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Personal Trainers in California

There are 120 recommended Health Care Providers in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Debbie Knight

Chris is such a people person. He is very encouraging and helpful with my aqualogix exercises. He was able to answer my questions about the exercises, muscles, movements, etc. He was also not shy to jump into the pool to show us how to do it. Being that I am so new to this type of exercise, I have experienced some improvements on my strength and endurance after 1 week. People at work noticed that I walk faster now, zooming through the hallways. This is one year after a factured knee cap and a surgery to correct it. Although I went through extensive physical therapy sessions and water aerobic exercises in the last 12 months, the exercises that were shown to me by Chris helped me to strengthen my muscles on my hip, thigh, buttocks, and calves in about a week. They also added some flexibilities on my joints. I feel that I can walk straighter than before. I also feel lighter when climbing up the stairs.See MoreRead Less

Review by Danielle Reda

Andrea is one of those rare people who can manage to pull people together through sheer will and personality. I met her while abroad earlier this year and in a heartbeat she was getting me involved in my new environment, networking , and exploring new possibilities. She is a force of one and one I look forward to seeing where her journey takes her next. Maybe she'll take us along with her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Barbara Eckstein

Amritasri is a highly energetic person who will listen to you, hear what you need and seek the best possible solution to your current situation. Her intuition and compassion serve to give you your best healing opportunity using a combination of her skilled techniques and heart felt desire to see you grow and reach your best potential. I highly recommend Amritasri to you.See MoreRead Less

Review by Chelsea Card

Randy was my physical therapist through 4 knee surgeries. He not only brought me back up to speed each time, but pushed me every day to be closer to my goals as an athlete. Randy and his team aren't just there to help you physically. He knows that part of all rehab is a mental game as well. Randy spent a lot of time encouraging and pushing me in a positive way. As a division 1 athlete and someone returning from 2 ACL's, he wouldn't allow me to slack off. Randy pushed me everyday because he knew what it would take to get me back on the field. He won't He takes the time to get to know you and learn about your goals. He then accepts nothing but success and he makes every effort that you put in worth it.
My entire family has seen Randy over the years and I can speak for us all and say we would highly recommend Bauer PT to anyone returning from an injury, whether it be serious or mild.
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Review by Jeff Moore

Just by her share ability to have so many recommendations. need I say more, success is something you can see base on actions taken.

Review by Jackie Rubbo

Mary Jane is an inspiration, a role model and a mentor. Let me explain.

Mary Jane and I first got to know each other during our T25 focus group. It was a select group of Beachbody coaches who were able to do this new program before it hit the shelves. To say the pressure was high to get results was an understatement. Mary Jane was always positive, always pushing me with words of encouragement. She was somebody that I turned to when I was feeling a little down and who reminded me of my goals and offered concrete solutions to my issues.

I watch her work her butt off inspire people and really push herself which helped me personally get through the program (twice now). Throughout the program and after the program I kept a very close eye on her and we became very close. She was and still is a huge resource to me for Beachbody coaching. I would ask her some of those silly questions that people are embarrassed to ask. I asked them and she gave me great answers.

She is a caring energetic person who has helped numerous people change their lives including myself. She's a great fitness coach and a great friend.
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Review by Gina Johnson

As a physical trainer/health and fitness advisor, Gina Guy is the best money can buy. I started with her in 2006, and with her support, wisdom and accountability, I lost pounds and inches. Not only that, but through her knowledge of nutrional supplements, my Dr told me I could stop taking the medications I was supposed to be on for life because I came out with a clean bill of health after 6 months of consistant excersise, change of diet and daily vitamin intake.
If you're ready to change your life style and transform your body, call Gina Guy NOW!! I promise she has everything you need to succeed.
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Review by Kathy Sistilli

Bob Choat is absolutely AMAZING! Working with Bob you get a package deal -- his vast wealth of knowledge, expertise and training, in so many arenas, makes him the perfect choice in any area he offers his services. I have made great stride...s on a fitness level while training with Bob in a few short months, but his training goes well beyond that of fitness trainer. -- he taught me the power of mindset, self-motivation and the importance of self-empowerment and taking good care of yourself.

I cannot say enough good things about Bob. Without any hesitation, I give Bob my highest recommendation. And besides, he's really a great person --you will like him!
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Review by Renate Iacono

Karina is a beautiful person inside and out! She is one of the most positive and energetic people I have ever known;) and that reflects in how she lives her life and that again shows in her personal training! Fitness is not a job for Karina, it's a lifestyle. I admire how she lives her life and I know that by staying so fit and healthy she is not giving up anything,- it only adds to her life in so many ways, so that she is able to live her life exactly the way she wants! I would recommend training with Karina to anyone,- I guarantee you that you will start pit with a trainer and end up with a friend!! (And as a plus you will have all the knowledge and confidence you need to be the healthiest fittest you that you can be!!!)
Renate Iacono
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Review by Rene Rodriguez

Gary is a true Health Care Professional. He has an amazing talent for understanding his clients individual needs. He is knowledge of the human body and how to improve your health and prolong your life is a rare gift that few Health Care Professional genuinely give to their cilents. I am prould to recommend Gary because I have and will continue to train with him. He is the "The Real Deal " when it comes being a Health Professional.See MoreRead Less