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Psychiatrists in your Network

There are 61 recommended Health Care Providers on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Health Care Provider.

Review by Georgiana Johnson

5 Stars for Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Patients who have been non-responsive to other psychiatric care--many of us in the US nonprofit organization of Women for Women of Sierra Leone USA, witnessed RESPONDED to treatment from Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. We witnessed Dr. McCurtis' interaction with patients, in the war-torn country of Sierra Leone, who suffered from severe depression; many feeling "no need to live"; others unexplainable pain leading to sleepless nights--frequent heart racing--severe sweating in cool weather--continued loss of appetite. .. ; fear of getting up from bed; constant reminder of exactly events that happened to their predicament; severe PTSD, ALL responded within a few days, after being seen by Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Today, many PTSD patients--the illegally amputated; the former sex slaves; war-wounded victims; their families, etc. CONTINUE to sign high praises for Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis. Because of Dr, Henry Lloyd McCurtis they can function; because of Dr. McCurtis they want to "live;" because of Dr. McCurtis they can smile for the FIRST time after their years of "inner pain/suffering." Dr. Henry Lloyd McCurtis is called by many throughout Sierra Leone "Dr. Obai."See MoreRead Less

Review by Sharon Sprouse

Helen was the most caring nurse one could ask for.she went above and beyond. She sat with me for as long as I needed, always asking what she could do to help me.she always showed true concern. I would ask for her if I ever needed a nurse. She is amazing . How did I know her our children played together . Now I know she is one of my sister.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kamala Das

Jennifer is an incredible yoga teacher. She is extremely intuitive. Her classes are paced well and she has a knack for explaining postures so you can understand. She is also incredibly generous and fun to be around!See MoreRead Less

Review by Gloria Capone-maher

Gail is a true professional. She provides strong clinical feedback, along with caring guidance. It is wonderful having confidence in a peer that truly has the best interest of the client at hand.See MoreRead Less

Review by Linda Howard

Alma is an amazing person, and it shines through her jewelry pieces. Unique, sophisticated, and stylish.

Review by Debbie Carson

Marzena is extremely professional in her work and diligent in the people she helps. She ensures that the clients best interest are a priority and is an advocate for people with mental disorders. She is a well respected member of the community among clients as well as other health care professionals.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michell Morgan

I have watched Stewart grow and has a great connection with Special Needs Young Adults & children. He has a great passion and a great insight to their needs and encouragement. He has first hand experience with the daily living and skills required. I would highly reccommend him for leadership for our Youth!See MoreRead Less

Review by Richard Birgel

Crae is a highly dedicated healthcare professional. He is also a kind and caring individual who exceeds all levels of professionalism and ethics within the healthcare field. I have known Crae for over 10 years and watched the growth of his career growth. He has been a direct positive influence in my life during a previous personal healthcare emergency. I would highly recommend Crae as a healthcare administration professional.See MoreRead Less

Review by Suzanne Winter-austin

Since the awful night we met on-line, Susan has been my "sister" I never had. She's there in the good times - and the hard times. I highly recommend her to be your friend, too! I LOVE this woman - and the Great Guy she married...may they be forever BLESSED.See MoreRead Less

Review by Suzanne Byington Hall

I have known Lynn since the 9th grade. She is truly a great person and has always been very responsible and hard working. She helped me understand that there was more to life than just school work. I know that I would not be the person I am today without her influences. She knows what she wants and she just makes it happen each and every time. Although we haven't spoken in a while, I think of her very often.See MoreRead Less