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Personal Trainers in Washington

There are 24 recommended Health Care Providers in Washington. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Ken Hiatt

I've known Rusty for several years now and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves at their sport. I first met him when he was doing spin classes and in the group setting he was able to motivate the group while still keeping an eye on the individual. His class was my "hard" spin each week and I attribute it to some serious gains in my ability to climb and sprint.

I've also had the opportunity to see Rusty coaching others as I turn a wrench part time at Mr. Crampy's. The impressive thing, for me, with Rusty is his ability to connect with ALL levels of athletes. He gives as much attention to the folks trying to get into shape and complete their first sprint triathlon as he does to the top athletes that are trying to shave seconds off their times.

Good coach, good human, good friend.
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Review by Ed Dowling

Kym is one of those wonderful people who is so full of love that it just spills out onto everyone that she is with. Wise and disciplined, she will guide you to achieve your goals in a firm, gentle manner. She'll be so in tune with you that you'll think you did it all by yourself!See MoreRead Less

Review by ReBecca Lavin

Look, Joe is my son and therefore you may say I am giving this review from a mother's skewed perspective. Not entirely so. I am reviewing Joe's abilities as a Licensed Massage Therapist of 12 years and (I have to say it...a proud parent) and colleague. I have received massage from Joe and taught massage with him. I can say, without a doubt, that Joe has a truly unique style and is a gifted therapist. He listens and adapts. Always has insightful tips on self-care As a teacher, he makes learning fun and students go away with the feeling they actually learned more than they thought possible. I advise you to make an appointment, whether for ultimate relaxation, injury treatment or anything in between. Joe's massages not to be missed!See MoreRead Less

Review by Betty Rohner

We used Yoga Flow in our home for over a year. The gentle yoga helped me and my husband get accustomed to working with yoga. Yoga Flow is very professional and encourages you to only do what you feel you can and then applauds you for it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Nora Jean Flowers

So supportive ! She personaly hand delivered doterra's "breathe". To my rescue as many are discovering the imeadiate relief it provides. While i was avoiding an emergency room visit. And then delivered a portion of it to a client for me...at a missions shelter for them also !See MoreRead Less

Review by Brett Leyden

If you are looking for a great personal trainer and nutritionist, I highly recommend Ruthless Ruth! Many of you know that I have put a team together for Hood to Coast which is the world' largest running relay race at a distance of 196 miles from Mount Hood, OR to the beach at Seaside, Oregon for over 14 years. Ruth has been behind the scenes helping me get my nutrition and core strength down on many of those years. She is Ruthless so move over Jillian Michaels! Ruth can also help you in just a better quality of life too with just the basics.... She also puts a great hiking group together and plans the whole summer full of hikes. She simply is amazing and a wonderful human being. Love her!See MoreRead Less

Review by Michele Webster

Debby is one of the best trainers I’ve had. I’ve been going to Sculptor Fitness for over 7 years. She is 110% dedicated in getting you the best results: increased strength, weight loss and body toning, and nutritional knowledge. She never skimps on training time; it’s 60 full minutes if not more. Totally focused on correct form, posture and trains at your level of skill, plus provide positive coaching to push you on to the next level. She is always positive in her approach, caring and willing to go that extra mile to make you successful.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lori Joyce

Don really cares about "YOU"! He will make sure you get exactly what you want! He is a real person with a fabulous wife. And when your best friend marries someone,
you really make sure they are someone of character! Don passes the girlfriend test!
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Review by Meghan Hamilton

Bill is the best trainer out there! I had a lofty goal to lose a significant amount of weight while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan; working out with Bill 3x a week, and following his nutritional suggestions really paid off!!! I got to surprise my hubby by showing up to greet him 60lbs lighter! Such an amazing moment that Bill helped me to achieve by encouraging me every single session. One of the many fantastic things about Bill is that he is great at training and adapting any workout to any level of fitness. I am the perfect example of that, and a true testament to his knowledge and skill set :)
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Review by Tina Harding Grayson

Irfan is the type of manager that gives you the freedom to do your job without micro managing every detail. If there is something I need or need to speak with him about he makes the time and helps if needed.
Ryan is also great about interacting with his staffs clients too. He also is good about answering /tending to/interacting with his staffs clients.
I love that Ryan shows up to work happy. I've never seen a downside!
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