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Health Care Providers in your Network

There are 300 recommended Health Care Providers on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Health Care Provider.

Review by Marva Cotton

We had the privilege of traveling to Pittsburgh, Pa. for our daughter's first liver transplant on June 30, 1985. Dr. Thomas Starzl had just moved from Denver, Co. to Pittsburgh.Dr. Starzl with head of the pediatric transplant at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Dr. Fung was an associate of Dr. Starzl's, but was at the adult hospital, just up the hill, Presbyterian University Hospital. My daughter was diagnosed with a B-cell lymphoma in May, 1988, just 3 yrs. after her first liver transplant.We traveled back to Pittsburgh from Knoxville, Tn., to have protocal written for her treatment. She was in clinical trials with Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. She underwent an aggressive regimen of backing off the anti-rejection drug (cyclosporine), intense chemotherapy, and 10 rounds or radiation near the end of treatment.She went into remission, but the liver was destroyed. She had to go back on the re-transplant list in Jan.1989, and we flew back, air ambulance, to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.She would wait in the hospital until Feb.9, 1989, when a second donor organ became available. After numerous complications, we finally brought her home, at the age of 11 (she had her birthday in the hospital) in April/early May 1989. This 2nd transplant brought her through two more decades and one year.She had outgrown the pediatric practice, and we changed Dr.'s to Vanderbilt Medical Ctr., Nashville, Tn., which was closer to home. My husband had also undergone a life saving liver transplant in May 1999. He and Alicia had the same Doctor/Doctors at Vanderbilt Univ.Med.Ctr. Alicia had more complications and heart surgery, which bought her another year, before going back on the transplant list at Vanderbilt for a third liver transplant. We had a clinic visit on March 8, 2010 and had just left when we got the call that the transplant team was traveling to Memphis, Tn. to retrieve the donor organ. The surgery had to be done in two steps, a day or so apart. She was, after about 9 days, moved out of the Surgical ICU to the step-down ICU. Complications would develop and it was back to the operating room. She spent two weeks and 1 day on the ventilator in critical condition. We spent 2 1/2 months in the hospital and re-hab, and finally returned home at the end of June 2010. Alicia was 85 lbs. by this time, still on a wound-Vac, and left with a bile vistula that required constant nursing. We never lost hope that year, but we started looking for Dr. Fung. We found him at Cleveland Clinic, called and made an appointment. Alicia was so thrilled to get to finally meet him, after all of the good things we had heard about him through the years. Alicia had a stent in the portal vein to the liver, but needed another stint, which radiology Dr.'s at Cleveland Clinic were able to do. We drove to Nashville, Tn. and took a flight to see Dr. Fung. Alicia was regaining new found hope. Never, had we ever met a more compassionate professional. Dr. Fung even gave Alicia his cell phone number and told her to call him if she had any questions or problems with her stay there. I believe she called him once. She had a place in her incision that simply would not heal. Dr. Fung took a surgical kit, and removed some sutures that had been left. Immediately, that area began to heal! It had been giving us such issues.Dr. Fung arranged for Alicia to meet all the medical professionals that she needed to, while we were there.Our stay lasted a month, and she was in the hospital most of this time. Thank you Dr. Fung for your expertise, exceptional medical care and most of all compassion. Dr. Fung is an amazing physician, surgeon, and just remarkable person. We could never say enough good things about the outstanding care we received. Cleveland Clinic is blessed to have Dr. John Fung, as Chairman of Digestive Diseases. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for your patients.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jim Lievano

As a paramedic I have taken many patients to Stephanie for her care. The one thing that stands out is her genuine compassion for her patients. I have witness her go to battle for her patients, it doesn't matter to her who she has to stand up to as long as she can be an advocate for her patients. She is one strong woman and I would want her in my corner any time, any place under any circumstance.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ingeborg Reni

If you are looking for QUALITY - PROFESSIONALISM - KNOWLEDGE - combined with KINDNESS - HUMOR - DEDICATION and HONESTY...you have found the correct person in Irene. I am just stating FACTS here. No emotional advertisement. See MoreRead Less

Review by Holly Szymalphabet

I wish Landis Owens lived in the same state as I do so that I could get the one on one personal training and first hand experience. I am writing this from my online experience with him. I have asked him through the years via social media about how to get certain results, diet and exercise routines, and how to do workouts properly to achieve some of the goals that I am aiming for. From my experience with him, I have complete faith in the information that he gives me, for a lot of the results I have received that I was not getting before asking him, I have gotten and have been able to see for myself, as well as others, and have been able to move forward to new things. He is very knowledgeable and more than willing to answer all questions asked to the fullest! If he can help me do this online, I cold only imagine how he would be as a trainer in person! I would definitely have to highly recommend him and his professionalism!See MoreRead Less

Review by Barbara Phillips

I have known Tamekka since infancy, and can't think of a more caring, sensitive, compassionate and dedicated person who has always put the needs of others first. May she continue to be blessed and a blessing as she moves forward in all of her future endeavors.See MoreRead Less

Review by Iris Iriss

An amazing women! Besides being an expert at her field above anything else she is an amazing human being, she listens she cares and she helps without looking at the clock. I felt a connection to Annette before I even met her , I wrote to her that I'm going in circles in my life and that I need her help , my exact words was " it's you and god that I believe that can help me at this point". So I got a blessing from an amazing Rabi and Annette came to my house she advised me of what I need to change, she did a personal chart that amazed me and that did not end at that, Annette sent me follow up emails and answered my questions where ever she was around the world.
Having Annette touch your life is a blessing, she is a true kind soul and a great feng shui master and much more. Thank you Annette! Love light and blessings to you!
See MoreRead Less

Review by Sarah Noel

Laura was my midwife for my second birth, first homebirth. My pregnancy care was outstanding. I loved visiting with her and bringing my daughter along. Laura would involve her and welcome her each time. Our visits were a family event. My feelings were always validated and treated with care and I felt like I was heard and understood. When it came time for the birth, Laura was quickly available and reassuring. She arrived at a comfortable time and came into our home with a calm and loving presence. She was confident in my abilities to labor and birth at home and was supportive and encouraging throughout the day. As hard as we worked during labor, we had some fun moments and shared laughter which eased the pain and discomfort. I had some unexpected setbacks with some cervix issues and the position of my baby. Laura was professional and handled it so well. She was intuitive and trusted her instincts as well as mine when I needed to find new ways to get comfortable and progress. She was a good sport and ended up with an out of the ordinary birthing situation. When my son was finally born, he had a sticky shoulder and needed some quick assistance. Laura remained calm and did what she had been trained to do. The birth was empowering and beautiful. My care after birth was remarkable. I was treated so well, baby was handled with amazing love and care and I felt so comfortable. She stayed with me for quite a while and left as soon as I felt comfortable. She was back the next day to check on us and was always attentive and made us feel like a priority. Her professionalism with other people who were involved with my birth was outstanding. She was so respectful of family who was present and especially with my 2 year old daughter. My daughter is 6 now and still remembers that day and how she was one of the first people to love and snuggle her new brother. They are so close and I attribute much of that to her experience at his birth. Laura is an amazing woman and advocate for birth and strengthening women. She believes in the ability a mother has to birth her baby and spends her days empowering women who maybe don't understand their great capacity and gift. I could not possibly say enough about Laura and the gift she has been to me and my family. She is a lifelong friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jean Dace Sprague

Susan is a wonderful Massage Therapist. She is very attentive to her clients. The business she operates, Essential Yoga and Massage, is a fantastic place with fantastic people. When you walk in you instantly feel welcome and relaxed. The atmosphere is extremely inviting, relaxing and very well organized. Her continued dedication to the physical and mental well-being of her clients is top notch. She is continually creating new experiences and classes as options for optimal health, relaxation and mental wellness! I would highly recommend Susan, Any one of her staff members, and business as an Essential ingredient to achieve optimal health, nutrition and over all well-being.See MoreRead Less

Review by Shawna Yant

Seeking knowledgable, experienced and wise medical doctors is a common practice and in my opinion it is equally if not more important to find a skilled psychologist. My life greatly improved with Anne's help as her sessions gave me the right perspectives so I could live a healthier life by setting appropriate boundaries. I learned many valuable life lessons that without her knowledge it would have taken me years to learn if I learned at all. Her knowledge of the real world as a mother, grandmother, daughter, wife and manager in the corporate world coupled with her education gives her a balanced insight. I highly recommend Anne if you're looking for someone that is not judgmental and truly cares about her clients!See MoreRead Less

Review by Natalie McNosky

Jeanne Wilson is amazing! She's so caring and compassionate! I went with my mom who has had some issues with mammograms and turned to Thermography as a healthy holistic alternative. Jeanne made the experience wonderful for my mom - she also helped explain things to me when I had questions. I'm planning on only ever using Thermography when it comes to my female-health. I more than highly recommend Jeanne! Great job Jeanne - thank you so very much for my mom, and on behalf of all the women that you help!See MoreRead Less