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Health Care Providers in Arkansas

There are 39 recommended Health Care Providers in Arkansas. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Robert Gardner

I have known Dr. Terry Box for nearly 33 years as both a colleague and a friend. As both the State Dental Officer (SDO) in the Arkansas Army National Guard and one of the current Executive Officers of the Arkansas State Dental Association, I would have to say that Dr. Terry Box is one of the most knowledgeable and technically proficient dentists I have ever known, not only in Arkansas but in the United States, and I have had the privilege, due to my positions, to know literally thousands of dentists. I have personally observed Terry's dental skills both through serving with him in the National Guard and through our association in the Academy of General Dentistry of which both Terry and I are Fellows of that auspicious organization. In addition to the above qualities he is one of the most caring people I have ever known. If I and my family lived in the same area that Terry Box lived in, he is the dentist I would take my family to for their dental health needs if I could no longer take care of them. I can think of no greater compliment that one dentist can give to another dentist than to state that they are the dentist they would use for their own dental care and Dr. Terry Box is the doctor in Fayetteville, AR that I would use for my dental needs .See MoreRead Less

Review by Vernon Goodman

In 2006 Lanita embarked on a journey to becoming the person she is today. While she was in school she would come home and say "Let me get my table and show you what I learned today" and of course I wasnt going to turn down a massage. She has been very devoted to staying on top of her continued education and licenses, as well as learning new techniques and modalities. She takes her calling very serious and is passionate about helping people.
She can tell just by touch where your issues are and she will focus on those needs. From day one i have watched... and felt how she has bloomed into this wonderful, careing, nurturing person not only in her profession but as a wife and mother as well. Most people concider a massage a luxury but you have to take the opportunity to get one from her and she will show you how massage should be a part of your life. So call Lanita and let the healing begin.
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Review by James Treat

As Nurse she is best I seen in my 20yrs in the medical field. As a manager of the ER she is one of few nurse managers that can manage that high of stress load. She is very fair to everyone, and has a open door to talk fairly to everyone. Baptist would be stupid if they lost her, she is worth mega money for any medical needs for nurse or manager.See MoreRead Less

Review by Vanessa Birchfield

I've known Sherry for a very long time, almost nine years, and since day one she has always been the most sweetest, supportive, lovable person I've ever met!! Sherry is the kind of person that will do everything in her power to help you accomplish your goals. If you want the best of the best, she's the one to talk to!See MoreRead Less

Review by Maryanne Dale

Leszlie has always been for the people,she is always putting them first.She goes out of her way to help.
I met Leszlie years ago,she has always been the nicest person,she doesnt care if you have money or not,she helps.She shows how much,by speaking to you on your level to understand,That makes her very special,always caring.When I got sick,Leszlie told me who and where to get the right help,if it wasnt for her,I wouldnt be on my road to recovery.People feel and see how blessed they are when she speaks,not giving wrong advice.Lezslie stands out for her people skills,personality,always smiling.See MoreRead Less

Review by Neena Gober

I had the pleasure to work with Laura and I know first hand what her value is as an employee and a friend. Professional, dedicated, and great with her patients. She goes above and beyond the normal employee and gives 110 % + to her patients. I know personally what hurdles she has had to face to provide for her daughter and herself. Her service and friendship can not be measured.

Neena Gober/08/21/13
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Review by Art Summers

Did her best , and did more than was expected of her.
I know her from work..
Willing to do more than her job

Review by Terri Hutto

My son and I have known Vic for about ten years now. I will never forget a ball game a group of us from church went to several years ago. My son was only about 5 or 6 years old. Vic sat down next to him during the game and at intermission they had fireworks. Well, during that time I so appreciate how Vic took time with him. I only heard some of the conversation. They were both discussing the fireworks and my son told him he did not like those things.I expected Vic to tell him " oh, you'll get used to them." But, instead he said, "I don't like them either." They both sat there with hands over their ears. My son has loved Vic and thought a lot of him since that time. We love you Vic.See MoreRead Less

Review by Diane Whitaker

Tanya; She is awesomen, she has helped a tremendous amount of veterans with her knowledge, and herbs, and organic foods. I would highly recommend a visit to her website, and try her life saving herbs, and vitamins.See MoreRead Less

Review by Connie Myers

Such an amazing lady! Takes great care of her family and those of us that are her work family..She is a hard worker and helps out all who work with her!See MoreRead Less