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Health Care Providers in Connecticut

There are 132 recommended Health Care Providers in Connecticut. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Chris Papallo

Annie is the real deal. She's a wonderful coach and she has an incredibly positive attitude. She is also very supportive of her teammates and wants others to succeed. Genuine is an adjective that comes to mind!See MoreRead Less

Review by Katherine Rickis-shepard

I have known Dorraine for many years. When I heard that she was starting a business, I just had to check it out. My family and I are in full support of small businesses. When I heard that she was opening up on the "West End" I was a little skeptical. I felt the need to go check out her place because I have known her for so many years. At her open house, I had won a free 15 minute chair massage!! I was very excited to win. When I walked into her place to redeem my massage , I was very impressed. I felt very relaxed!! She gave a very desperately needed massage!! I am looking forward to enjoying some time there with my girls for Tea and treats!!!As you are in the Tea Shop, you instantly feel relaxed and welcomed. I totally support Dorraine for putting in the extreme effort to beautify our west end!!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Judi Plouffe

I met William at a Holistic Fair back in June. His food held the healthiest aroma I have ever spelled in public. The energy from the food was incredible! His love for life enmates into his food along with his service to humanity. I was able to speak with him and he answered all my questions with a full attentive heart. I have his cook book and I changed my lifestyle by dining on whole foods. It has changed many things in my life. I have more energy, feel lighter, I naturally desire to stay away from processed foods now and I love the variety that the earth offers each season. I feel more connected to the earth and people as a result. My mind is less clouded and my emotions are calmer. William stands out in the fact that he loves what he does, he believes in whole foods as it changed his own life. Eating balanced whole foods has brought a wealth of blessings into my life. William is a walking testimony for the zest of life, as it should be for all of us.See MoreRead Less

Review by Matt Demichele

Ryan is perhaps one of the more comprehensive therapists that I've had the pleasure of working with. He has a really easy demeanor when working one-on-one with clients. Additionally, he took a great deal of time to really understand what I was working with prior to actually getting me on the table for the session.

I went in because I had thrown my shoulder out during a bootcamp-like workout class, and was in extreme pain. Ryan skillfully evaluated the nature of my condition, and applied specific work to my shoulder and within 24 hours, I was back to being able to workout again pain free.

I highly recommend Ryan, particularly if you are wanting help with a specific orthopedic condition. He helped me tremendously!
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Review by

As a nutritional health counselor and business owner, I can't recommend Silvana highly enough. I wholeheartedly believe that the most inspirational people in your life are the ones that have experienced and changed their own lives through the behaviors they are teaching. Silvana is a gleaming example of this. A great teacher, compassionate listener, patient, and passionate about wellness, she is curious to learn more and more about health and nutrition and never settles. While other trainers may recycle the old misinformation that is so widely taught in their field, Silvana strives to learn the best, most accurate information for herself and her clients. ~Laura Wald CHC.See MoreRead Less

Review by Katherine Pellerin

I first read about Christine and her new business, Q C Home Care Solutions, after having had a horrible experience with a well-known home care service. I took a chance and called the number in the neighborhood paper and began an almost two year relationship with Christine and her caregivers. My husband was Christine's first in-home client and I cannot say enough about the care, compassion and professionalism of Christine and her staff. Until the month before Norm passed, I had help every day for many hours and knew that his care and safety would always be a non-worry for me. The helplessness of watching my husband worsen often became too much for me to bear; it was at these times that Christine was there to lend a shoulder, hot cup of coffee or just a phone call to help me through the next few minutes. There had never been that kind of family-like care prior to my making that initial phone call. I have been in the medical field (RN) for over 45 years. Never have I seen such an agency willing to go the extra mile in caring for a loved one. QC Home Care Solutions is one in a million - and Christine is the very best.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dianne Goodale

I highly recommend Paula as an incredible massage therapist! During the 9 years that I have known her, she has truly helped me physically and mentally (stress). Since I am tough on my body from work, coaching, sports, including ACL surgery from soccer, training for many triathlons, including two 1/2 Iironmans coupled with stress in life, she has, I believe, been the reason that I can still continue with all my active passions in life while being healthy and happy for my family. After her massages, I feel so incredible, again, both physically and mentally. I know from experience that she is truly amazing as I have been to other massage therapists before Paula and in other states. She truly cares, as each session is dependent upon how my body is feeling at the present time and still seems to find other kinks, as well. She is the real deal as she is a caring, positively upbeat and professional. I am grateful for Paula on so many levels.See MoreRead Less

Review by Richard Nyers

I have been a patient of Dr. Matt for almost 7 years with lower back issues that pop up every now and then. He is always there to fit me in for urgent care when needed, and with convenient office hours when for following up. Dr. Matt is always pleasant and genuinely concerned with my well-being. He is very informative, not only educating me on why I am hurting but what manipulations he is performing and what they will accomplish. Then I am provided with helpful exercises and guided in corrective changes to my physical activity to further benefit my physical condition. I also swear by the lumbar support Dr. Matt recommended for my vehicle! I couldn't ask for better care and therefore am happy to recommend his chiropractic services! Richard NyersSee MoreRead Less

Review by Gabby Russo

A few years ago, right after i graduated high school in 2010, i worked for Eileen at the front desk. The summer i spent there was amazing. It is obvious how much she loves her job, and she treated me like family. Unfortunately my school schedule didn't work with her hours, so i was working for her during the summers. Fast forward 4 years, i am now a patient of Eileen and the support she has given me is immense. I was always very unsure about chiropractic until she adjusted me and made me feel like a whole new person. She truly is an amazing doctor, but is also an awesome human being. I have been fortunate to get to know her personally, and she has become like a mother to me. She is not only there for my chiropractic needs, but for emotional support with other challenges in life, and i think that is what makes her different from the rest. Eileen goes out of her way to make sure to support her patients not just medically, but emotionally as well.See MoreRead Less

Review by Paul Timpanelli

Tom is a fabulous coach, patient, thoughtful, knows his subject, gets to know you and very committed to what he does as a professional and a supporter of good health, nutrition and taking care of one's body. I would recommend him highly, without hesitation!!!!See MoreRead Less