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Health Care Providers in Hollywood, Florida

There are 28 recommended Health Care Providers in Hollywood, FL. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Nolwen Lalanne

I have been in contact with Lou as a co-worker and as a friend for the past 12 years. Lou is a exemplary Man that not only can lead but also practices daily what he preaches. Lou is hard working, reliable, punctual, determined, ambitious while being an incredible husband and father. I feel very privileged to have been working with and for him and to call him my friend after all those years.
Nolwen Lalanne
Nest Of Living Arts.
CEO/ Artistic Ditrector.
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Review by Lauren Krzewinski

I normally do not pay attention to posts, such as this, on Facebook. However, I have come to know Sandy over time, and couldn't ignore this opportunity to "sing" her praises. She is dependable, knowlegeable, patient, and inspiational. Sandy actually got my attention - which is no easy task. I am aware of the overall plan/product Sandy is promoting. She is a go-getter, and an asset to your organization. Go, Sandy!See MoreRead Less

Review by Matt Hamblen

Nancy is a very intelligent young lady, that knows everything there is to know about fitness..in all aspects! Nutrition, and exercise! Shes a well rounded individual and an awesome motivator!! If your in the area and need an awesome trainer, then she's your girl!! :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Nina Donskoy

Well spoken, kind, compassionate, yet still firmly honest and to the point, Ricci is most certainly THE most talented & insightful therapists I have ever come ac cross (...and it's been a few) I say talented because there are plenty of people out there who completed their degree, read a few books on psychoanalysis and now claim to be therapists. Ricci, on the other hand, obviously has some innate talent of really observing a person and pointing out things that the client would most likely not be able to see on his/her own. A session with Ricci is like spending an hour with a very wise friend who listens carefully and gives suggestions when warranted. Whether you have a substance abuse problem, or just ANY problem (which, lets admit it, well all do) she is the one to go to. Amazing woman, I don't know what else I can say.See MoreRead Less

Review by Doreen Vanasdale

I have know Sara since High school am proud to see a fellow school mate that goes back 30 something years. She is a well and rounded person both spiritual and of good background, Has made a loving family life and miss her dearly. We are from the same hearts of life. Good luck and God bless.See MoreRead Less

Review by Don Salerno

I have known Beth for about 15 years and she has been a hero of mine since I tried to keep up with her.
She is the definition of "stick to it of ness".
If you have a goal and you let Beth know of that goal, you had better be serious, because she is!
Fitness is more than a passing fad with Beth, she is the "whole body" trainer and by the way she is a sweetheart.
I couldn't recommend her more highly, unless of course you just want to waste your money and time.
There are plenty of other personal trainers where you could do that.
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Review by Claudia Humm

I have know Astel since our college years. He is a very dedicated and hard working individual. As a Doctor he has taken time out from his busy schedule, to return to his home town in the West Indies, where he volunteers and offer his professional services in the community free of charge. I truly admire his dedication.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ivette Claudio

If you need a trainer.. George will be the right person for you...he has the most knowledge on Boxing, Nutrion and Programs to loose weight. His extensive experience and education, speak for themselves. George have the most patience, care and answer all the time. Once he develop the program just for you...believe me you're going to be very satisfied. G.Q. F2Perfection is the BEST!See MoreRead Less

Review by Mike Zimmerman

Having known Annette for well, decades I can definitively state that she's
good at what she does. Weather its matters business, spiritual or personal she's steady, dedicated and doesn't stop until the project or conflict is finished or resolved.

She's an asset to all who work with her, and a really nice person to deal with.
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Review by Carlos Henriquez

I would highly recommend Ines. She is a very honest and trustworthy person. She is a hard working dedicated and disciplined individual. Very goal oriented and always strives for perfection.See MoreRead Less