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Health Care Providers in Florida

There are 300 recommended Health Care Providers in Florida. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Noreen Virgin

I met Anamari several years ago through one of my best friends who knew Ana quite well. For one of my birthday gifts I was given a surprise massage by Ana. It was a great gift but more importantly it was an awesome experience. Ana has a wonderfully warm and caring personality. I felt relaxed before the massage even started. She is skilled and that is obvious to the customer. I have used Ana's Spa at Home and ordered gift certificates for family members who just loved their massages!
Ana is a successful professional who has mastered not only the skills of massage therapy but the art of treating her customers with respect and making them feel physically great. I honestly would recomment Ana without any reservations!
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Review by Carolyn Borton

Shihan Steve is the founder of Krav Maga Martials Arts - the dojo where my son (8) and I study. We started there 4 years ago with just the kids program, then a couple years later Shihan offered some special classes for adults (women in particular) and I got hooked. I am even testing for my black belt in about a month!

Steve runs a FABULOUS program - positive, supportive and motivating. The emphasis is as much (or more) on life skills as kicking and punching. And not just for the kids - sure that's the biggest part of the program, but there's a strong adult community as well and, most important for me, family classes where kids and parent train side-by-side.

What makes Steve stand out? Many small things, but I think they all come back to one big one: CONSTANT AND NEVER-ENDING IMPROVEMENT. Not only does Shihan Steve teach this principle, but he also lives by it... every day.

Top 3 things Shihan Steve has done for me (of the dozens or more!)

#1 - Sanity. Specifically, I mean with my son, who is spunky, energetic, and all around a challenging boy of now 8 (and 4 when we started). We're talking hours of non-stop running where I'm exhausted watching and he's just getting started. Because of the KMMA program, my son now has focus, discipline, he shows respect to adults and kids. He can look an adult in the eyes for the full length of a full conversation. And we always receive so many compliments about his politeness, self-discipline and focus when he attends other places (school, cub scouts, family trips, summer camps, and so on).

#2 - Confidence. In two areas. First, I am not the most coordinated person, but never in all the time I've trained was I made to feel bad because I couldn't "get it" right away - not by Shihan nor the Senseis and not even the students, which to me speak volumes about the quality of his programs! Second, I am a business owner myself and Shihan's program attracts other business owners as well. It is rare and refreshing to be able to meet new friends of this caliber outside of a sales setting.

#3 - Fitness. I am in far better shape now than 10 years ago. I was stagnating behind my computer and the fun, inspiring approach at Steve's dojo really got my motivated and kept me coming back week after week and year after year.
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Review by Sohely Woerkom

Dr. Henry and his staff are wonderful and dedicated to helping people learn more about chiropractic benefits and getting people on the road to recovery. They truly care about their patient's well being.
I am extremely grateful with Dr. Henry. I am just amazed at how great my body feels. I can work out and do everyday activities without having to worry about sharp pain on my lower back.
Dr. Henry treats my 3 children and husband too. The kids request to see him to adjust their growing bodies, they come out of his office feeling great. He not only adjusts your back but he educates his clients throughout the process. It's great to learn more about how your body works and why chiropractic works for your body.
Dr. Henry himself is an amazing man, he really truly cares about his patients and even though he is usually very busy with a great deal of patients to see, he always makes a concerted effort to ask how you are and what is going on with your body. He is also hilarious and charismatic. I highly recommend Dr. Henry to anybody who wants to improve overall health and heal your body.
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Review by Leslie Forrester

When Betsy was instructing our class, we would all beat a path to the lowest table height, just on the off chance that she MIGHT demonstrate on us. It was worth a shot, and taught a lot of us to work lower table heights than we probably would have otherwise, thus prolonging our careers and enriching our lives. This is the nicest possible way to mention that Betsy is 1). Fantastic at hands-on, 2). A great teacher, 3). More petite than the average massage therapist. But you would never know it from the way she can do deep pressure! Recommend, recommend, 1000 times recommend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jim Lievano

As a paramedic I have taken many patients to Stephanie for her care. The one thing that stands out is her genuine compassion for her patients. I have witness her go to battle for her patients, it doesn't matter to her who she has to stand up to as long as she can be an advocate for her patients. She is one strong woman and I would want her in my corner any time, any place under any circumstance.See MoreRead Less

Review by Timonious Jones

It is a privilege and an honor to speak about Lyle Fried's good character. I have know Mr. Fried for over thirty years and have always found him to be the most loyal, affable, and objective driven person I have ever known.
As a youth in a new town, I was invited by Lyle to meet new people and explore new clubs and service organizations I had no knowledge of before. His kind and gentlemanly nature was reassuring and supportive- traits which continue to recent years.
I am constantly inspired ad motivated by news of his adventures and efforts to make the world a better place.
I am greatful to be associated with him in any way and hope to work with him- or others of his good character.

Should anyone ever have the opportunity to work with Lyle Fried they should jump right in, as there are far too few people like him on our planets.
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Review by Kerlie Lexi


Review by Lewis Fishman

It's not only her energy and her willingness to help her team. It's also the many wonderful ways in which Sheila helps. She actively and creatively reaches out to her community--friends, and beyond. It's my pleasure to recommend Sheila Griffin Zimmer, not only as a valued colleague, but also as a terrific friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Faye Sayre

I have known Shirley since our High School days. Over the past several years, I have watched her grow into the person she was always meant to be. She has a pure heart and her interest is in helping others to grow and develope themselves. She has a heart of gold and uses her love to coach and guide all she comes in contact with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Matthew Evans-cockle

I have known Kellie since she was knee high to a grasshopper and I was... younger... now, I'm older than some (rather youngish, upstart) mountains in Northern British-Columbia and she has become a yoga instructor in the land of green and purple neon (Florida) and squeeky sand (quartz crystal apparently). In terms of her "evolution," and "testimonies"... well, I guess I could say she's somewhat of an Old Testamental yoga instructor... a little Book of Job... a little "gnashing of teeth" (so, ok... maybe she spans both the Old and the New... in other words, she's a whole handful of Testaments--as far as yoga instructors go. In any event, I know Kellie's is a long time sort of love-affair with yoga... and she's a power-house, and a lot of fun as a teacher, so... if yoga's your thing, and you live in the flat-lands of squeeky sands, gators, and purple-green neon, then maybe she's the one to help rock your boat... ("ark" is probably more technically correct in the present instance, given the Old Testament background to this recommendation).See MoreRead Less