide others along with her bright personality carries GREAT potential to improve the lives of any person seeking to claim health and to improve self- wellness. I highly recommend the kind guidance found, in Mia Davis' work, for her work will certainly enhance your quality of life.
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Review by Darnice Cox

I've know Al for many years. We've done several business transactions together. It was because of Al that I started doing cancer awareness seminars. I thought that I was doing him a favor by walking that journey with him but in reality he helped me. Being able to talk to people about my experience as a survivor and losing my child to it, contributed to my healing. I thought talking about it would cause too much pain and it did in the beginning. After seeing how many people we were able to help with the information we were able to give, my tears of pain begin to turn to tears of joy. I want to thank God for pointing Al in my direction and I want to thank Al for taking me on that journey with him. You have so many gifts. I don't know which one I admire the most. Keep thinking outside of the box.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Zack

I was first introduced to Phil by a friend with high recommendations. I originally had Phil build me a computer that exceeded my expectations and was able to build it at competitive rates (actually it was the best rate I could find based on what we needed at the time).

I have worked with Phil multiple times since then and can honestly say he is incredible at his trade. His customer service is impeccable as he is ALWAYS there when I need him. Phil has always made sure that any issues or concerns were always taken care of as he treats my concerns as his own.

As the CEO of www.HerbWorks.com, I would highly recommend Phil to anyone that needs service with their computer repairs or software knowledge. I hire a lot of people and it is rare that you find someone of this caliber with complete integrity!

~ Zack
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Review by Christy Taylor

Barb is not only a great wellness consultant but also a great friend. She REALLY does know what she is talking about when it comes to using natural supplements and green cleaners to better our overall health. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to better their health.See MoreRead Less

Review by Cheryl Frager

I've had the pleasure of working with Jennifer at Paxem. I consider her my mentor and will never forget what she has done to help me start and grow my business. She is a wealth of knowledge and I ALWAYS recommend her any time I get a chance. She is kind and truly cares about you as a person. If you don't know her, I recommend you get to know her!See MoreRead Less

Review by Laura Foster

I have known Robert for over 25 years. We went to High School together.
He has always been a great friend, trustworthy and reliable.
Knowing his integrity and honesty he would be a great addition in any capacity.
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Review by Susan Pottish

Over 12 years ago I got a phone call from a stranger who had not only visited but thoroughly studied all the information on my website about natural healing products. After a half hour or so, she told me that she was going to devote the next seven years to learning more about them and build a thriving business distributing these wonderful products to other people. I was really impressed and delighted to have her as a new business partner. But, that was just day one.

Year after year, the commitment she made that day only deepened and grew because she had chosen her path well--a path that was in harmony with her own nature—as a healer and helper. She not only learned, but taught others about the array of natural healing methods and products and building a business. Before long, she had overcome obstacles that will discourage most people and contributed a solid, ongoing revenue stream to our business thanks to her well-informed customers and clients.

It's rare to meet someone who is not only intensely curious and willing to learn, but also disciplined and thoroughly guided by her deepest values. In Cristina, these virtues are combined with an obvious and outstanding quality of caring for the welfare of others that is truly inspiring. I think this is why she has been so successful, and such a huge contributor to the success of my business! Thank you, Cristina!
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Review by Luz Santos

Knowing Yosef for 30+ years as both friend and colleague, I can attest to his dedication to perfecting his acupuncture skills. He continually gains deeper insights and knowledge of his patients to assist in their healing process. Acupuncture therapy is his forte, his hands are gifted to soothe and invigorate the body. Intense, yet gentle massage techniques provide great relief of stress and pain. He strengthens, maintains and promotes good health with Qigong/Tai Chi exercises. His positive energy, joyful disposition and compassionate nature along with serious study of his craft, from diagnosis to treatment, makes Yosef an acupuncturist I highly recommend. For your health concerns, he will provide expert care and individualized attention. An acupuncture session with Yosef will certainly leave you feeling relaxed and fortified!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jeremy Moss

I have known Joshua for 25 years. I have trusted and continue to value him as a friend, colleague and consumate professional. For someone evaluating among alternatives and/ or seeking confirmation in making the decision to move ahead with medical processes and procedures available you'll be hard pressed to find someone with a greater level of commitment than Dr. Alpert. The most relevant experience that I can relate is one of a close family member. This individual has worked many years in the health care industry specifically rehabilitation which afforded her a unique understanding of the wide array of services and treatments available and the potential pitfalls in navigating them. After consulting with many physicians that were unable to convince her their approach would provide her the long term benefit she desired we were fortunate to be able to turn to Dr. Alpert. With him she found the trust, patience, understanding and professionalism that built for her the knowledge and peace of mind she sought to be able to confidently move forward.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lossie Brown

Felicia is perspicacious when it comes to job knowledge and her personality exemplifies a genuine warm spirit of thoughtfulness, compassion, and integrity that is sought after in the workforce. Felicia is an asset to any job who recruits her talents!See MoreRead Less