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Health Care Providers in Boca Raton, Florida

There are 24 recommended Health Care Providers in Boca Raton, FL. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Claudette Morency

October 2013.

The first thing you need to know about Dr. Rob is how gentle he is. Forget everything you have ever heard about bones cracking, neck snapping, and being twisted like a pretzel. None of that will happen to you with Dr. Rob. He has the latest techniques and medical equipment. He will help you, really help your body get rid of your pains: back, joints, limbs, muscle spasms, pinched nerves, headaches, vertigo, bring them to him! He knows exactly what to do, will not enter you needlessly into a never-ending circle of treatments, and will not hesitate to refer you to a medical doctor when appropriate. Indeed, he will work with your Primary Care physician to bring you to your optimal health.

I have known Dr. Rob for about 8 years. I was very excited when he opened his own practice 6 years ago. I could write a book to list every time I crawled into his office bent over, or crooked, or in a wheelchair, or holding on to a walker or cane – sometimes close to tears from the pain. And ended up walking and standing again after treatment. Sometimes it took many adjustments, but I always got better.

I am particularly a fan of his laser. I was his first patient with that device, and we did a comparison experiment, with Dr. Rob treating only one of my two bad knees. Within a couple of weeks, the improvement was so remarkable that I was begging him to also treat my other knee. The ultimate proof of the efficacy of this laser though, came in 2008 when I shattered an ankle. It took two surgeries, 3 titanium screws, 2 plates and 19 nails to put it back together. We are talking major damage here: I could have lost part of my leg. When I was finally out of the cast, the surgeon expected me to only be able to partially support myself with the outside of my foot, as it was bent inward and downward. Dr. Rob and I went to work: intensive rehab exercises under his supervision, and of course, the use of his laser. Three months later, I was walking normally. My surgeon actually gathered the group of orthopedists in his office to watch me walk! Wow, did they have questions on how this was accomplished! I couldn't have had a bigger smile!

Dr. Rob really is devoted to his patients. It sounds like a cliché, but is not in his case. He treats the whole person. You can talk to him about any health concern. He will guide you. He knows about nutrition, supplements, diets and exercise; and about just any maladie you can think of. He won't push anything on you. He will recommend, and support you. He is very smart: knowledge-smart, but also kindness-smart. You will like him. Everyone I have ever referred to him did. My niece, whom he helped after a caesarian, says he has “miracle fingers”. Take advantage of it. Have Dr. Rob become part of your yearly medical routine. Have him check you out, just like you have your teeth checked out. And unlike teeth, you have only one set of bones. Protect them.
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Review by Susan Mclaughlin

Lisa Passaro is one of those gifted individuals who has all the right instincts when it comes to caring for other people--friend, family, patients. She's also smart and experienced in a way that only someone who loves their work can be. She is a rare and beautiful combination. I would recommend her highly for most anything because I feel completely confident that who ever works with her is in the right hands. xox Susan McLaughlin.See MoreRead Less

Review by Patricia Buckley

Just came home from Nueva York and feel ready, willing and able to join you if I can! Something about the infusion of NYC air and a shot in the arm of excitement...SJU track Team honorees1961 winers and a grand memory reunion....my knew kneei is pluperfect! Hope I did this right1.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jose Joe Velez

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Brendan McCauley at one of our community events. From the first day we met, I clearly saw a true professional. I must say that Mr. McCauley is a true leader. Not only because of his integrity and professionalism but, because he is truly passionate about helping others reach success. His dedication is clearly evident in his focus and energy to continuously improve his life along with those that also seek to improve their lives. Mr. McCauley is an inspiration to many and that is also, clearly reflected by the many that admire, respect and, care for him.
Not only does he push others to move beyond their comfort zone but, he walks the walk with you from start to end! In my book Mr. McCauley is a true example of what a professional is all about: Inspiration, Passion, and the focus to Inspire others to reach for Success! - Choose To Win! Jose Joe Velez!
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Review by Antoinette Felice

Dr. Eric Lullove is a bar none just a phenomenal physician, a gentleman through & through. Tremendous state of the art facility; second to none strategic care in the fields of diabetic, sports med., trauma and routine care. He's taken the time out of his hectic schedule many times to help not only me but any referrals & new patients. Dr. Lullove goes above and beyond my expectations; which is quite a tall order to fill. I trust him with my family, I surely would recommend all to do the same.

Antoinette C Felice P.A., P.H.D.
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Review by Robin Askin

I think Perri is amazing...I am a headache sufferer and have to say I get fewer migraines since working with Perri...She is professional and never rushes you. She truly loves what she does and has hands of gold...Thank you Zperri for making me feel better...See MoreRead Less

Review by Nadine Hack

Dr Sherry Roth is a brilliant practitioner with the highest possible level of integrity combined with a magnificent passion for her work helping people have full and healthy lives. She has my deepest admiration.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lisette Hilton

As a business woman, Carol offers runners, walkers and tennis players experience, passion and insight. Many of her staff have been at the store for years. She builds a sense of community. I respect her for her advice and always go to the Runner's Edge for my shoes, clothes, nutrition and more.See MoreRead Less

Review by Elena Farley

Noreen is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, great personality.

Review by Barbara Perino

Nanette is a very smart, grounded and balanced coach. She has a passion for helping women embrace who they are.