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Psychologists in California

There are 42 recommended Health Care Providers in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Danielle Reda

Andrea is one of those rare people who can manage to pull people together through sheer will and personality. I met her while abroad earlier this year and in a heartbeat she was getting me involved in my new environment, networking , and exploring new possibilities. She is a force of one and one I look forward to seeing where her journey takes her next. Maybe she'll take us along with her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Larry Aaronson

David Bresler and The Bresler Center has been in the vanguard of pain non narcotic, non surgical pain and stress relief since the 60's. Bresler set the standard for others when acupuncture was dismissed by conventional western medicine. Giving full disclosure he is family. (My first cousin!) He introduced me to all his alternative ideas very early on in the mid-sixties, which I first thought skeptically and was initially dismissive. But the proof was in the successful healing practices. He has been successfully advising all of us for nearly 5 decades to great effect. David pioneered his successful treatment modalities, introducing them to UCLA Medical school before anybody thought it ethical or possible. He convinced the California legislature by continually demonstrating successful and enduring healing practices, such that they came to legalize many protocols of alternative healing modes. Equally important David Bresler set the standard for superior alternative medical practice. That alone speaks volumes, given all the ineffective and risky alternative healing practices in the wild and unregulated free markets of California. The Bresler Center is synonymous with professionalism.See MoreRead Less

Review by Laura Fine

Dr. Walt Rutherford is a true healer. Not only is he perceptive and intuitive, he challenges me to grow all the while being unconditionally loving and accepting. There is no one like him. I never tire from being in his presence. Walt has been a teacher, mentor and therapist for me and now I am honored to be his colleague. His breadth of scope of practice is mind boggling. His depth of personal life experience is hard to believe in someone with such a joyful spiritual heart and attitude. Anyone who has the privilege to find and work with Walt is truly blessed. He is a master.
Laura Fine
Director: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing.
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Review by Rusty Rush

I have known Richard and his family, including his parents, for more than 40 years. Richard's father was a world famous chemist at Texas A&M University and his brother a very successful insurance broker and now a budding photographer. If forced to describe Richard in one word, it would be integrity. There is no task that he could undertake and not be successful with it. He rose to the top in the advertising business and I would expect him to do the same in any endeavor. He's simply a winner.See MoreRead Less

Review by William Lamping

Kenneth Gailey helped me through one of the roughest times in my life. His counseling and friendship through my mothers terminal illness and death was priceless. He talked me through it and even took me to her funeral to make sure that I was okay. This was while I was in treatment for drug addiction and he was a counselor and in my opinion one of the very finest. He had no moral obligation or legal obligation to go above and beyond the call of duty as a counselor in my time of need but he did so without reservation or any expectations at all. He was not trying to make a friend, he was just doing what he thought was right, and he made a friend and that kind of friend is hard to find. He owed me nothing he barely knew me and yet when I needed one he treated me like a brother.
His years of experience in the police force with training and CPR and medical treatment and ability to work with other human beings are irreplaceable.
In my honest opinion Kenneth Gailey would be the first person that I would hire in the field of medicine or helping others in any way shape or form. And above all of this Kenneth Gailey can be trusted with lives of others.
William E. Lamping
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Review by Janis Martin

Susan, you are great. I hear great things about you from the student that I have referred to you for hypnosis.

Review by Marsha Hynes

Yvonne has always been a go getter, very effecient and thorough. She gets the jobs done! We have been friends since college and went through dental hygiene together. I was in her wedding. She helped me start my love of painting. we are still friends and will stil stand together.See MoreRead Less

Review by Daniel Winner

Kaitlyn's enthusiasm and care is beyond reproach. Her gentility and experience gives her more tools in giving support to those with chronic pain than any other person with which I have had interaction. If you have a chronic pain condition, Kaitlyn Stevens-Pintor is one of the first people you should seek.See MoreRead Less

Review by Angelo Parodi

Stefania is one of the most amazing people I know. She listens with such patience and understanding and always with compassion. I would recommend her to anyone.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michell Morgan

I have watched Stewart grow and has a great connection with Special Needs Young Adults & children. He has a great passion and a great insight to their needs and encouragement. He has first hand experience with the daily living and skills required. I would highly reccommend him for leadership for our Youth!See MoreRead Less