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Health Care Providers in Miami, Florida

There are 61 recommended Health Care Providers in Miami, FL. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Noreen Virgin

I met Anamari several years ago through one of my best friends who knew Ana quite well. For one of my birthday gifts I was given a surprise massage by Ana. It was a great gift but more importantly it was an awesome experience. Ana has a wonderfully warm and caring personality. I felt relaxed before the massage even started. She is skilled and that is obvious to the customer. I have used Ana's Spa at Home and ordered gift certificates for family members who just loved their massages!
Ana is a successful professional who has mastered not only the skills of massage therapy but the art of treating her customers with respect and making them feel physically great. I honestly would recomment Ana without any reservations!
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Review by Paul Hilbert

Dr. Francisco Oliva was one of my attendings during my surgical residency at Westchester General. He provided instruction in surgery at the hospital and I also observed and assisted him at his office. He is one of the finest men and most caring doctors that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is a quality human being and, imho, one of the finest podiatrists in all of South Florida.See MoreRead Less

Review by Barry Peltz

Dr. Brad is very technical and doesn't miss a thing, unfortunately I keep him pretty busy, but I appreciate his great work and explanation of what needs to be done. Thanks Dr. Lewis for my bright smile as my nickname is and has always been " SMILEY".See MoreRead Less

Review by Ingela Svanstrom

I know Karen through tennis.
Not only does she sell the product; however, she uses it herself and has shown a huge difference in her skin. She is a wonderful people person and will be there at any time to help you out.See MoreRead Less

Review by Adrian Mederos

Puts meaning back into "Traditional Karate". Teaches his students how to live productive lives through karate ideals unlike most schools that will just teach the physical aspect of the discipline.
Don't get me wrong though, his classes are plenty physical... (The traditional way tends to be... How can I say... Slightly more demanding). It's just the depth of the teaching that students like me, who have trained in several Dojo's, have come to appreciate. Something that many Dojo's fail to recognize as an important aspect of being a "Sensei" that is oftentimes overlooked. What you take home with you after your physical training to reflect on mentally.

- Recent Shodan.
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Review by Lisa Andrade

Lorena is an amazing teacher, I have been in her class for the past 3 month and have lost over 20 pounds. I cant express enough how well she teaches and HOW MUCH FUN her classes are. She is motivating in every class with a huge smile ready to go, I never thought I would say this but I look forward to every class I have with her. When I do not go I feel something missing, even when I here the music that she plays in my car I want to get up and dance her moves. LOL I love Zakude! Lorena has been the best thing that has happen in my life... I cant thank her enough....See MoreRead Less

Review by Armando Cruz

Zach Marcy is a class act.
He does not sugar coat things. He is direct, sincere, and has an undying passion to see you succeed. Zach and his team are their to help and serve you in any way they can. As personal trainer and business owner I am honored in not only recommending Zach but referring my clients to him. Thank you Zach for your dedication and commitment to excellence.
Armando Cruz MSPT, CSCS, ATC.
Lifestyle Physical Therapist & Lifestyle Transformation Expert.
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Review by Michelle Newman

I contacted Aaron about a year ago when I needed some muscle relaxation from a life of physical activity (CrossFit, running) and an office job that keeps me sedentary for much of the day. After the very first session I knew I would not need to go elsewhere in Miami for a massage.

Aaron is a true professional and is very knowledgeable in his industry. Along with the professionalism, he is quite comfortable to be around and given the nature of his field, that is a top priority. I am sure he would succeed in whatever avenues he ventures into. However, for my own sake, I would hope he continues with massage therapy in his future as my muscles are much relieved after a session with him.
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Review by Lenny Dominguez

I have known Tatiana Gomez sinse 2007. Tatiana and I were both hired by the City of Hialeah Fire Department under the same academy class. I have personally had to depend on Tatiana on several occasions to complete complex tasks that made crucial improvements of the well being of patients and crew members. I can and always vouch for Tatiana Gomez.See MoreRead Less

Review by Reid Seamans

I known Sue White since I was a kid is a good friend of my mother;s. She has always been there for me and my family through the good and the bad times. She has been very supportive in everything that I have done as a kid and adult. She is very professional and has a good sense of what to look for with others and treats everything she does with respect and confidentiality.See MoreRead Less