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Health Care Providers in your Network

There are 300 recommended Health Care Providers on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Health Care Provider.

Review by Alice Grande

I met Dr. Deb several years ago when we had neighboring booths at a local Herb Faire. Without saying anything to her about my health issues we eventually struck up a conversation, and the next thing I knew she was telling me about a specific condition I've been bothered with for many years. Wow. What an eye-opening jaw-dropper. She gave me her business card and a couple years later I decided to pay her a visit.

Starting with a foot bath, Dr. Deb explained the results and suggested a treatment plan. I was very satisfied with her recommendations.

Dr. Deb uses muscle testing as part of her examination to help determine the best remedy. Although she works with herbs and homeopathic medicine, she will recommend treatment by an allopathic doctor if it is prudent to do so.

Dr. Deb is the only ND I've ever gone to, so I can't make any comparisons in that respect, nor do I want to. This wonderful lady is the real deal and I love her dearly. She has extensive knowledge in different schools of medicine for both people and their pets, has an awesome sense of humor, is a good listener, has the gift of 'tuning in' to people and animals, is a skilled teacher, and gives back to the Community. Love and Light radiate from her and I bask in it every time I see her.

I have recommended Dr. Deb to several friends and co-workers and the ones that have gone for a visit have been impressed.

I must also add that Dr. Deb's fees are very reasonable. So go see her, visit her website or say hello on Facebook. You'll be glad you did!
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Review by Therese Rowley

Jeremy Bonsol asked me to lunch because he noted that we had complimentary work. Jeremy impressed me because I thought Jeremy would sell me on his work, but instead he really wanted to understand me and my work. He is a generous listener. I received a chiropractic adjustment from Jeremy. Again, he listened to everything i said and then also seemed to be tuning in at another level so that his adjustment was sensitive and helpful.
Jeremy uses his business and his space to help artists, and those involved in wellness. He generously promotes others and I have also known Jeremy to promote competitors. His expertise and generous heart sees only colleagues, not competitors. He really knows community and promotes it for the benefit of all.
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Review by Heidi Feser

Dorene is the most spiritual, energetic and driven person I know! When she says she's going to do something, she gets the job done! She is a great personal trainer with excellent results to prove that. She is honest, down to earth and just a great asset to anyone's life.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jose Martinez

I have been in the martial arts for 40 years and have trained and known some great martial artists in my day. To this list I must add Julie Tittl, owner and operator of Gold Coast Martial Arts. Not only is Julie knowledgable, she makes the learning experience a positive one and her ability to relate to her students makes her a class "A" instructor. Men and woman of all age groups will find her a delight and the kids absolutely love her. I highly recommend that if your in the greater Lakewood Ohio area and are interested in a quality school with an instructor that cares about your growth, go see my friend Julie. She is the best at what she does and you will be the better person for it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robert Gardner

I have known Dr. Terry Box for nearly 33 years as both a colleague and a friend. As both the State Dental Officer (SDO) in the Arkansas Army National Guard and one of the current Executive Officers of the Arkansas State Dental Association, I would have to say that Dr. Terry Box is one of the most knowledgeable and technically proficient dentists I have ever known, not only in Arkansas but in the United States, and I have had the privilege, due to my positions, to know literally thousands of dentists. I have personally observed Terry's dental skills both through serving with him in the National Guard and through our association in the Academy of General Dentistry of which both Terry and I are Fellows of that auspicious organization. In addition to the above qualities he is one of the most caring people I have ever known. If I and my family lived in the same area that Terry Box lived in, he is the dentist I would take my family to for their dental health needs if I could no longer take care of them. I can think of no greater compliment that one dentist can give to another dentist than to state that they are the dentist they would use for their own dental care and Dr. Terry Box is the doctor in Fayetteville, AR that I would use for my dental needs .See MoreRead Less

Review by Mycroft Xerxes

I have known John Rozenberg professionally and personally for over 10 years and have at all times found him to be caring, nurturing, intuitive, and balanced. I can recommend him without reservation and am sure that, if you allow him to nurture your inner light, you will most certainly not be disappointed. I tend to be very cautious and rather stingy when it comes to accolades, but John is one of the few people I can endorse without pause.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tory Cooper

George has been very helpful concerning nutritional information in the past. I turned to George when I played Professional Football in Europe. He answered a lot of questions I had about Nutrient Timing around my workouts and practices to keep weight on and feel agile at the same time. I still abide by that information until this day. Thank you George!See MoreRead Less

Review by Mark Eberle

The Patriot Conservative News Tea Party Network Horton Smith WWII Two Star Rear Admiral Hour is for Suzanne Sharer for her late Uncle Warren.
With George Sinzer Presidential Candidate.
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Review by Darnice Cox

I've know Al for many years. We've done several business transactions together. It was because of Al that I started doing cancer awareness seminars. I thought that I was doing him a favor by walking that journey with him but in reality he helped me. Being able to talk to people about my experience as a survivor and losing my child to it, contributed to my healing. I thought talking about it would cause too much pain and it did in the beginning. After seeing how many people we were able to help with the information we were able to give, my tears of pain begin to turn to tears of joy. I want to thank God for pointing Al in my direction and I want to thank Al for taking me on that journey with him. You have so many gifts. I don't know which one I admire the most. Keep thinking outside of the box.See MoreRead Less

Review by David Holland

I met Jenna when we were stationed together in the US Air Force. Her can do attitude and pride in her work made her stand out from her peers. She kept her PT scores high and volunteered for many of the Squadron functions. I was not at all surprised to see her become a beachbody coach. She really cares about helping others succeed.

Now, Jenna has been a great source of inspiration for my wife and I. Her challenge groups are awesome! She keeps you accountable and doesn't let you slack off. She is very knowledgeable about the beachbody products, nutrition, and fitness in general.

Allowing Jenna in your life will no doubt give you the boost you need to reach that next level. Decide, Commit, Succeed!
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