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Personal Trainers in New Jersey

There are 25 recommended Health Care Providers in New Jersey. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Shalena Lopes

Dana is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Not only does she train you to your fullest but she trains herself the same way. Dana will push you to your farthest limit until you almost break and then pull you back, and in the end of your workout will be grateful. She shows you that you CAN do it and that can't is not in her vocabulary! My husband and I take her class on Saturday A.M. Called Reps2Ripped and it's awesome. Everyone should try the drug called Dana, but I warn you, you'll be hooked!
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Review by Johnnie Wade

While I have not been to the Port-O-Call Hotel to eat Chef David's food I know several that has and they all rave about his food. I know Chef David through the martial arts as a fellow martial arts teacher. If his martial arts is anything like his food, it will be superb. David is an excellent martial artist and teacher; he prides himself on excellence! I've seen him grow over the years as well as his students, he is a credit to the area's martial arts and quality person... GrandMaster JQ Wade, Jr President of US Freestyle Karate Federation.See MoreRead Less

Review by Roxanne Thaler

What can I say about warren in one word to sum it all up?...RESULTS!!! I have worked with Warren for a few years now and I can honestly say that not only is Warren great at what he does, he is also very involved with us ladies. Warren is always available to us ladies. I wonder if this man ever sleeps,lol. I can text him anytime with questions, concerns and even for support!
Warren has been doing this for close to 20 years now. All of my meals are balanced and I always get great results when I listen to Warren and really follow his instruction and plan.
Warren is not just great at what he does because of his knowledge, but more for his passion! Besides being a phenomenal nutrition coach, and a Powerlifting Champ himself, He is such a passionate Competition Coach, and when we are on that stage it's like Warren was on the stage winning 1st place that's how happy and proud he is of us all!
Warren listens to me, works with me to help me accomplish my goals, always makes himself available, is very supportive, very affordable and that is important to me! I know of coaches that just hand you a plan and workout and are never available, live across the globe and just charge a ridiculous fee.
I am proud to be Both a client and Team BBW Girl!!!
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Review by Zachary Ramp

Omg I was so overweight n my girlfriend and I did personal training sessions together and the results were amazing..she is such a great motivator and encourages all the healthy habbits including ways to still eat what u want and lose weight See MoreRead Less

Review by Lynn Rodden

Larry is a sweetheart and always there for his kids and those who depend on him. I would trust him with MY kids! A good friend to have!

Review by Shirley Goss

Lisa is wonderful!!! I was curious about Isagenix and she gave me detailed information about your wonderful product line and opportunity. Lisa is very out-going, kind, and very professional I feel that she really knows her "stuff" and I would recommend her and your product line to anyone.See MoreRead Less

Review by Donna Karakashian

Gary is a great personal trainer. I had to lose 30lbs so I figured that my brother could help me. He took his time to go over with me on what to eat and what kind of exercise to do. I did lose 30lbs in three months. Remember don't think that its a diet, its not its a change of a lifestyle. I would recommend him to anyone.See MoreRead Less

Review by Traci Rosenberg

Meg creates a wonderful environment in her classes. She always seems to know exactly what we need and runs the ideal class every time. She is warm, compassionate and lots of fun. A wonderful teacher!See MoreRead Less

Review by Karen Montclair

Deb is one of the hardest working and most dedicated small business owners in Montclair today. She gives 100% to everyone she works with. She cares about building community, and about the needs of every student. See MoreRead Less

Review by Claire Gonzalez

Bernie is a very nice accomodating professional.I would recccomend him for any business venture.