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Personal Trainers in Orlando, Florida

There are 3 recommended Health Care Providers in Orlando, FL. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Ladyann Hernandez

I met Gisselle, the Z Crew and the A Team at the Zumba Cruise Last November 2011. The minute I tried her Zumba class, I've decided that I will find out where she teaches and her class schedule. I love her style and choreography. She makes her Zumba Classes fun, so much fun that you will never realize how hard you are working out,,, and how much calories you shed, sweating your whole body away (Best way to cleanse your body). Her class doesn't only help people physically, it also help us shed out our emotions and stress of our everyday life, by releasing our energy dancing and listening to her lovely choice of music. Oh and may I mention, Gisselle makes and the Z Crew makes our classes so much fun when they set up events and themes on special occasions like, Zumba Pajama Party(We zumba on our Pajamas), Zumba Luau(We Zumba on our Grass skirts and coconuts :D), Zumba in the 80's Party ( We zumba 80's outfit and music), Zumba weight loss Challenge Celebration(We dressed up on our best forma Atire) etc. etc. I with my busy schedule find a way to dress up and attend every event, but I also look forward to her regular classes, because not only making me physically fit,,,, it makes me emotionally stable LOL, looking young at my age, getting a lot of compliments everywhere I go, feeling good about myself, Mentally revitalized( because everytime I zumba, I sleep good and am ready fothe next day)... Well the Best part is that, Classes like this is the best "Social Network" you go in, you dance with everyone, in your own spot, and when you are done, you are out of there, No time for BS... ;) Well, I also want to mention the variety of classes that Gisselle offers, The ones I've tried and loved, Zumba toning and my new addition to my Gig, Aqua Zumba. Well have you ever tried dancing salsa under water? I did! :D Well we say this all the time after your class and I have to say it again," We love you Gisselle! and Thank You! Your dedication to Zumba and your students is above and beyond and we love you for that. For $5-$7 per class, you can't beat that! It cost people even movie starts thousands of dollars to have a plastic surgery to make them look good, and that is just physically, Gisselle's classes will transform you as a whole being.... I dare you to try her classes diligently for a month and if you are not satisfiedor you do not see results, I myself will refund your money.... Gisselle you are highly recommended by none other than,,,, Lady Ann Hernandez BSN, RN, CNN, MAN-MCN/ADM Muaaahhhh!See MoreRead Less

Review by Dwain Rivers

I have known Karen for over five years. She is an outstanding Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer. I have always practiced healthy living, working out and eating right. Karen has a unique way of combining and sharing her knowledge and skills of Holistic Health with her abilities of a personal trainer. She has shown my wife and I a new way of staying healthy and strong with a Holistic approach to life. Thank you Karen!

Dwain & LaTonjua
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