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Health Care Providers in Phoenix, Arizona

There are 69 recommended Health Care Providers in Phoenix, AZ. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Jo Weber

Jen is my cousin, and she is also my chiropractor. In the beginning of my chiropractic care I was uncomfortable with being adjusted. Was it going to hurt?, would there be any risk of injuring my back or neck?
I found that I actually felt better and moved much better after an adjustment. I would have to go more than once but it payed off! I can move my neck side to side with more ease. My back is much better after an injury. It hurt for awhile but the adjustments made a difference and helped my back to loosen up.
After an injury my shoulder was in a lot of pain. I went to the urgent care clinic and the doctor did an X-ray of my arm. He saw nothing wrong with my bones, sent me back to work and had me take something for pain. I knew there was something wrong so I went to see my cousin and she knew exactly what it was! She had me get an MRI to confirm it. It was a torn tendon it was a large tear and I shouldn't have gone back to work. I was so glad Jen was there to help me and give me direction and exercise. I found a great surgeon and he took care of the in my shoulder. But with out Jen's knowledge and genuine concern I may not have moved forward as quickly in my healing process.
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Review by Ed Melisky

I have known Deb for many years. Each time I see her, I am more impressed by her dedication to help others and the fact she continuously trains to keep her knowledge current. These qualities, along with her true compassion, ensure Deb provides the most up-to-date services to her clients. Her personal attention to each customer means she is aware of each customer's individual needs. Deb and I have talked about issues affecting me. Each time I have completed a discussion with her, I feel better about myself and become more impressed with her abilities to help me. If you're looking for a caring, dedicated and articulate counselor, Deb's the Lady for you!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jesse Puente, MA, SPHR, CMEP

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowning Shawn as a classmate for more then Twenty-three years at Edgerton High School. Shawn has been more than the ideal coach, teacher, trainier and most of all a lifetime friend. Shawn has always achieved the highest goals and my deepest respect, he has demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintained a clear sense of purpose.

Shawn’ s superior knowledge and involvement as a strengthing coach has developed a strong sense of confidence as a matter expert in his field. Therefore, I could always depend on him to set the best example as an instructor and coach for anyone who is under his programs. Because of his natural leadership abilities on dealing with people and the caring attitude he shows, I will always hold him in the highest esteem, I sincerely recommend Shawn Bellon as the ideal candidate for any of you training needs, you won't find anyone better.

Respectfully submitted,

Jesse R. Puente , MA, SPHR
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Review by Ann Harwood

Results Only cares about making you better. I came to results only with a hip issue. I ran lop-sided. Between foam rolling, stretching and strength training my gait is so much better. I love going to Results Only because everyone is so supportive and we gave fun working out together. The cost is very reasonable.See MoreRead Less

Review by Georgia Hall

I've known @[1078955358:2048:Marcus Jones] for about three years now, he is a wonderful business partner, always willing to go out of his way to help others succeed, He is the sole reason why I joined Skinny Body Care and I am extremely happy that I did. See you at the top!See MoreRead Less

Review by Nannette Loewenthal

Andrea is truly a gem in the world of caring for people and making sure everything is to the highest standards in the industry. /> Andrea is my sister, but even as a child she would care for injured animals and continued right through with seeing to our parents needs as they aged and were no longer able to function on their own.
Through caring for our parents and with experimenting with alot of the companies out there, we learned there were so many things lacking in the care field. Andrea wanted to make changes to the level of care and amount of education the people had coming to care for loved ones, that is why she started Care with Confidence.
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Review by Judy Marovich

I have personally known June for over 25 yrs. June has always had a compassionate heart in dealing with the sick and disabled. Her professionalism is exeplary. Her patience is a gift. June is an asset to any organization, ecspecially in the healthcare field. She has always shown to want to care for people since she was young and remains the same today. She has personally told me she loves what she does and how rewarding her career has made her feel fulfilling that it sometimes doesn't even feel like a job it feels more like her passion. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If any further information is needed please don't hestiate to request.See MoreRead Less

Review by Delilah Hughes

My Husband and I have only known Billy O for about 14 years. We moved to Homestead, FL in 2001 and my Husband went to the golf course to play a round of golf and met Billy. They played golf for a few years then he moved further North for South Florida, we have kept in contact. He took care of his Mother when her illness got the best of her and he also has been an inspiration to lots of others. It has been a real pleasure knowing him and being able to call him a close friend. If you need anything and he finds out about it or you ask him - he will assist you with whatever it is. Thanks Billy for being our friend... Good luck to you in whatever you chose to do.See MoreRead Less

Review by Larry Saxxon

Dr. Williams is a phenomenal scholar who frankly, has few comparable peers of his caliber!

He masters?both theoretically and from the perspective of a practitioner? Systems Theory the likes of which, I very rarely see in others. Yes, there are scores of organizational development professionals who tend to mouth the terms. Sadly, many neither possess the deep organizational skills nor grasp the deeper spiritual connotations entailed in the words. He intrinsically understands that the change process is uniquely situated in that nexus that is deeply within the cultural and spiritual makeup of both the individual and the organizational culture within which they interplay. He also understands that both are mercurial, organically lucid, and manageable in a humanistic manner.

His own unique creation and refinement of the Theory of Congruence is destined to transform the way we do business both in American and beyond. It is interesting that this seminal theory is readily being both greeted with enthusiasm and aggressively implemented in the Eastern nations. American business is slow to wake relative to this approach, much to our competitive business disadvantage. Ironically, the same process occurred when Deming introduced quality control theory to the nation of Japan. Hopefully, the American business enterprise will wake from its intractable slumber and take heed to this amazing change agent before it?s too late.

In short, Dr. Williams is simply brilliant.

I feel deeply honored to have personally and professionally had the opportunity to bear witness to his organizational transformative skills first-hand. And, I am forever changed as a result.
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Review by Jeff Atwood

This system is a bit strange...but Amara is a wonderful woman with serious experience with relationship building and spiritual practices that honor, rather than disrespect, the material existence we all share as living beings. She is a trusted source of inspiration and advice.See MoreRead Less