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Health Care Providers in Denver, Colorado

There are 28 recommended Health Care Providers in Denver, CO. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Marta Oselkiewicz

I have known Jim for almost 2 years. His passion, knowledge, and experience makes him an amazing therapist, supervisor, and person. Jim's passion for Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy has been truly inspiring to me. He puts heart and effort into his work and; therefore, he always strives to be the best therapist and supervisor that he can be. As a supervise, I also appreciate Jim's positive outlook on life, creativity, and leadership skills. His impact on Denver Family Institute has been enormously positive. Finally, apart from his excelling therapeutic skills, his genuineness is what makes him Jim. It is a pleasure and honor to know Jim and be trained by him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Gina DiTullio

Dr. Reinhardt is compassionate and provides thorough and effective chiropractic care. In addition, he is patient and respectful. I am a big proponent of self healing, but it is nice to have an expert's opinion to help when I hit a wall. Dr. Reinhardt listened to me and answered numerous questions I had about how my workouts and activities affected my spine. Aside from his expertise in chiropractic care, Dr. Reinhardt is also incredibly knowledgeable in sports medicine and rehabilitation, nutritional supplements and alternative healing.. I had a shoulder injury for many moons that I was nursing back to health and while in an appointment with Dr. Reinhardt for a chiropractic adjustment, he pointed out how unstable my scapula was. It made me realize that I had been neglecting my rhomboid muscles during my work outs. Once I modified my workout to include those muscles, my shoulder healed up quickly.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tom Dejong

I know Joe on Facebook. I enjoy following his postings, which are always positive and uplifting. He also maintains a very professional attitude and delivery when referring to his business with Evolv products and advice in using the same. If I ever wanted to become involved with Evolv, I would first turn to Joe for insight and positive direction. I believe Joe to be an honest and upstanding man with the best of all worlds in mind for others.See MoreRead Less

Review by Vic Keller

He enjoys skiing as much as anyone I know, and I know a lot of instructors and skiers. One of the great things about Mack is that he wants to pass on his knowledge and love of the sport to each student. He'll go out of his way to see that they are having fun, and by them having fun, it will make them come back to ski more. By skiing more, they will advance their skills, and Mack can and will take them as far down that road as they are willing to travel.See MoreRead Less

Review by Angela Searcy

Jean not only is of great character she is dependable and trustworthy and really cares about people My philosophy I adopted from a friend is People really do not Care how much you Know until they know how much you Care. jean really Cares. I am hoored to know her!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jenny Rush

Tamara has helped me out tremendously! I did not know how much damage I was doing to my hair by bleaching it to get my platinum blonde look. She helped me discover that my natural hair color is light enough that we don't need to bleach it, rather we do a high lift tint. My hair has never looked healthier! I get compliments almost everyday and I owe it to Tamara! Thank you for making my hair look so good! :-)See MoreRead Less

Review by Gus Mazzei

I met Marina around two years ago, I can say without a doubt that my life was never the same. I can say that Marina is the kind of person who touches your life for good. She is one of the most special woman I have ever met and she crossing your way is a unique gift that you should let yourself receive :DSee MoreRead Less

Review by Allison Elwood-fuhrman

Dr. Jensen was extremely respectful and showed great concern in regards to my well being.
Dr. Jensen is knowledgeable and highly experience in his field.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michelle Onken

Cynthia is a very intelligent and wonderful woman! She has a brilliant mind capable and willing to take on projects requiring thoughtfulness and stick-to-itivity. :o) I have great faith in her doing her absolute best; I cannot imagine her not doing less than A+ work!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kyria Sabin

I have known Sabra since 1991 and have worked with her professionally since 2003. She is an excellent Pilates Teacher - one of the best in our field. She's also a gifted teacher trainer.

I'm consistently impressed by Sabra's attention to detail and her focus on maintaining the highest of standards. Yet she never loses sight of the individual needs of those who work with and study with her.

It is an honor to count Sabra as a close, long-term professional colleague.
See MoreRead Less