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There are 300 recommended Health Care Providers on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Health Care Provider.

Review by Debra Bearce

I saw Serge in Boston for a couple years. I went to him referred by my chiropractor. I was feeling lousy although nothing was really wrong or so I thought. I honestly didn;t know how lousy I felt until I felt better. Through Serge I found out it was the food I was eating that was making me sick. He gave me information, did muscle response testing and advised me on what foods were good for you and what foods were not. I needed to give up wheat. I thought to my self how can I give up pasta. I decided at that moment that I had to do something, I had metabolic syndrome, hypertension, fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis and out of control asthma. I suffered migraines, chronic fatigue, insomnia. I was a mess. Now 20 months later, I feel wonderful, I lost 40 pounds, I no longer have asthma symptoms, I do not take any medication for it. No fatigue, no pain, no migraines, sarcoidosis is in remission, and the energy is amazing. I am very good at how I eat, I do not eat pasta,bread and I do not miss it. I eat whole foods and real foods and I never go hungry. My husband inadvertantly follows my eating habits and has lost35 pounds and his out of control hypertension is in control and medication is reduced. He feels great too. The information he provided me I still read and reread as I know it is so true. I spend a lot of time reading about nutrition. I am a new person all because of Serge's expertise.See MoreRead Less

Review by

I was introduced to KORU TOUCH and its certified Esalen Massage Therapist Gregory Cartwright, as a Christmas Gift (2014) from a very dear friend. I will go into further detail later, but for now I will just say this experience was the start of a life changing/arranging experience.

As a twenty and thirty year old I enjoyed lovely body hair patterning of youth. With amble chest, leg and arm hair, my back remained smooth and appealing. Then my forties arrived and I found hair starting to creep to the shoulders and upper back. During those early years, my partner was very gracious to shave my back weekly and I followed up with the shoulders and back of neck which I was able to easily groom. Through my fifties, age continued to bring further hair to my back. During this time period, I had the opportunity to try waxing at a local spa. I looked forward with excitement to the return of smooth hair free back. Instead, I broke out with major bumps over the back which took two weeks to clear. I tried this procedure one more time with the same results. I abandoned this type of treatment, returning to shaving with foam and razor. Although more of hassle, I wasn't paying good money to break out.

As a sixty four year old, I was starting to feel like an 'old fart', not always having the convenience of partner or friend to care for Manscaping. Embarrassed to go shirtless and feeling less appealing to others sexually, my former young self mental image and present reality were oceans apart.

THEN CAME MY FIRST SESSION WITH GREGORY… I walked out that afternoon feeling like a much younger man than the sixty four year old that I was! With the Sugaring I once again had a smooth and beautiful back, shoulders and neck. With further Manscaping, I felt like a thirty year old, and very proud of my manly package. I felt like a new dose of self worth had been gifted to me, along with a new sense of masculine sensuality.

I have always been in tune with my body. It is both sensual and sexual. A naked body is one to be pleased with and never ashamed of. Too often in our culture, the sense of moral modesty has often turned us into creatures that when disrobed, turns one immediately into a realm of sexual arousal. But I have experience several times in California, being patio/pool side and remaining nude in the presence of others for a whole day, enjoying the sensuality and beauty of my body and others. What a lovely and comfortable place to be!

This comfortable place with ones body, is the experience Gregory's clients can count on receiving, when they come to their sessions. Gregory's years of training and expertise brings amazing professional insight, and healing to his patients.

Last month, I received my first every ESALLEN MASSAGE. When the Tibetan singing bowls were being struck over my entire body, I not only heard the beauty of their ethereal sound, but felt the resonance of the Tibetan bowls hovering over my body and then slowly descend onto the surface of my skin. It was possible an out of body experience in reverse. As the messaging hands pass from head to toe, the experience was full and complete tranquility, but I found it much more. As your body feels like it is melting into the soft warmth of the table below, there is mental, and physical rejuvenation… real healing. I found in this experience my body no longer felt sexual, but in the amazing place of sensual beauty and healing. It was a SPIRITUAL PLACE!

Thank you Gregory, for this place of HEALING, HOPE and fresh renewal of SPIRIT!

Respectfully grateful,
John A. Washburn
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Review by Annika Krantz

Tord har livserfarenhet när det verkligen upplevs motgång, men har vänt detta till något positivt som ger medgång/medvind och delar med sig av hela sin själ och hjärta när människor kan uppleva smärta och sorg, så finns han där som en livsvän för dem som befinner sig i glädje men även i nära djupet, lika sann och äkta sprider han sin kärlek, värme och energi som en coachande tröstare och sporrar personen framåt i rätt riktning mot målet!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Timonious Jones

It is a privilege and an honor to speak about Lyle Fried's good character. I have know Mr. Fried for over thirty years and have always found him to be the most loyal, affable, and objective driven person I have ever known.
As a youth in a new town, I was invited by Lyle to meet new people and explore new clubs and service organizations I had no knowledge of before. His kind and gentlemanly nature was reassuring and supportive- traits which continue to recent years.
I am constantly inspired ad motivated by news of his adventures and efforts to make the world a better place.
I am greatful to be associated with him in any way and hope to work with him- or others of his good character.

Should anyone ever have the opportunity to work with Lyle Fried they should jump right in, as there are far too few people like him on our planets.
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Review by Kristen Eileen

Lori Luyten Midwife was my midwife when I was blessed with my firstborn, a son, in September of 2006. My birth location was changed to my home in my 6th month, and Lori could not have been more accomodating or helpful in setting up our birthing tub and helping me figure out how to sleep comfortably on top of a sheet of plastic :) She gave me golden, invaluable guidance, was truly with me in the "with woman" tradition, and arrived just in time to flash me her beautiful smile and tell me I was "made for making babies" before she gracefully directed her student, who caught my son. She was not only my health care provider; she was my counselor, my expert, my trusted adviser and most importantly, my honest friend. I knew I could trust her every word 100% because of the expert care she provided from our very first consultation through my 6-week PP visit. If I am blessed with another soul to pass through my body into Life, I would literally drive from Las Vegas to Orange County if Lori could be my midwife. That's a 4-hour commute each way - and it would be worth every last minute of it. Thank you forever, Lori!See MoreRead Less

Review by Brian Snapp

If you are looking to make positive changes in your life- then I encourage you to seek out the health wellness and nutritional counseling services that Mia provides. Mia and I have been colleagues for the past 3 years-She is BRILLIANT!
Her enduring persistance to guide others along with her bright personality carries GREAT potential to improve the lives of any person seeking to claim health and to improve self- wellness. I highly recommend the kind guidance found, in Mia Davis' work, for her work will certainly enhance your quality of life.
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Review by Erik Engel

Mickie Dixon-Remington is an excellent yoga instructor. She teaches not just yoga, but the secrets that make it easy to obtain and hold the correct posture. I have had many ah ha moments in her class. Before she opened her own studio, it was not uncommon to see 2 or more other yoga instructors in her classes learning with the rest of us.See MoreRead Less

Review by Janice Cavaliere

Carol is not only a committed and highly educated Life Coach but she is also a warm loving person who is an excellent listener and sensitive to her client's, able to 'hear' what is unspoken - She relies on spiritual insight and direction from the greatest mentor of all - she indeed acts as the Lord's hands, feet and heart. Carol's own life experiences have helped to mold and shape her into a teacher who has walked in many of our shoes. Carol helped me reach a point of breakthrough which has changed my life - giving me the freedom to continue to grow and change spiritually, emotionally and in my personal relationships. I highly recommend Carol for Life Coach, Mentor and Teacher.See MoreRead Less

Review by Patrick Conte

Swami Tirtha is truly a remarkable and amazing person. I had the extreme pleasure and honor to attend the Ayurvedic School in New York taught by Swamiji about 15 years ago. There I learned the principles and nuances of Ayurvedic Medicine, and I am deeply appreciative of all his help and support in attaining a PhD degree in Ayurvedic Medicine. He is a teacher filled with kindness, patience, understanding and compassion. Not only does Swamiji provide spiritual guidance, he is quite knowledgeable in social issues, finances, and marketing. He is a multifaceted and multi-talented person with great insight into peoples' emotional and physical difficulties, and I have witnessed his knowledge and effectiveness in helping his clients heal themselves through his guidance. He is a holy man that really enjoys following his dharma and helping everyone along the way.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kerista Wilder

I originally met Charmaine through my Mother during a Light Workers Broadcast. I went to a few Reiki group sessions she put on and enjoyed the energy that was put out. A couple years later I attended the Hawaiian dance classes she taught and absolutely loved them. I think it was at this point I felt a spiritual connection with her. About a year later I began having medical issues. I went to a doctor who would only prescribe pain killers as a solution. My mother suggested that I see Charmaine and I did. Not only did my pain completely disappear the very next day, I left feeling rejuvenated. I have recently started seeing Charmaine to assist with detoxification (spiritually, physically, and mentally) to prepare for the next chapter in my life. My health has drastically improved and I'm in the process of removing any unnecessary " nonsense " in my life. Charmaine is extremely talented, incredibly gifted and her vibration is one of the highest I have ever felt. She is filled so much light and love that to simply be in her presence is a sense of relief. I think one of the many amazing features of her sessions is that she teaches as she heals. She encourages you to heal yourself and shares her knowledge with you. I feel very blessed to know Charmaine.See MoreRead Less