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Health Care Providers in Los Angeles, California

There are 64 recommended Health Care Providers in Los Angeles, CA. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Danielle Reda

Andrea is one of those rare people who can manage to pull people together through sheer will and personality. I met her while abroad earlier this year and in a heartbeat she was getting me involved in my new environment, networking , and exploring new possibilities. She is a force of one and one I look forward to seeing where her journey takes her next. Maybe she'll take us along with her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ruth Conley

I met Chef Cheryl at a career fair. I called her several months later and she begin to provide cooking services for my family. She uses only fresh ingredients, takes her time and prepares food that is healthy and tasty. She discusses your food likes and dislikes so her customers are happy with her preparations. She prepares two weeks of meals, divides them into serving sizes for the family and then freezes the food. She is very concerned with making sure food is prepared and stored properly and in a timely manner...preventing the possibility of food poisoning. She receives 5 stars from our family.See MoreRead Less

Review by Katy Stanley

Jaime has a heart that you can feel and that is one of the most influential parts of her healing practice. She disarms those who come in feeling guarded and is nurturing to those who need warmth. She also has incredible practical skills that have been the focus of years of tireless study. Her knowledge in her several areas of expertise boost you through even your darkest hours. I highly recommend Jaime!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kim Butcher

I recommend Timothy Kendrick as a trusted healthcare professional. I have always known him to be attuned to the needs of others. He is strong, caring, honest and courageous. He also has strong capabilities for healing the body and the soul.See MoreRead Less

Review by Larry Aaronson

David Bresler and The Bresler Center has been in the vanguard of pain non narcotic, non surgical pain and stress relief since the 60's. Bresler set the standard for others when acupuncture was dismissed by conventional western medicine. Giving full disclosure he is family. (My first cousin!) He introduced me to all his alternative ideas very early on in the mid-sixties, which I first thought skeptically and was initially dismissive. But the proof was in the successful healing practices. He has been successfully advising all of us for nearly 5 decades to great effect. David pioneered his successful treatment modalities, introducing them to UCLA Medical school before anybody thought it ethical or possible. He convinced the California legislature by continually demonstrating successful and enduring healing practices, such that they came to legalize many protocols of alternative healing modes. Equally important David Bresler set the standard for superior alternative medical practice. That alone speaks volumes, given all the ineffective and risky alternative healing practices in the wild and unregulated free markets of California. The Bresler Center is synonymous with professionalism.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rusty Rush

I have known Richard and his family, including his parents, for more than 40 years. Richard's father was a world famous chemist at Texas A&M University and his brother a very successful insurance broker and now a budding photographer. If forced to describe Richard in one word, it would be integrity. There is no task that he could undertake and not be successful with it. He rose to the top in the advertising business and I would expect him to do the same in any endeavor. He's simply a winner.See MoreRead Less

Review by James Krause

I met Jules some time ago during a session in which she discussed the Chronically Awesome Foundation and her work to bring not only hope, but newfound resolve to those of us with chronic disorders. I have mixed-state bi-polar disorder that went undiagnosed for 40-years. I had never thought of myself in terms of being chronically awesome until I heard Jules' lecture.

Julianna has fully dedicated herself to the work of the Chronically Awesome Foundation, supporting us and reminding us of the possibilities we continue to have, to live our lives powerfully and productively, though at level different from what we had formerly lived our lives. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the leadership Jules is giving to this endeavor.
See MoreRead Less

Review by Jonathan Varjabedian

A true professional. Inspires and motivates, and is extremely knowlegable about his craft. Very, very highly recommended

Review by Eric Childress

I've been knowing Donta since middles school, and he has always been socially conscious and well connected. It is thrilling to hear Donta speak on issues that are psychologically and physically effecting our world in a negative way today, and to know that he has a hand in bringing awareness and doing something to make a difference. I would vouch for Donta any day. He passionately stands up for what he believes in and encourages others to do the same.See MoreRead Less

Review by Regina Morris

Rubi is an incedible person who has helped me in so many ways that I'll have to write a book to even come close to describing. Her professionalism is above and beyond what is expected from her. I wil gladly do business with her again as I am a very satisfied customer.See MoreRead Less