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Health Care Providers in Tucson, Arizona

There are 38 recommended Health Care Providers in Tucson, AZ. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Maggie Cervantes

Bess has a ton of gifts! She is a health guru! She is very knowledgable on foods, gifts, family, and most importantly God!
She is full of life and shares her life learned lessons with others and is always willing to help others! Can't wait for her.
healthy cooking classes where I can create new and healthy dishes for my loved ones! Thank you for your love and knowledge in sharing your many ups and downs of life and for being a great woman of faith!
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Review by Andrew Camen

Also what I was trying to say is all My facebook reciepents should back Anne up 100% she has as what I was talking about in Realistate and she became tops in that and with the way times are and to do good and now that she is branching off to a home buisness not that she will need the help but I'm telling u to help and get behind her and help her thrive in a new venture, I know what it is like to start your own buisness I did it and was so good I was taking work away from one who when I was a labor recieved all his work, from U.S. homes one of the biggest in the U.S. and my old forman I was told how he was proud of me even the fact I took his work from him, so Anne is going to Inovate her wat to the top, why do u say is she's hungry and I don't mean for food, to make a name for herself, so I completely recommend u back her u well be able to say I got behind her when she was just starting and she hasn't forgot us little people, just watch her grow, it well be like in park and then she well blast off.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sonia Hodgin

Mega...I hope they have enough space on here! I have had the pleasure of being Mega's little follower. As a child I have seek the wise, the loving, the touch of Angel. How couldn't I? Mega has always been there for the world to nourish everyone. She is amazing in every thing she does. Her business ethics, incredible! Her healing, a gift to us. I even had her do rieki on my son as I was delivering him. Not even a sound came out of him accept to greet us with a smile. Today at 17 a happy loving child. When the sick seeks her, she is wise to offer healing through energy but also knows the strength of herbs and natural path medication. What ever you need, Mega in your life is a gift to yourself.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tony Stovall

Dawn's classes are always fun! I'm never bored and she makes sure we can follow along. I've been to some classes where the instuctor seems to be having their own personal work-out session and the class is intruding. Dawn makes sure that her classes are inclusive. The energy I get from the class lasts all day long. I sometimes catch myself Zumbaing down the hallway at work.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lisa Lee

Vera is a professional that loves what she does, helping people live happy, fulfilling lives through fitness and nutrition. She has a kind heart and always has a smile on her face. I would recommend her to anyone in need of her services.See MoreRead Less

Review by Linda Wylie

Sherry is a walking encyclopedia in her knowledge of nutrition and health! She is a great listener and is a great encourager. Sherry was very instrumental in helping me get control of my health. I feel so much better, I feel as though I have regained thirty years of my life!!

Thank you Sherry, may you continue to reach people, as you did me!

Warm regards,

Linda Wylie
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Review by Tonya Vasaldua

David works non stop, educating people on the undocumented here in the USA, always going the extra mile, to check in on families that there significant other has had to depart the USA,, Giving kind words & hope to those whom have lost the hope or the will to fight ..I'm very blessed to have been connected to such a great WarriorSee MoreRead Less

Review by Kathy Perlman (McGillivray)

Shannon is a dear friend, but even if she was not, I would still tell you how talented she is with massage and energy work for both people and animals. Shannon has a strong clinical understanding of the body, and a knack for listening to what your body and your energy is telling her to get to the root of any issues. She truly cares about each person as an individual and is wonderful at working with each individual to help them with their own specific needs. You are not going to get a "cookie cutter" massage experience with Shannon.
Her calm demeanor makes her excellent with pets, and animals seem naturally drawn to her. As with people, she is able to tap into each animal's energy and allows that to direct her work to give your pet the care it needs. Shannon worked with my dog Spencer during my wedding. It was a high stress and very busy time, and if I handed Spencer's leash to anyone other than Shannon, he was stressed and visibly agitated, but with Shannon he was calm.
Shannon has a way to connect to understand both the physical and energetic issues in both pets and people, and the know how to address them appropriately. If you are interested in having a body work experience with a therapist that truly listens to you, and works with your individual needs - go see Shannon.
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Review by Kay Short

I have known Terri since she was first born and I have always found her to be committed to anything she takes on. She is also dedicated to her family and sees to it that everyone is cared for.See MoreRead Less

Review by Paul Kaylor

WHO? Joking. Maria is an extremely motivated, professional. She is loved by everyone who meets her, and why not. Her warm welcoming personality and demeanor always makes you feel special. I only wish I had five like her to educate the caregivers of tomorrow. I met Maria when she attended a small American Heart Association CPR, First Aid class I was teaching. It turned out Maria and her friend, Wendy were co-owners of a business which provided highly qualified Caregivers to elderly people needing help to stay in their own homes. What a God send.See MoreRead Less