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Health Care Providers in your Network

There are 300 recommended Health Care Providers on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Health Care Provider.

Review by Katie Mathiesen

I just want to say what a total blessing it has been for me to be a part of this awesome team! I LOVE that our coach, Michael Ryan is so helpful, knowledgeable beyond belief (every time I have one question for him I learn at least 5 new valuable things), he has his heart all the way in and truly wants us all to succeed and leads by example. I LOVE that it has brought my family closer. I LOVE that it has made my family healthier. I LOVE that is has made me hotter (hehehe). I LOVE that I do not have to borrow money from my daughter's savings account anymore (that is a hard one to admit to). I LOVE that the company cares more about the people than the money (coaches AND customers alike). I LOVE running challenge groups and helping my friends as well as total strangers (at first) get healthier. I LOVE the positive people I have met from the team that are becoming new great friends (too many to list). NOT ONE THING I DISLIKE ABOUT ANY OF THIS AFTER 7 MONTHS, it just keeps getting better! Thanks to all of you for making this THE best place to be!See MoreRead Less

Review by Miriam De Lyon

As a pediatrician, I have had both personal and professional contact with Dr. Cohen over the years: I and one of my sons have actually had some hand/wrist issues, and Dr. Cohen has been extremely helpful. His office is smoothly run, and his staff is friendly. Because of my very positive experience with him, I refer all my patients with upper extremity issues to him and know they will be well cared for. He is a perfect combination of good bedside manner, willing to answer questions at length, and technically competence.See MoreRead Less

Review by Brenda Smith

To be honest, Dr. Osborne probably wouldn't want us to say what HE has done for us. He would want us to tell how he has taught US what we can do to help ourselves. With his guidance and knowledge of your body and spine, we have learned there are 5 principles to a healthy and happy life. Of utmost importance, your spine and nervous system must be kept in good working order. Subluxation of the spine can cause a multitude of daily health problems that we never understood, until now.

My husband Bob, was diagnosed with cancer stage 4C in October 2008. I had several health issues that have plagued me since childhood. After becoming a patient in April of 2010, our lives have had a complete turnaround. Bob looks younger and healthier than ever and people call him the "Energizer Bunny". As for myself, I'm healthier, happier and live in less pain that I ever could have imagined. After years and years of seeing medical doctors, you just kind of give up and figure you are destined to live in pain.....but not true. NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE AWAY YOUR HOPE! There IS always hope and if you make that call today, you will have found the hope you're looking for.

Through friends we were introduced to Dr. Osborne and it changed our lives. If you are sick and tired of being "sick and tired".......make your appointment TODAY. Every day you wait is one more day you could have been closer to having the relief from pain you need/want. Even IF you don't suffer from health issues today, make an appointment to make sure you stay healthy in the future. A back that is out of alignment means trouble for the whole nervous system and body.

GO - see Dr. Osborne TODAY, you will not be sorry. When God made him, he threw away the mold. As someone said in their review above, he loves and genuinely cares for EVERY patient that walks through his office doors. As for his staff, well - you'll just think you are part of their family. Wonderful and caring people. NOW GO, what are you waiting for? Make that appointment! He is more like a "close friend than a distant doctor".........and what a sense of humor!

Thank you Dr. Osborne for ALL that you've done and taught us about getting that healthy and happy life we all wish for. Hugs to you and your family and staff.
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Review by Jo Weber

Jen is my cousin, and she is also my chiropractor. In the beginning of my chiropractic care I was uncomfortable with being adjusted. Was it going to hurt?, would there be any risk of injuring my back or neck?
I found that I actually felt better and moved much better after an adjustment. I would have to go more than once but it payed off! I can move my neck side to side with more ease. My back is much better after an injury. It hurt for awhile but the adjustments made a difference and helped my back to loosen up.
After an injury my shoulder was in a lot of pain. I went to the urgent care clinic and the doctor did an X-ray of my arm. He saw nothing wrong with my bones, sent me back to work and had me take something for pain. I knew there was something wrong so I went to see my cousin and she knew exactly what it was! She had me get an MRI to confirm it. It was a torn tendon it was a large tear and I shouldn't have gone back to work. I was so glad Jen was there to help me and give me direction and exercise. I found a great surgeon and he took care of the in my shoulder. But with out Jen's knowledge and genuine concern I may not have moved forward as quickly in my healing process.
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Review by Dennis Corbin

Vincent is the older brother to one of my good friends from high school. We were in 10th grade and Vincent was in 12th on the football team. We all know how the seniors can be to the underclassmen. Not Vincent, he treated me like I was his brother and always watched out for me. He was a caring person who treated everyone equal. I am sure that Vincent takes that same approach in his business, he is just a great guy. Always was, always will be. If he lived closer he would definitely be my massage therapist. I fully recommend him as a therapist and a person.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandra Capps

I first met Michael on Facebook. I was intrigued by his kindness and his knowledge of the paranormal. I was amazed to learn that he took the time to explain some things that were occurring in my home ! I was a complete stranger, yet he was interested enough to take time to counsel me on these events. Who does that in this day and time ??? And free of charge ! As I got to know him, through private messages, telephone conversations, and his articles in Examiner.com I began to see the full person of, Michael Einspanjer and what a wonderful young man he is. His articles always touch my heart and soul. I have never asked for answers or requested prayer that he did not respond promptly ! I have known him to counsel as many as thirty people in one day !!! FREE ! Think of how you feel after talking with ONE grieving person ! He conducts his business, Memphis Paranormal with complete honesty and integrity. Everyone that works with him must pass a background check. This compassionate gentle soul is truly one of a kind ! I am proud to call him my friend and thrilled he consented to be my adopted grandson ! When God made Michael, He was absolutely showing off !See MoreRead Less

Review by George Zafiropoulos

Mike is truly dedicated to the mission in promoting the goodness of mankind in a spiritual and humanitarian manner. His dedicated focus and inclusion of all promotes an environment of compassion and diversity which transcends in Michael endeavors. Mike consitanlty demonstrates a can do attitude no matter what obstacle is presented. His genuine compassion and deep rooted convictions are clearly exemplified in his involment with many charitable organizations and serving those less fortunate. Mike instills a high level of trust and leadership in a calming and non bias approach, which fosters others involvements to his cause.See MoreRead Less

Review by Georgiana Johnson

5 Stars for Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Patients who have been non-responsive to other psychiatric care--many of us in the US nonprofit organization of Women for Women of Sierra Leone USA, witnessed RESPONDED to treatment from Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. We witnessed Dr. McCurtis' interaction with patients, in the war-torn country of Sierra Leone, who suffered from severe depression; many feeling "no need to live"; others unexplainable pain leading to sleepless nights--frequent heart racing--severe sweating in cool weather--continued loss of appetite. .. ; fear of getting up from bed; constant reminder of exactly events that happened to their predicament; severe PTSD, ALL responded within a few days, after being seen by Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Today, many PTSD patients--the illegally amputated; the former sex slaves; war-wounded victims; their families, etc. CONTINUE to sign high praises for Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Because of Dr, Henry Lloyd McCurtis they can function; because of Dr. McCurtis they want to "live;" because of Dr. McCurtis they can smile for the FIRST time after their years of "inner pain/suffering." Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis is called by many throughout Sierra Leone "Dr. Obai."See MoreRead Less

Review by Debra Mccarty

We have had the pleasure to know Jill for several years now as neighbors & good friends. Jill is truly dedicated to her clients and those who know her on a personal and professional level. Their success,
is her greatest achievements. She is consistent, honest, she will help you attain the results required to meet your goals. So, look no further, Jill is the real deal one meeting with her and you will know you have made the right choice! Jill truly cares about your well-being and health. She is awesome!
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Review by Deborah Autin

Several years ago, in preparation for a planned facelift, I began visiting surgeons in the area looking for "the right one". I think I met just about all of the local surgeons, then I found Dr. Metzinger, he was recommended by 2 other doctors actually. I got botox the first visit, fillers here and there, and many, many microdermabrasions (thank you Norma - you're my hero). That was 7 years ago! And while I still plan to get that facelift, for now my skin looks great! I've met (and some I even know very well) Dr. Metzinger's patients and the results are natural looking and they look great many years after their surgeries. Dr. Metzinger will give you options, do great follow-up, his staff is great, the office is beautiful, the patients are happy. Feels like a family, I've even met his mom and dad.See MoreRead Less