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Health Care Providers in Huntington Beach, California

There are 14 recommended Health Care Providers in Huntington Beach, CA. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Shannon Marie

Serena is very knowledgable when it comes to training. She keeps it interesting by changing up routines and always makes training fun. Serena also holds me accountable for my food choices throughout the week. It's resulted in my ultimate weight loss success and has allowed me to stay on track. I would highly recommend her to anyone who really wants to have fun working out and learn about living a healthier lifestyle.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mellisa Moore

Sally has been there for me with any kind of support that I need. She knows a lot about the beachbody products and isn't afraid to give you real honest feedback. She helped me find the program that was right for me. She is there when I need to "just talk"! THANKS COACH :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Jason Manzatt

I don't usually write reviews, but I just had to post about my great experience with Bryan at his gym ClimbX in Huntington Beach. I brought my family in to try indoor rock climbing because it always looked like so much fun, and I'd wanted to try it for a long time. When my son said he heard about ClimbX at school, I jumped at the chance to go. My wife, on the other hand, was nervous about it, but put her game face on for our son Jack, and off we went.

When we got there we saw about 20 people there climbing. Jack was smiling as soon as we stepped out of the car, and couldn't wait to get inside and get going. My wife was less enthusiastic. When we got to the counter we were greeted by a nice young man who helped us with our equipment (they supply shoes, a harness, and chalk if you want it), and we told him we were beginners. He started explaining the harness to us when two more climbers came in and he had to help them, but not before introducing us to Bryan. He helped us finish putting on our harnesses and then walked us over to the ropes. He explained how to tie in to the ropes, then how to belay. He was super-patient with us, and helped put my wife's mind at ease. Keep in mind, I had no idea he was the owner yet, I just figured his job was to explain everything to us before we got going. He showed my son some tricks, and helped explain that no matter how big or little you are, everyone can climb, and he even showed my son some ways that his smaller size actually helped him climb better. Soon Jack and Bryan were laughing and climbing sideways along the bottom of the wall. Whenever Jack got stuck or didn't know how to get to the next hold, Bryan would show him how to use his balance to lean and get the next hold. He was an instant hit with Jack, and soon he was working on a little bouldering route that Bryan showed him.

I thought my wife Michele was going to be a little harder to get comfortable on the wall, but she actually took to it really well. For about a half hour, Bryan hung with us and made us feel comfortable, laughing with us and teaching us little tricks. He never made us feel like we were holding him up from other business, and really made everything fun! We went on climbing for another couple hours, and Bryan was always around if we had questions.

By the end of the day, I was totally wiped out (I never would have guessed what a great workout climbing is!!!). On our way out I went up to the kid at the front desk and asked to see the manager so I could tell him how great a time we had, and especially to tell him how great Bryan had been and how he had helped make our first experience climbing totally memorable. That's when the kid told us that Bryan was the owner of the gym!!

Thanks, Bryan, you run a great gym, and we'll definitely be coming back!!!
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Review by Marcia Dunlap

Janie is go getter. Someone that sets high standards for herself and is seen in all that she does personally and professionally. She would enhance any position or company that would employ her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Greg Sand

CrossFit Redemption: I love this place! Why? Well? I train here and it?s a great little community of like minded individuals with common goals. Listen, I?ve seen first hand the results of what a CrossFit based program can do both physically and emotionally for people. It can be nothing short of amazing. CFR is a great little box lead by Gabe Baltodano who cares about each member and facilitates a community of support for each person?s goals. Workouts are scaled to experience level, so no need to be intimidated by what you may have heard about the ?insanity? of the workouts. That said, the training can be tough, but that?s that's half the fun right? Plus, there?s always a group of people right there beside you going through the same WOD, so you never feel like you?re alone in the process! Check it out and be prepared to WORK!See MoreRead Less

Review by Natasha Perry

Phyllis is a wonderful character and a pleasure to work with. Phyllis's warm smile and friendly voice eases any patient's nerves while she draws blood.See MoreRead Less

Review by May Persson

He is honest and will give you all the information you need. I really depend on him alot.

Review by Tony Walker

I have been Acquainted with Matt for several years and I know he is dedicated to helping people and has enormous integrity.
Matt has a special gift of analysis which puts him above the average person and he is dedicated to the task at hand, always.See MoreRead Less

Review by Aran Mounce

Jay is a great guy vary loving and caring person towards others always a pleasure to speak to him. He listened to all I had to say..

Review by Madonna Odonovan

Neil has been involved with Crossfit for some time - and has introduced his son to this type of training as well. When one does something that is truly enjoyed it has benefits for everyone who comes in contact with that person. Of course I am prejudiced, he is my Grandson.l.See MoreRead Less