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Personal Trainers in Ohio

There are 18 recommended Health Care Providers in Ohio. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Jose Martinez

I have been in the martial arts for 40 years and have trained and known some great martial artists in my day. To this list I must add Julie Tittl, owner and operator of Gold Coast Martial Arts. Not only is Julie knowledgable, she makes the learning experience a positive one and her ability to relate to her students makes her a class "A" instructor. Men and woman of all age groups will find her a delight and the kids absolutely love her. I highly recommend that if your in the greater Lakewood Ohio area and are interested in a quality school with an instructor that cares about your growth, go see my friend Julie. She is the best at what she does and you will be the better person for it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Brendan O'connor

I love working out with Rainer Hartmann at CrossFit Cincinnati. I dedicated myself to working out in February of 2012. Under Rainer's guidance I have lost over 33 pounds and have gained a ton of muscle. Rainer makes sure that there is never a boring day at CrossFit Cincinnati. The workouts are varied and very challenging. He does a great job of modifying the workout to meet my needs and to get the greatest potential out of me. I highly recommend that anyone remotely interested in CrossFit contact Rainer and give it a try.See MoreRead Less

Review by William Mitchell

She makes the training fun, entertaining, and she's very serious about making sure that you are ready for a fabulous new you! And not just for one or two seasons...these workout sessions are for lifetime of good health! There are no gimmicks here; Kimberley makes working out a fun experience, but don't let that fool you...you are going to work out every inch of your body, and when your body is in shape, the human mind takes notice! I did take a few lessons in learning Yoga, and that really helps me to relax after a stressful day on the job, and driving along the expressways on the drive home everyday! I'm just not as tense as I once was! I highly recommend Kimberley for a workout that will bring results! She's wonderful.See MoreRead Less

Review by Shirley Florence

Debbi is a very wonderful person, an excellent business women, and an amazing leader. When ever I have the privelge of being around her, she always has a smile and kind word to say.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jim Settecase

Frank and his wife, Nalin are live down the street from me, but I didn't see them that often. Then one day, I saw just how much weight the both of them had lost. I was amazed. When I asked them what they had done, they told me about the ViSalus products and invited me to a product/business preview meeting. I had recently had two operations that have kept me from being able to exercise and I had put on about 20 pounds because of it. I wasn't clear to begin exercising again, but knew I needed to start doing something to lose the weight. I began a 2 shake a day routine and in one year's time I have lost 25 pounds- all without exercise. I had another surgery during this time further prohibiting me from beginning an exercise program. Frank never pushed his products on me; they pretty mush sold themselves. Frank is always professional, pleasant and very excited about the benefits of his products. He is a pleasure to do business with and has become a good neighbor-friend in the process.See MoreRead Less

Review by Raine Austen

For many years I've been able to reach out to Jack Wolf with questions and issues regarding my vitamin needs - and home cleaning solutions, including earth friendly trash bags. His wonderful and caring demeanor makes me feel comfortable with every "silly" question. It's impossible to write just a few kind words about Jack (and Pat) Wolf, because I could write a novel. Two of the kindest people on the planet that everyone should have the good fortune to meet - and do business with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Chuck Stimac

Roseann, is a great motivator. Her skills and knowledge are far more advanced than anybody I've know in the business. She lives and breathes fitness and a healthy life style: so it's not a job. She shares her way of life. I met Roseann at the church carnival a number of years ago. We have been friends and affiliates ever since.See MoreRead Less

Review by Susan Deheer

I have know Teresa for over 45 years. We grew up in the same small town and became friends when we worked together at a company called Modernfold Industries.

I have been a client of Teresa's in a project that she worked on and marveled at her ability to not only manage the product she was selling but also the people that worked in her territory. Customer Service was her top priority.

Theresa's ability to take life and see the good in it and to always strive to meet and achieve goals, not only for herself but her client as well, makes Theresa the perfect partner. She is one of the most positive people I know. Along with her professional approach to management she give staff and her clients a feeling of confidence in any transaction.
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Review by Tracey Clark

Charles has helped me with so many things, from working out and around past injuries to improving my knowledge on fitness and nutrition! I have been active all my life and he is a fountain of knowledge. He knows his stuff and has always been there for me with ready help and answers! You ROCK Charles!See MoreRead Less

Review by Sadie Murray

I met Marcin through Social Media. We have mutual interests and I quickly realized he is perhaps one of a most knowledgeable, and savvy social-net-workers and a strong advocate!

Marcin is willing to share, promote and connect others who may have similar interests and/or needs. Just take a look at his Klout scores!!! Highly recommend!!
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