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Health Care Providers in Arizona

There are 291 recommended Health Care Providers in Arizona. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Jo Weber

Jen is my cousin, and she is also my chiropractor. In the beginning of my chiropractic care I was uncomfortable with being adjusted. Was it going to hurt?, would there be any risk of injuring my back or neck?
I found that I actually felt better and moved much better after an adjustment. I would have to go more than once but it payed off! I can move my neck side to side with more ease. My back is much better after an injury. It hurt for awhile but the adjustments made a difference and helped my back to loosen up.
After an injury my shoulder was in a lot of pain. I went to the urgent care clinic and the doctor did an X-ray of my arm. He saw nothing wrong with my bones, sent me back to work and had me take something for pain. I knew there was something wrong so I went to see my cousin and she knew exactly what it was! She had me get an MRI to confirm it. It was a torn tendon it was a large tear and I shouldn't have gone back to work. I was so glad Jen was there to help me and give me direction and exercise. I found a great surgeon and he took care of the in my shoulder. But with out Jen's knowledge and genuine concern I may not have moved forward as quickly in my healing process.
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Review by Holly Szymalphabet

I wish Landis Owens lived in the same state as I do so that I could get the one on one personal training and first hand experience. I am writing this from my online experience with him. I have asked him through the years via social media about how to get certain results, diet and exercise routines, and how to do workouts properly to achieve some of the goals that I am aiming for. From my experience with him, I have complete faith in the information that he gives me, for a lot of the results I have received that I was not getting before asking him, I have gotten and have been able to see for myself, as well as others, and have been able to move forward to new things. He is very knowledgeable and more than willing to answer all questions asked to the fullest! If he can help me do this online, I cold only imagine how he would be as a trainer in person! I would definitely have to highly recommend him and his professionalism!See MoreRead Less

Review by Edward Myers

I have known James through affiliate (Network) Marketing. His presence is always one of affirming the other person. His words of encouragement were always a blessing to me, and to others, within his community. What makes James stand out from others is his deep, sincere, desire to make a difference in others and his genuine heart to help.See MoreRead Less

Review by Pam Hudgins Mcalister

I met Carolyn at a Starbucks when I had my 6 month old grandson with me. She was friendly and starting chatting with me. She ended up inviting me to a meeting of the Chat, Chew, and Chocolate group of which she was the president. I went and got to know her and lots of other women where I shared my experiences, learned from theirs, and heard from some good speakers.

Over the years I have been to parties with Carolyn, out to lunch with her, been to her house, had her over to mine, sang karaoke when out with her, and my husband and I even took dance lessons with her and her husband!

I find Carolyn to be very caring and compassionate, friendly, a leader, and a fun loving person!!
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Review by Maggie Cervantes

Bess has a ton of gifts! She is a health guru! She is very knowledgable on foods, gifts, family, and most importantly God!
She is full of life and shares her life learned lessons with others and is always willing to help others! Can't wait for her.
healthy cooking classes where I can create new and healthy dishes for my loved ones! Thank you for your love and knowledge in sharing your many ups and downs of life and for being a great woman of faith!
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Review by Brianne Westberg

Shannon is an amazing coach! She leads by example and is always learning how to better help her team of coaches and customers. Shannon is my coach and she has helped me lose 25 lbs by providing me with the right tools and accountability! Her online support group is what changed my life! I learned so much about how to create a healthy lifestyle that's maintainable. Shannon goes the extra mile and helps you believe you can accomplish the most impossible goal you have for yourself. I ran my first half marathon because of her! Something I wanted to do but never knew when I would do it. With her encouragement and telling me to just do it, I did!See MoreRead Less

Review by Eric Eastman

Christine is one of those rare individuals in both the therapeutic/caring arts and in the performing arts who exemplifies and espouses an ethos of mutual respect, disclosure and discovery. Those who have the good fortune of working with and around her experience a nourishing kind of symbiosis that is rare among professionals in almost any arena. BE illuminated, and empowered - put Christine on your team.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ed Melisky

I have known Deb for many years. Each time I see her, I am more impressed by her dedication to help others and the fact she continuously trains to keep her knowledge current. These qualities, along with her true compassion, ensure Deb provides the most up-to-date services to her clients. Her personal attention to each customer means she is aware of each customer's individual needs. Deb and I have talked about issues affecting me. Each time I have completed a discussion with her, I feel better about myself and become more impressed with her abilities to help me. If you're looking for a caring, dedicated and articulate counselor, Deb's the Lady for you!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Andrew Camen

Also what I was trying to say is all My facebook reciepents should back Anne up 100% she has as what I was talking about in Realistate and she became tops in that and with the way times are and to do good and now that she is branching off to a home buisness not that she will need the help but I'm telling u to help and get behind her and help her thrive in a new venture, I know what it is like to start your own buisness I did it and was so good I was taking work away from one who when I was a labor recieved all his work, from U.S. homes one of the biggest in the U.S. and my old forman I was told how he was proud of me even the fact I took his work from him, so Anne is going to Inovate her wat to the top, why do u say is she's hungry and I don't mean for food, to make a name for herself, so I completely recommend u back her u well be able to say I got behind her when she was just starting and she hasn't forgot us little people, just watch her grow, it well be like in park and then she well blast off.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kim Brown

Though I cannot explain how she does it, Nancy has the ability to put me at ease just by being in her presence. She is a serene force in the midst of chaos, that chaos being my brain. I feel centered in her presence. I feel serene, confident and peaceful, not to mention completely happy. I am in several love relationships--with my husband, my mother, my family and my friends. I can confide in Nancy about any one of my relationships and receive the best possible advice as long as I take her advice and carry through with it. I recommend her highly as an adviser and believe she can be of great help to others.See MoreRead Less